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Mark my words ladies and gentlemen. Kirby Smart is on his way towards becoming one of the top young coaches in the U.S. Things are gonna get real interesting if Georgia gets consecutive top 3 recruiting classes. With Fromm, Eason, the running back core, and maintaining a strong defense, they can win the east, and possibly compete against the SEC west opponent in the conference championship game. The future definitely looks bright for the Georgia program.
'the alabama players, they are human' yeah, except for Raekwon Davis, that guy is a man beast
Stidhams apparently not the issue, its malzahn junior high school plays that are the issue. Just a guesstimate, but i think stidham was confused because the entire offensive scheme was changed during the game. take a look at the sidelines, you can see the asst. coaches were like ' what the hell' . auburn just may improve now that gus is afraid he may make things worse, which inevitably he did lol
A great win for Kirby Smart and the dawgs. He is showing early signs of becoming a great coach. Every up and coming coach have a big win last night. We're seeing a new generation of great coaches right before our eyes in Lincoln Riley at Ou and Kirby at Georgia. While highly paid, overrated guys like Malzahn, Bieliema, McElwain, Sumlin, struggled within their sec careers to win big OOC games, kirby wins one his second year with a freshman qb! Georgia fans should feel very fortunate they have a coach that can actually coach, and an elite recruiter. The Georgia dynasty have just begun!
Funny thing is, rewatch the game. The entire coaching staff looked frustrated, and fed up once Gus the guru started calling plays. Chip Lindsey was the most frustrated! I personally thought Stidham did great compared to the ultra vanilla junior high offensive play calls he was forced to execute against a semipro defensive front and perhaps one of the best d coordinators in the U.S. in venables. Clemson is too well coached to run an vanilla offense on. They figured that guru gus would lose the game so they played it safe lol great coaching job by Dabo and friends.
He's gonna make life very difficult for the next HC there. Would think if the new coach have a bad year, the Regents may turn their backs on him.
They are, but shouldnt auburn, with the talent, resources, and malzahns coaching salary be able to at least compete offensively with clemson?.. i thought he was suppose to be this offensive guru. As usual, the defense did their part, the offensive guru, not so much.
Auburn fans, is it possible to pry one of your own, Clay Helton from SC? .. I think the malzahn experiment has run it's course.
So to everyone that says GT is a better team even though Tenn won. Well is Texas AM the better team, even though UCLA won?
It can't get any worse than this for Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies right?...
I wouldnt call Aaron Murray criticism 'unfair' according to the author. UF is the flagship university in one of the most deeply talented states in the U.S. You could literally walk in the local Walmart in Pensacola, Fl. and bump into a 5 star wr/ qb. In all fairness under Mcelwain, florida is 2-8 vs top 25 in a down SEC east! that statement is fair and honest. Will Mac improve throughout the season? yes but I dont think its enough to challenge a much improved South Carolina or Georgia.
Well Gator fans, if Mac doesnt get things going between now and the 1st week of December, I hear that Chip Kelly may be available? unless of course, you think he may improve the offense next year.
The 10 players that were out due to suspension would not have helped the gators inept offense much. Franks played well for a freshman, but as crazy as this may sound, I would have started him the 2nd game, and started Malik Zaire the opener, reason being I think Mac knew he wasn't beating this Michigan team. Might as well put in the veteran 5 th year qb and let him take the lumps while build the future qbs confidence in the less competitive 2nd game.
I agree with LegendDD2, but Bama have to fix their quarterback play, and kicking woes. Once these issues are resolved throughout the season, they will be tough to beat for anyone.