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No crow for you tonight. Seems like they pulled up last minute, and the Thunder needed a big man, so Houston it is. Color me shocked.
It’s been pretty much a lock for weeks now. Vegas odds have had him as the favorite to go #1 too. I’d be genuinely surprised if that didn’t hold.
From what I’ve heard from OSU fans, it will be a significant drop off from Game 2. Their starter for tonight has been up and down all season. For us, Barnett has been the same way, but his last outing was nearly flawless against UCLA. I also expect Skipper to come out in relief, after he threw over 3 hitless innings in Game 1. It’ll be a good one.
I can see Ferrer coming back out to close. His PC was reasonably low.
Watched plenty as a kid, but don’t really count those years as I didn’t follow intently. The best team wins the championship, DA. UT clearly isn’t the best team, as they are no longer playing. I understand the classlessness (it’s to be expected), but you are deluded into oblivion. My goodness. So kick back, relax, and wait 365 more just to see UT choke again.
I can’t remember a more insufferable, unsportsmanlike team in my 15+ years of watching college baseball. Only time I’ve ever rooted against an SEC team, and for ND no less.
Super impressive season so far from this Aggies squad. Hard to point to a team playing better currently.
With the win tonight, AU is now tied for the most runs over two tournament games in SEC history (40). Wildly impressive offensive performance.
Mods probably had to deny/remove too many blatantly misogynistic comments. No surprises there. This site it full of criticism, and it’s never been cause for that sort of action before.
He was widely projected to be a 1st rounder in the last offseason until his injury.
I feel much better about it given the circumstances. Ace tossing shutout, low PC, pulled after weather delay then UK puts up a 5 spot, no coincidence there.
Outside of the Vandy series, LSU has been pretty pedestrian offensively. And their fielding % is an atrocity. AU has been the better team all season. More worried about UK.
I also like that we’re matched up with LSU in the second bracket. Handled them in Baton Rouge already, we match up well with them.
I think we would’ve swept Bama in that last one, but it’s speculative. Far more likely we take the series from UK without the weather delay that took Gonzo out. He had a fantastic, shutout outing cut short and that’s what really cost us, IMO. At least we have a shot at some revenge.
Really pleased with this Auburn team so far this season. They’ve been solid on the road thus far. Top 3-4 offense and top 5-6 pitching staff despite a difficult schedule so far is impressive for a team picked to finish last in the West. They are playing far better than expected.
@WildHogz Auburn has been the most consistent team in our conference for the past half decade. We’ve won conference titles 3/5 time in that span. Paired with the final four run, that is plenty to hang our hats on so far, considering AU has historically been irrelevant in hoops.
Did you not read the comment I was replying too? And this has nothing to do with Auburn. There’s plenty of room for improvement during the regular season, hard to argue otherwise.
The biggest question left for Muss to answer is can he win consistently during the regular season. With this level of talent, there are no more excuses for not competing for regular season and conference titles. Also, reaching the final 4 will be an expectation as well. Two second weekend runs in March and this recruiting class are what Hog fans are hanging their hats on. Can he solidify himself as coach that can do it ALL, consistently.
Every coach can get out coached. Just ask whoever the HC of Hofstra is. This was far more about a team that peaked too early in the season and limped into post-season play. Also, Bruce called it before the game, limit turnovers and we win handedly. They had 26 points off of our turnovers and we lost. No true fan of the game is shocked by this result.
Who would you put in front of him given what he’s had to work with during his tenure at AU?
You can’t say a team that limped into March choked. It was hardly surprising given how this team ended conference play. They peaked early, and it is a near-impossible task to get back to the apex after that. Any who watches college basketball year-in and year-out knows this.
Anyone keeping up with this team’s late season performances isn’t surprised in the slightest by the outcome, other than by the margin of victory. The offense never really clicked consistently after those anemic performances at Mizzou and UGA. Peaking too soon with an incredibly talented squad hurts, but Pearl is still one of, if not the best coach in the conference. We’ll regroup and have another solid squad next year. WDE
The decline began several games before Arkansas. The Mizzou and UGA performances were the beginning of the end. Our game with the Hogs was on the way down.
Nah, they absolutely choked. And it was about as Rick Barnes-esque as it gets. If there’s one thing consistent about college hoops in March, it’s Barnes and UT not getting past the first weekend.
Called this as the beginning of the season. Bama came into this season entirely too hyped, managed some solid wins, but still played wildly inconsistent throughout. I think Oats is a decent coach, but I’m still not sold on his ability to sustain success in the SEC. They do have a solid recruiting class coming in though.
I’d put money on it to end up dunk of the month.
Bruce has already proven he’s an exceptional head coach. 4 25-win seasons in the last 5 years resulting in 3 conference, a final four run, first #1 poll ranking ever, recruited well, and has developed and sent talent to the next level consistently. They couldn’t be more dissimilar.
Same clown that was ragging on AU for “not being able to win when it counts.” Arky couldn’t even keep it close! Ha! Embarrassing. Eat crow, piggy.