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The problem Tn has is it thinks it should compete for championships every year or ever other year. And it believes it should be equal to Bama, Georgia ect. They are closer to Sc,Om,MSU than the upper tier teams.Know who u are. You win 8 and maybe 10 on a perfect year at Sc, Om Or State they love u. TN Crys because they think its 97.
Class response. Wish there was more of this on the site lol. Yeah I was at the game too and I felt exactly like you did. I have the same feeling this week that I did when we played Arkansas and we came in too cocky and got beat. I hope for a good game. Good luck.
Exactly. People should look into the whole story before commenting. Out of the money that was over half a million, its proven he gave a player's parent 180,000 lol. Boy humble pie is coming.
You're a tool if your love of a football team makes you turn a blind eye to stealing money from a Hospital.
It should be one hundred percent the same penalty that Ole Miss got for paying a player $10,000. Remember? If you agreed with that you should have no problem with LSU getting 2 year band. But we all know that's not going to happen. Nothing's fair with the NCAA
I think state even tho it was a last resort kind of hire after being turned down by multiple coaches found their guy. He was the best option. Yall be skulldrag us.
You guys looked good. Enjoy it. I do think Florida is the best team in the east. But they knew they were never in trouble will OM. Just played with their food for a while.
That was impressive State. AMAZING what a good coach will do. You guys look far better than we do. Good luck. Think what will be done to the worse defense in the league. US
I'm an Ole Miss fan and I agree with most said here. I stopped watching the NFL because my morals weren't for sale. Then the NBA. Not CF. I will not ever turn a blind eye and accept this political BS. I will care as much as these player and politicians do. Starting caring about the thousands killed by senseless thugs in our inter cities then we can talk and "stronger together crap" don't expect others to care about race when u except death by your own.
Alot has to happen for him to end up at Ole Miss. Archie's wasn't on board for the lane hire at all and was trying to pull strings so that it didn't happen. I think he will be Lsu bound. Hell Maybe Duke.
Hell I can make the argument that Mullen should be second. I think he is great developer of talent.
Clueless? In what way? Because public opinion of players being paid is obviously clear. But that doesn't mean that it's legal. And I'm pretty sure through the years you didn't have that same opinion when Ole Miss got busted for cheating. Who knows maybe you didn't see a problem with it. But when Ole Miss got punished I took it like a man because we were the idiots that paid a player.
where's all the articles about him paying players after the game? I can't count all the post about how Ole Miss under freeze cheated but you have video of him handing money to players as an alumni but that's all cool. It's amazing the hypocrisy in sports. If it's wrong for one it's wrong for all. And don't get me started on the Lady of the Lake Scandal stealing money from a children's cancer hospital and Research Center to pay players. And it's not speculation either the guys in jail for it right now. Ridiculous. And to be honest I root for LSU when we're not playing them and was rooting for them the other night.
You could be spot on, just as good a chance as me being right or wrong, but if it is true you have to admit it would be a bad look. If it were Ole Miss I would say the same even admitting he was our 3rd or 4th option.
Well seeing as we got Tennessee's left over in Lane Kiffin, and I have no idea how that's going to turn out, this is pretty true.
All biased aside, if this does end up being true that's definitely not a good look. There were reports out that he would have walked to Oxford to get the job at Ole Miss.