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That isn’t true at all. Cuomo is about to be kicking cans in Times Square, largely because of the pressure obtruded by his own colleagues and constituents.
Because Auburn has arguably been the best team in the SEC for the past several years running, barring this year fielding the youngest team in D1. Pearl has proven himself formidable.
Bama has had a cakewalk so far. That, paired with their record against Top 25 teams this season is enough to question their ranking in this list. Objectively, Michigan is a better team.
Bullpen injuries played a significant role in that series. Surprised we managed to put ourselves in a position to win the series without Owen, Greenhill, etc.
Likely not avoidable, given the loose moral underpinnings by so many in our society, but they should absolutely be held accountable. That’s how these instances decrease in frequency.
Maybe a bit premature to call them a basketball power. They’re poised for a Cinderella type season with a veteran team. Can Oates translate that into long term success is the question.
Get out with that nonsense. His upside at the next level is quite evident.
It was a live ball, and should have been 6 for Ole Miss. Watch Shivers’ fingers on the replay. They bent back and recoiled. That game probably should’ve been decided in OT. The officiating needs to be thoroughly overhauled.
I would agree they played well enough to win, until their final drive. There would never have been an opportunity for that controversial play and subsequent call had Arkansas run the clock out successfully. They had their opportunity to put that game away and ultimately couldn’t capitalize on said opportunity.
That’s because he’s run for his life since he’s been on the Plains. He’s never had an O-line that can pass protect consistently
Well, patience is easy to afford behind an O-line that allowed Stetson to be pressured rarely. On the other hand, there was a Georgia D-lineman in Auburn’s backfield just about every snap. Nix would be putting up absurd number behind Georgia’s o-line. But also, credit to Stetson for making the plays needed to win the game.
If his performance against Arkansas, and the previous experience against FCS opponents is enough of a litmus test to make those kind’ve comparisons, then I think you might end up being the one disappointed. We’ll see come Saturday.
What an absurd statement. You’ll take a walk-on QB that’s played one game against the West’s worst team for practically a decade running, vs one that has seen and performed against the best defenses CFB has to offer? Laughable.
It will be a different team come May when Owen and Daniel return to the bullpen. Every game but the series opener has been pitched by committee since Owen’s been out.
Can’t speak for Gator, but #Hail’s resent for athletic programs that have, and will continue to overshadow Miss St.’s is well documented.
Judging from the video of Okeke in the locker room (no crutches or brace, only icepack) and no news after the x-ray, I’m hopeful it’s not serious. We’ll know for sure tomorrow after the MRI.
The 14+ forced turnovers make this one feel earned. Can't expect to win a game like that with next to no ball security.
It was a bad no-call, but the correct call would’ve been a foul on the floor. Clear contact before the act of shooting.
This has been addressed. Moore signed with a JUCO as a formality because he is on the fringe of qualifying, but is currently enrolled in the course that will make or break his eligibility. So contradictory to this article, he is still technically part of Auburn’s 2019 class. Until he isn’t, of course.
My comment was referring to those who can’t appreciate the sport outside the scope of their individual team affiliations.
Sadly, this isn’t at all uncommon. There is always an inherent risk anytime an individual is put under and intubated. Depending on the extent of the knee injury, a clot or fat embolism could have formed and been dislodged during surgery. Also, fatal reactions to particular anesthetics are also not unheard of. Very sad story, regardless.
I don’t care who the team is, I’m always rooting against non-conference foes. Anyone who can’t enjoy watching the tremendous talent that Bama fields year-in and year-out are simply not true fans of the sport.
We can’t help that the Dawgs hog up all of the choke.
He’ll probably end up wishing he did after Gus gets done with him.
Instant classic. Hurts showed incredible poise on those two drives, and even more character throughout this entire season. Well done Bama.
I don’t blame Smart for attempting the trick play given their post-season aspirations. It’s going to take those kind of plays and a metric ton of magic to beat Bama. Realistically, the red zone woes will probably land this team in the Sugar Bowl though.
There’s a good chance he will never have the relative talent around him in the NFL compared to college. Not agreeing with the take on Tua, but the talent that Bama has compared to the rest of the country is absurd. There is far more parity in the NFL.
Agreed on going back to Athens again next year so the two rivalry games get evened out. But what excuses are you referring to? No head coach in the country would want that kind of three week stretch to end the season.