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Hey ucfbs (that's ucfbullsh$$) your team would be good homecoming bait for any SEC team. And yes 2 an 10 Arky would bound you into the turf.
I got ya'll record request right here. LMFAO
Lost a lot of good peeps in my 34 years in construction. Had many ask me about taking a job elsewhere for more money, benefits and or position in the company. I told them all to not pass it up. Why would you try to keep a man from a better deal.
The guy is NOT a QB. Period. Maybe a decent D lineman at the lower college level. Then produce manager at walfart.
Good read. This guy could replace all the amateurs SDS lets post here.
Very nice read. Need more from this guy on SDS. He would be a great upgrade. But......I remember when Tuscaloosa was over run with media because Rich Rod was in town. I worked for one of Paul Jr's business partners back then. When he came in after lunch I asked if we were getting Rod. He said no it's a smoke screen were all in to spent what it takes to get Saban.
Once again, as everyday, you pen the most useless stories. Does you momma read them. NO! I65 North would be the best thing for you. Your TERRIBLE!
Born the year momma called Bear home. Always been a pleasure for me to ROOL with the TIDE. The lack of high blood pressure and sore throat many, many years has been great.
GS to be name OC at rockyflop later today
Can't even read all of this turds stories. He's terrible.
jawjaw wha wha wha. Bunch of whinning little b#t&h*s.Fans, or whatever you call yourself, players and former dummies wha, wha
He's tall. He has a big arm. He looks good on the bench looking over his pay stub. The NFL is full of them.
Make him remember why he left the SEC. Make his azz quit.
Najee Harris. Also, Brian Robinson is a bad boy.
You know what. The SEC fans on this site are more aware of whats happening in the free world than the "writers" of this stuff. Their purpose is to get clicks and that's all. #1 is Saban and Cochran is definitely top 5.
rockyflop fans love to show how stupid they are. I was a 5th a day functional drunk to sober since 2003. So you know sark still drinks. No you just run your mouth because your team stinks. Hire ffpf as oc. That would be special.
You jawjaw idiots crack me up. The G, RBU, 2nd & 26, 4th & 11. How many Heisman winners last ten years? How many NC's last ten years? Well i'll tell you 000000000000000000000000 ROOOOLL TIDE B*T*H*S
I think he stays at BAMA for another year with Enos. Think he gets drafted to be used like the BYU QB with the Saints. There are so many bad QB's in the NFL though. I feel he could be full time QB on a few teams if the just give him a shot. Wouldn't mind having Kiffin back. Imagine his arms would get tired from TD signaling.