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Drinkwitz isn’t going anywhere. He just signed the best recruiting class in history. Without an established starting QB and a potentially good but green new crop of players, I don’t think anyone has overly high hopes for 2022. If he doesn’t show significant improvement in 2023, then the seat will start to heat up. As far as the new AD wanting to win now, she has a much bigger fish to fry with her BB coach.
I mean, I see what you were trying to do there...create a catchy Mizzou v. Mizzou headline, but you can't just make stuff up to suit your needs.
Probably has you asking the question "why do we have a losing record to a team with complete irrelevance in CFP?"
Tyler has been a beast this year. Put the team on his back a number of times so it would be good to see him get the record. That said, I think the prospects of a bowl are not looking very good. I was hopeful of a SCAR victory; but after what they did to the Gators, I'm less certain now. Florida and Mullen with backs against the wall will be ready for MU. Arky is a program on the rise with a chip on its shoulder from being dominated by Mizzou in recent years. Pulling 2 wins out of those three games is going to be very difficult.
Indeed, biding time until the next coach. Seems like a nice man, but not a very good BB coach. Let’s see how our new AD does in the next search.
Well, if this was the '70's Tigers I'd say anything is possible: 1975 20-7 win over #2 Alabama at Alabama 1976 46-25 blowout win over #8 Southern Cal at USC 1976 22-21 win over #2 Ohio State at O-state 1978 3-0 (yep...that's three to zip) win over #5 ND in South Bend All 4 of those were away games and I believe MU was unranked for most of them. But alas it is the 2021 Tigers so absolutely no hope. When you got what you got now, sometimes it's fun to live in the past.
GA’s defense needs no work. Just keep guys from getting injured. From an offense perspective, it might be wise to use this game as practice for trying things out. Granted MU defense is very likely not even on par with your scout team, but it’s like a simulated game (although theoretically it is a real game). Try out whatever you’d like. You can always switch to the run and score at will if the passes aren’t working. Biggest objective for GA should be no injuries. He won’t do it because it would be too much a slap in the face to MU, but were I Kirby, I might consider starting the second stringers. At a minimum, I wouldn’t have my starters out there past the first quarter.
I like the idea of rotating QBs, especially with Macon. If he is truly the dual-threat he was supposed to be and if (and it's a big if) the playbook is expansive enough, and the rest of the offense flexible enough to take advantage of that dual threat it could serve to keep the opposing D off balance. You have to game plan for two types of QBs.
Oh, we'll probably beat North Texas and maybe Vandy (but I wouldn't bet a lot on the Vandy game). Now SCAR is our defining game. If we can win that one it will show at least some progress. All the others are losses. Build for 2022. Going 5-5 last year was the worst thing to happen to Drinkwitz. Created unrealistic expectations for 2021 with a not very talented team. I'm willing to give him a few years to get things on track, but he's not going to see a new sunrise this year.
TBH, the effort thing does concern me. The way he has improved recruiting made me think he's got a good way to communicate with these kids and sell the program. Projecting that belief, I never thought a lack of effort on the existing team would be an issue.
Frankly I'm fine with it. This defense is not going to get fixed this year and with this defense, I see maybe 2 more wins this year (3 if we can pull an upset over SC). Use the year as a rebuild and for tryouts for 2022.
I lived through those dark years 80s - 90s. Never want to go back. I'm nowhere near ready to give up on Drink and in fact, remain optimistic and excited about where the program could go in the next couple of years. Recruiting is up. I think Eli has a good mind for offense (even if I scratched my head on a couple of his decisions). He needs to find the right DC and recruit the talent to run the right schemes. All that being said, I just don't feel there is ANY hope for the team this year. Everyone knew TN was going to run. Everyone knew they were up-tempo. Drink even said they practiced and planned for it. We just had no answer nor will we have one this season. I'm ready to write the year off as a rebuild. I hope Drink takes advantage of whatever he can this year that will give us a better base for the future. If that's getting freshmen a lot of playing time or whatever...do it! You have to start somewhere!
This is simply showing the fan base “we know this is unacceptable and we’re chopping heads”. It really doesn’t matter who takes over that position. The new guy is just a placeholder. The greatest defensive coach in the history of college football couldn’t come in and make a mid season change with these guys that would make a difference. So, keep your powder dry, start thinking strategically about who you want in that position next year (less important) and who you want in the DC position next year (very important…and hint…it ain’t Wilks) plan now and get those hires done in the off season.
Mizzou very well may lose out, but Drink is not going to be gone. He’s done some positive things on the recruiting side and THAT is what defines your future. He’ll get rid of Wilks one way or another and the team will show some improvement next year and hopefully even more the following. This year is definitely hopeless though. Drink needs to treat the rest of the season as a development year for the future.
The defense is not a “work in progress.” There will be no progress. They simply don’t have the talent to compete at the collegiate level. The defense will only improve in future years based on the recruiting Drinkwitz does. I hope he has some plans for the D. I don’t think Wilks is the right guy either, but it’s too hard to tell with what he has to work with.
You funny! Tyler Badie #1 in the SEC in all-purpose yards doesn’t crack the top 10.
"Connor Bazelak and Tyler Badie stepped up against Kentucky, almost pulling out the victory in the closing minutes, just falling short." While I'd like to believe this, that might be a little strong. If MU was to pull out the victory in the closing minutes they would have had to get in the end zone and convert 2.
Missouri is in a rebuild. We’re a couple of years away from being a good program. KY beat a team that will finish 6-6 and by one score only. I think Kentucky is on the way but beating MU doesn’t get you much.
My fear is we just don't have the horses. Defensive schemes can be fixed, talent has to be acquired over a number of years.
Watch the replay. His momentum had him in the end zone. The only difference is he didn't have the ball. Clock stops.
Not sure why you think that. KY had a bad turnover at the end of the second half that cost them 7. Both QB's threw an INT. Levis with the ball on the KY 38 and Bazelak with the ball at the MU 26. A score was not imminent in either situation so you can call those a wash. Kentucky won the first quarter. Rest of the game was pretty even. No TO by C-Rod, maybe you win by 2 TDs.
Not a stretch at all. That cost KY 7 points. If the rest of the game played out as it did KY would have won by two touchdowns. A decisive win no doubt but still short of what I'd consider a blowout.
"After Missouri answered with a touchdown drive, the game that could well have been 28-7 was instead 21-14." Not sure why everyone keeps calling this a 14 point swing. It was a 7 point loss. C-Rod either scores or fumbles on that play. Either way MU has the ball with 1:41 or thereabouts on the clock. You can't assign causation for the Mizzou touchdown to the previous fumble.
Just for fun, I picked a couple of other NFL QBs named Drew to see how they performed in their first year as starter to compare with this Drew. Here's what I came up with: Drew Bledsoe Games: 13 Compl %: 49.88 YDS:2,494 TD:15 INT:15 QBR:65 Drew Brees - Games: 11 Compl %: 57.58 YDS:2,108 TD:11 INT:15 QBR: 67.5 Drew Lock - Games : 12 Compl %: 56.97 YDS: 2,594 TD:14 INT:15 QBR: 72.5 Maybe give him another year before writing him off.
Well good for him! Not sure purposely torpedoing your own credibility is a great long term career strategy; but no one ever said beakers were smart!
"I sincerely apologize and I fully understand why these safety precautions are so important. Doing the right thing for a majority of the time is not good enough." - this doesn't sound like a crybaby to me. Sounds like a man owning his mistake and apologizing for it.