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Still crying about Saturday? Poor baby. Just remember, Pearl leads the conference in wins for the last half decade. And 6 out of the last 11 against UK. I’d say that’s competitive.
Don’t sleep on that MSST game either. Molinar is the most underrated guard in our league. That game could prove to be a big stumbling block heading into the post-season.
There’s a couple of bammers here that cannot stand we’re leagues better than them in a major sport. Rent free. Just makes it even sweeter!
All-time dominance, there’s no debate at all. But Bruce is 6-5 in the last 11. That’s significant. And add to the fact we’ve been the winningest team in the SEC 5 years running. Too consistent to be a fluke at this point.
This is the only rapid reaction I’ve seen for basketball this season. Definitely a more a high-profile matchup given the teams and what was at stake. I’d like to see them for all of the significant matchups though.
There were much bigger factors that were irrelevant to Washington’s absence. So far, by every meaningful statistical measure, Auburn’s the better team. Can’t wait for that second matchup though!
One player owing to a 20pt swing in the final score is quite the mental gymnastics, especially considering he hasn’t performed well on the road this season. Definitely looking forward to a rematch though. I think we could’ve won by 15+ without the careless turnovers in the 1st half.
Best team in the country and the polls will reflect that come Monday. Absolutely dominant 2nd half performance. Hope we get a rematch in the post-season. GG Cats
If UK shoots 36% at Auburn like they did in College Station tonight, it might be a blowout. I’m feeling pretty good about things after seeing that performance.
They did beat LSU at home… The whole SEC co-champions with Auburn prediction isn’t looking too promising with the offensive concerns LSU has.
They have earned it. But it will be a moot point come this next time next week, given we take care of business against UGA and UK. Just that much more motivation to perform in what may end up being the biggest conference game of the year.
Don’t worry buddy, Bama will have another Cinderella season eventually!
I would imagine when UK performs consistently. There hasn’t been much consistency with that team outside of Tshiebwe. Great win today though. Hopefully UK can keep it up.
NCAA baselessly slapping AU with more penalties and ruining a season where they could absolutely cut down some nets gets backwater past half-mast. It really is sad. Hope we skill drag Bama on the plains.
With UCLA’s loss last night at home, Auburn will move up to at least #2 with a win tomorrow. Zags had a pretty dominant win over a solid BYU squad, so I don’t think #1 is in the cards this week.
With UCLA’s loss tonight, Auburn will be 2nd in the country with a win at Ole Miss Saturday. Zags had a pretty dominant win over BYU, so I think #1 is out of the question this week.
Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. UK has not proven much thus far. Q1 record 1-2, combined Q1/Q2 record of 3-3. This team still hasn’t performed in their most meaningful games. Can’t make excuses. That have to do better.
Agreed with the second point. Circumstances definitely change weekly across the sport.
I’ll have to give that a look. Things will iron out in the end and the top teams will emerge in March. Still like the metrics on AU though.
Well you mentioned they’re no longer ranked, so I figured that might play into it. And where did you get your SOS rankings? Genuinely curious. Would love to see some more metrics if they’re out there.
And, if you’re using current rankings, Baylor has beaten zero top 10 teams, and Zags have beaten 1 (UCLA), who I’m not entirely sold on given their only quality win is a close one at home against 14th ranked Villanova.
@Booches Where are you getting those SOS rankings? BPI and KenPom both have Auburn with significantly better SOS. UConn lost 70% of their production for a number of weeks. They’re just now getting back to full strength.
Im really looking forward to it! Tshiebwe is a monster and Washington looks like he's developing well. It'll be a fun one!
All of the metrics support my point: BPI ~ AU 1st SOR (Zags 19th, Baylor 2nd) / 15th SOS (Zags 98th, Baylor 41st) KenPom ~ AU SOS 19th (Zags 278th, Baylor 77th) / NCSOS 76th (Zags 229th, Baylor 275th) NET ~ AU Q1 record 4-1 (Zags 3-2, Baylor 4-1) / Q1/Q2 record 9-1 (Zags 3-2 with 9 Q4 matches, Baylor 7-1) Ranked Matchup Record ~ AU 2-1 (Zags 3-2, Baylor 2-1) What other evidence do you need? So yeah, Auburn is arguably the best team in the country at this point. Things can change, but this team absolutely belongs in the conversation for being No. 1.
Auburn belongs in the conversation with Baylor and Gonzaga at this point, until they prove otherwise. There’s not a team in the country playing better right now.
AU now owns the top SOR and 15th SOS. Only loss was in Nov. and then our head to head match up which was a dominating performance. I have LSU as the 2nd best team in the league right now, followed closely by UK. Tonight will be a nice road test for them. Looking forward to it!
They sure did, and it didn’t make a difference. This is the deepest, most complete team in the country. Very solid victory tonight.