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This has been addressed. Moore signed with a JUCO as a formality because he is on the fringe of qualifying, but is currently enrolled in the course that will make or break his eligibility. So contradictory to this article, he is still technically part of Auburn’s 2019 class. Until he isn’t, of course.
My comment was referring to those who can’t appreciate the sport outside the scope of their individual team affiliations.
Sadly, this isn’t at all uncommon. There is always an inherent risk anytime an individual is put under and intubated. Depending on the extent of the knee injury, a clot or fat embolism could have formed and been dislodged during surgery. Also, fatal reactions to particular anesthetics are also not unheard of. Very sad story, regardless.
I don’t care who the team is, I’m always rooting against non-conference foes. Anyone who can’t enjoy watching the tremendous talent that Bama fields year-in and year-out are simply not true fans of the sport.
We can’t help that the Dawgs hog up all of the choke.
He’ll probably end up wishing he did after Gus gets done with him.
Instant classic. Hurts showed incredible poise on those two drives, and even more character throughout this entire season. Well done Bama.
I don’t blame Smart for attempting the trick play given their post-season aspirations. It’s going to take those kind of plays and a metric ton of magic to beat Bama. Realistically, the red zone woes will probably land this team in the Sugar Bowl though.
There’s a good chance he will never have the relative talent around him in the NFL compared to college. Not agreeing with the take on Tua, but the talent that Bama has compared to the rest of the country is absurd. There is far more parity in the NFL.
Agreed on going back to Athens again next year so the two rivalry games get evened out. But what excuses are you referring to? No head coach in the country would want that kind of three week stretch to end the season.
Agreed. Although, Missouri’s win at Purdue looks pretty fantastic now.
Auburn in the last ten years: Three division titles. Two SEC titles, three appearances. One national title, two appearances. MSU: None of the above. Big picture, Auburn is in the conversation as one of the better teams in the West. State is not. Now this year, there isn’t a question that State is the better team. There’s an empirical counter, and your rebuttal is?
But you aren’t... and have ZERO accolades to back it. Win the West once and then you’ll be mentioned in the conversation. Until then, State isn’t even in the conversation.
LoveMyDawgs has gone silent since getting routed in Death Valley, go figure. Congrats on the win at Auburn today, I know UT fans have been waiting to end the conference losing streak. Looks like Pruitt has this team moving in the right direction.
*Except... Hardiman has been playing for two more years. Of course he’s the better football player and more people know his name.
No doubting Auburn is one of the worst teams in the conference this year, despite being one of the most talent-rich. But how many conference championships has MSU been to in the last 10 years? Or National title appearances? We aren’t like the rest of the SEC West in that regard. And it’s not close.
Listen, I’ll give credit where it’s due. The Bulldogs got a solid win last night. But they are no where close to world beaters. State caught some breaks at the goal line. They’ll likely get spanked by Bama, A&M, LSU, then the Egg bowl will be mighty interesting. Inexperience at O-line is the epitome of this team. But if and when they start gelling, this team can be dangerous.
Misread his comment. Thought he was referring to offense and not defense. Auburn has the edge on D without question.
Defense is good when they’re not on the field for the entire game.
Who in the world was saying that? Anybody that knows football would never make that claim based on how we’ve played since the Washington game. Today just reinforces the fact that Auburn was ranked far higher than they should’ve been. Hopefully we’ll fall out of the Top 25.
Fitzgerald played with a chip on his shoulder. The Auburn offense couldn’t be more inept and as a result, the defense spent 3/4 of the game on the field and wore down. The two very questionable goal line calls took any wind that we had out of the our sails. We’ll be lucky to make the 7 win mark this season.
Curious, does anyone know the highest ranked secondary Alabama has faced thus far? Or total defense for that matter? Just wonder if they’ve really been challenged on the offensive side of the ball yet.
Great job on addressing the numbers disparity in the league compared to other SEC schools. Georgia isn’t even Top 5 all-time for running backs in the league. I’ve been watching football for nearly 20 years and I’ve never heard an announcer or coach refer to Georgia as “RBU.” Go do your homework, homer.
LSU and Bama both have 7 current running backs in the league, how many does Georgia have? 3 is the answer. Auburn has 4... Again, the numbers don’t lie.
Never claimed it included Auburn. It shouldn’t. But it’s foolish to claim Georgia as RBU. And it’s not a matter of opinion, the numbers speak for themselves.
Eh, great recruiting pipeline historically, but definitely not RBU. Bama and LSU have more right to that claim.
Sad, yes. But can you blame the poor fellow? The Crimson Tide are all he has keeping his existence from being completely inane...
Was hoping for a loss so we’d drop out of the rankings. This team has no place being ranked in the Top 10, let alone the Top 25. Disgraceful offensive performance in all facets.