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The “we played cupcakes and just couldn’t get motivated until it mattered” explanation of performance below expectations is BS plain and simple. Y’all used that tired song about the 2022 MU game. The Tigers gave Georgia all they could handle and the more honest among your fan base realize this. If Kirby Smart can’t get the team motivated from the GET GO for games in non-con or especially SEC contests, he’s a VERY ineffective coach. I don’t believe that to be true. What I do believe to be true is that portions of the Georgia fan base are simply looking for excuses when the team struggles against teams that the fans (not coaches, not players) thought were going to be walkovers.
Not overreacting to a mediocre win, but MU is simply not in the same class as KSU. I think our defense had a few hiccups, but on the whole is legit. The offense on the other hand??? My goodness, maybe Drink and Moore (in truth the same person…don’t buy the subterfuge) should just take a week off and watch tape from other teams offenses and try something different than the EXACT SAME PLAYS that won 6 games last season.
Well, I don't particularly care about him one way or another, but if you haven't heard of Bob Huggins you haven't followed college roundball much. He's won 935 games as a collegiate head coach, been to the final four, had 11 NCAA Tourney appearances - five of those reaching the Sweet 16. He was selected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2022. He ranks first in total victories among active Div 1 head coaches and 3rd for most wins among Div 1 head coaches. So yeah, a few people knew of him before this happened.
Sounds like it's going to come down to who's 3's are falling.
I would be hesitant to put them as high as 3 in the power rankings, but I don't hold blowing the 17-point lead against them. There is always some "home cookin'" going on. MU benefits as well, but I have to say in all my years of watching CBB I've NEVER seen something so ridiculous as the lopsided officiating in that second half. If anything, overcoming that adversity gave me a higher opinion of the team.
After Mizzou's dreadful showing against State I can't argue with moving even farther away from the top 25. MU is not quite there yet. We need a solid big and need to close the gap on rebounding. That said, when our 3's are falling we could knock off anyone. But that's a hot or not deal and we need fundamental consistency. It will take some time, but I think we are heading in the right direction. In the meantime, these guys are a lot of fun to watch when they're hot!
Not to read too much into it, but no love expressed for the coaching staff.
This is a concern of mine. We're all waiting for that savior to emerge and get this offense moving. Horn may just not be that good. Not that scouts have EVER been wrong before.
We'd have to shut out TN to win this game considering our offense and that ain't gonna happen. I believe the D will make a respectable showing though. I do think the offense will demonstrate consistency, and that is a very, very, bad thing!
Ceiling for MU on Saturday is 13. Not sure what the Vols put up, but it will be more than MU but less than what they did against Bama. Probably a watchable game for 2.5 quarters until MU D gets weary.
Well, I think what Brady is saying here is the noise at Neyland will not limit us from achieving what we consistently achieve on offense, which is absolutely fricking nothing!
Tennessee will win this game but I think 48 is a little high. Maybe they go 38 or so. To achieve that they need to air it out like I know they are capable of. KY was pretty successful against us in the air. Not sure why they ran the ball as much as they tried. On the other end, I don't think MU scores 24. The MU offense is the most inept offense in the SEC. I'm going to go with 38-13 Tennessee.
I was at the game. Any booing related to the call. Once the kid was loaded on the stretcher the booing subsided briefly and a smattering of polite applause occurred. When the kid was well off the field, the booing resumed.
Again, I was in person present at the game. You are wrong. Plain and simple.
Acres of open seats???? I was at that game. No such thing. Announced attendance of 61k Maybe bad camera angles or people were getting a hotdog when the camera panned but the place was close to full and loud when given reason to be.
"Mizzou is still likely to be aggressive on the transfer market this winter – Eli Drinkwitz can’t afford not to be – but with a strong finish, Cook can at least buy himself a fair shot at competing for a starting job next spring." I'm not sure how aggressive Drink will for QBs from the portal. He's got a 4-star on the roster from the 2021 class that is hopefully developing and another 4-star set to come in with the 2023 class.
Yeah, no question about his ability, I was just commenting on the fact that 10 years as a HC in the SEC is not a "short period of time" I think Drink referenced Stoops earlier in the season talking about what a great program he has created at KY by having been given the time to do so. The not-so-subtle message being let's give me the time as well.
"...have had a lot of growth in a short period of time under Stoops" This is Stoops' 10th season at KY. That's an eternity in the SEC.
Are these articles not editable once published? A writer the other day had MU playing Arky in Fayetteville this year. After multiple comments on the error, as far as I know, it still reads that way.
“The Razorbacks will be a tough win in Fayetteville, admittedly.” Indeed they would be. That’s why we decided to play them in Columbia, MO this year.
Horn has not taken a snap this season. After the Vandy game Drinkwitz disclosed that he planned to get Horm in the game initially but the fact that it was only 17-0 at halftime forced him to stick with the more experienced Cook at QB. Sticking with Cook really paid off...ZERO 2nd half points and one Cook fumble returned for a TD.
Horn has not taken a snap this season. After the Vandy game Drinkwitz disclosed that he planned to get Horm in the game initially but the fact that it was only 17-0 at halftime forced him to stick with the more experienced Cook at QB. Sticking with Cook really paid off...ZERO
Actually makes perfect sense. I don't think Abrams-Draine fielded one punt all season. He'd call for a fair catch and then run away from the ball. Usually added 10-15 yards to the punt by not simply fair catching the ball. We needed someone to actually catch the ball. Burden was out there to simply fair catch the ball, which he did. You don't get blown up on fair catches. Apparently, it was more of a mobility injury, although he did try to return one in the 4th quarter against Drink's instruction.
In the Drinkwitz presser yesterday he said Burden was out there in the second half to simply fair catch punts. He was in there for that reason because Abrams-Draine, our other option for punt returns, constantly called for fair catches and then ran away from the ball typically adding 10-15 yards to the punt. Drink did cite one instance where Burden caught the punt and tried to run with it but that was not the plan.
Perhaps Lindsey should be calling offensive plays as well. She literally could do no worse.
Here's why I'm willing to weather this out a little longer. Drinkwitz has not had a decent QB in any of his 3 years. Accordingly, I do not know if the pedestrian play calling is a result of him knowing he doesn't have the guy to go vertical (or even hit the short routes) or if he really is that stunted in his play-calling ability. I now expect nothing from 2022 but would like to see him develop Horn for 2023 at some point this season. I bought the hype on the receivers' room (still do actually). Defense seems to be improved. If he can improve the O-Line for 2023 through development or portal, and avoid any significant portal losses, I'm anxious to see what he puts on the field for 2023. If he has these pieces in place for 2023 and keeps calling the same bone-headed plays, then yeah, might be time to start looking.
It pains me to say this (for both programs) but they seem pretty evenly matched. Factor in that Mizzou does not win on the road, and I think you are looking at an Auburn victory. Not that that will help Harsin. He gone!
I'm not sure we have a big enough sample size to opine on DRF just yet. The fan base wanted Cuonzo gone and he is. Gate's team hasn't played a game yet - so who knows if that is a good hire. Drinkwitz wasn't her hire. We'll know more in another year or so.