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"When LSU wins something of substance" UGA...really? LSU has TWO NCs in the last 14 years and played for a third...what you Champ Game other words, next to NOTHING in almost 40 years..N.O.T.H.I.N.G. AND, LSU plays in the SEC WEST...not the POS East. WE went into Auburn and did what...a 45-24 ass-whooping. BUT you got your rematch...oh boy...ain't we big and bad. Do you want me to name Oklahoma's accomplishments in that same 40 years...TWO NCs, played for four more, two CFB Playoff appearances and THREE Heisman Trophy winners. So yes some respect or expect to be "hummle u-sef" CFFAN ends the year by presenting it should fight amongst yourselves and remember "The Crimson Tide" IS the SEC.
Here is the truth, with me, you never engages in debate or even point-counterpoint. You and several others just name-call when a different point of view is presented. But its a free country and I know what I am getting in to when I log-in. Additionally, my statements are based on my observations/experiences...not what the "group" wants me to ought to try it...its liberating. So CFFan is done for the year. Enjoy agree with each other...see you all next fall, where my observations (The three points I laid out) will be 1) proven correct, 2) totally debunked or 3) a little of both. And UGA..."hummle u-sef" that's trolling.
"The Boz" played 54 games and earned over $12 million. Brian Bozworth is now worth north of $15 million liquid/30 million investments, is a born again Christian, tri-athlete, weighs in at about 185lbs and does public speaking on the evils of steroid use. Bo Jass-son can hardly walk or speak and has 16 million in NON-LIQUID assest and almost an equal amount of debt...which sadly is way above normal for 90% of SEC "student-athletes" not named Manning, Cutler or Stafford. Yup, Bo knows...he showed the Boz...only in demented Auburn fans dreams. don't want to called a troll. YOU brought up a point I had not even considered..."once they get film on him". Also, its tough to make the NC/SEC Championship if you lose to MSU or LSU, something Jalen DID NOT do. Ride the horse that brung ya'.
Point #3: This forum was replete with two articles and numerous comments in November asking why Jalen Hurts was NOT in the Heisman hunt or even the favorite. Anybody remember that? Something about 14 TDs to 1 INT was much better than Mayfield's, Darnell's or Rosen's numbers. At one point in the season Jalen's offense was averaging over 40 points a game and beating folks by 35 plus. Numerous folks also pointed out Jalen's accomplishments were against "SEC Defenses" which made them even more impressive. So what a difference one half of football makes. I realize the Tide Nation has high standards, which I applaud, but I have never seen a player's stock fall so far, so fast amongst a fan base. Tide seems to always this case, I think they need to slow that Roll...just a tad.
Here is some more stuff I don't know anything about: All I am saying is, be careful what you wish for…and I realize Jalen’s loss to Clemson last year still stings, except Alabama’s Defense lost that game, or more accurately Deshaun Watson WON the game. Jalen Hurts did his part by putting up enough points to win. As far as Alabama’s late season struggles, we were told that was caused by the Defensive injuries. So which is it? BOTTOM LINE: Jalen Hurts, as a starter, Won 26 Lost 2, 1 NC, 1 SEC Title, 2 appearances in CFB Finals…and HE AINT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!
Btw, how can I have no knowledge of what THEY are talking about? Just kidding, its not a grammar test.
No troll...just have a different opinion: Then you continue by rephrasing what I said..."Tua was the better QB that night – for that one game. It shouldn’t take anything away from what Hurts accomplished this season" The comment about UGA was their arrogance a certain LB showed after the Rose Bowl toward a great player...who is light years better than the UGA gets to eat a little humble pie I said "Humble Yourself" Georgia...or as the moron LB put it "Hummle u-sef".
All I am saying is, be careful what you wish for...and I realize Jalen's loss to Clemson last year still stings, except Alabama's Defense lost that game, or more accurately Deshaun Watson WON the game. Jalen Hurts did his part by putting up enough points to win. As far as Alabama's late season struggles, we were told that was caused by the Defensive injuries. So which is it? BOTTOM LINE: Jalen Hurts, as a starter, Won 26 Lost 2, 1 NC, 1 SEC Title, 2 appearances in CFB Finals...and HE AINT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!
Point #2: Before Jalen can leave Alabama, somebody needs to want Jalen Hurts. If you can't succeed surrounded by Alabama's talent, what D1 school would want him? Jalen's talent is complimented/enhanced by the Tide/Nick system, which is unique in its simplicity/effectiveness. Other SEC schools run similar systems but not sure if other SEC schools would want him and pretty sure Nick would not sign his release. Maybe the Big Ten: Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin or even Penn St. Not really sure about their QB situations, or as I previously stated, would any of those schools want him.
Point #1: Who thinks the Hawaiian is better than Jalen Hurts? I hope for Tide nations sake, Nick does not. Tua was better, for a half, in a desperate/nothing to lose situation...but what about during the regular season? DON'T get fooled. Two of his TDs were chuck and hope...that will get you beat more times than not. Besides, Oklahoma proved UGA secondary sucks...btw, humble yourself UGA. But everybody lives in the "history of now" world. Time will tell, but I would NOT let Hurts go w/o a fight.
WOW...why even worry about this? Is Team SEC so thin-skinned they can't let UCF have some fun. Btw, UCF did beat the team that destroyed if Auburn would have taken care of business, this would be a non-issue...but they did not, they LOST. I guarantee if the shoe-were-on-the-other-foot Team SEC would be doing the same thing. So give it a rest, UCF can claim all the fake titles it wants, who cares? BTW, its what SEC schools do all the listening Tide/Vol nations? Tide = 17 and Vols = 5 is really 11 and 2...and UCF now has 1 but really has NONE. Thanks Alabama for setting such a bad precedent, UCF is just trying to keep up with the "Big Boys" so they act/count like the "Big Boys"...even if the "Big Boys" don't like it. In other words, what's good for the Elephants, is good for the Knights. In closing, speaking of Fake News, I did not realize there were so many Democrats in Tide guys specialize in revisionist history and worshipping the wrong things.
Was that your last victory? You are the OTHER USC, be quiet.
Mr. Cox, be careful with your smugness. This has been debated several times by folks outside of Tide-Nation/SEC Inc. YOU are looking at the glass half-full as most members of Team SEC/SEC Inc. do. The ironic fact is, the UCF Method is an outgrowth of what is known as the Crimson Tide Algorithm (CTA). After Monday Nights thriller, Alabama's "recognized", although pre-BCS their is no official count, NCs stands at 11. Although using the CTA, and depending on how much adult beverages have been consumed, Tide fans claim a total NCs somewhere between 17 and 20. With that said, If the CTA was used by everybody, Oklahoma would have 18 titles and Notre Dame 21. HERE are the FACTS: 1941 season: Minnesota won the NC in 1941, as they had done in 1940. 1975 season...Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC ruled college football in the early/mid 70's...any suggestion other wise is SEC "Homer" talk. 2011 season: With my LSU bias showing, IMO Alabama should NOT have been in the 2011 NC...LSU's opponent should have been Oklahoma St. The reasons are obvious but lost on Tide Nation. But, sometimes you have to be lucky and good. With all that said, here are 'Bama's official/unofficial NCs as listed by the AP, which was considered THE Champion pre-BCS, and the method most OTHER school uses when counting NCs, although I notice Tennessee now claims FIVE NC's!!! Wow, how pathetic. Alabama AP NCs: 1961, 1964, 1965, 1978, 1979, 1992, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017. That equals 11 total...take away the IMO tainted 2011 NC and you have an even 10. See Joe, you should also look at the glass half empty. Now, let the name calling and berating Point is, if you are going to tell a story, tell the entire story.
OSU already loss to Oklahoma, Clemson would kill them and UGA would too...Skip is suffering from dementia.
Well said, got to give-it-up to the Tide -- they know how to WIN. MUCH RESPECT -- but I still hate you guys!!!
Before everybody gets PO'd at my 30 year comment, remember UGA is in the EAST so their path to the SEC Championship is easy, but the odds of playing anybody other than Bama is pretty small as long as Nick is around. THIS was the year, perfect storm, Bama not in SEC Champ Game, revenge game against Auburn, miraculous victory against OU in double OT, leading 21-6 at was theirs for the taking. Auburn had the same thing a few years ago...THEY took advantage of their good fortune...must be an Alabama thing.
They took a page out of the "Les Miles Guide to gettin' rolled by the Tide". Which is EXACTLY what Nick Saban loves about the SEC. My advice to UGA is "Humble Yourselves" had your BLEW it. See you in 30 more years.
Typical of youth's not MY fault. You got beat by a better team with more talent. Just like when you were in the Big why so shocked? Additionally, MIZZOU's problem is they think being in the SEC automatically makes them light years better...just ain't so. Texas is Texas and Mizzou is Mizzou...can't change history.
Bad match-up, Texas is use to hurry-up/passing offenses,combined with an over confident team who believed Big XII defenses non-existent. Plus, since they scored 45+ in their last 5 games against mostly "SEC defenses",regardless of how bad those teams were, Mizzou figured they could score AT LEAST 50 on the 'Horns. Oh is Texas and they DO have athletes, who have not been well-coached lately.
He is still charged with didn't all go away.
The game can't get here fast enough for Kirby...the life and times of a big time NCAA Head Coach in 2017.
Yet another Saban Clone...which mean your woes against 'Bama continue. Your only shot was eliminated with the AD...Mike Leach.
Boy, he MUST have been an important cog in the Tiger's wheel...I mean, $125K!!! Never heard of him.
Don't fool yourself...this is the worst stretch of Texas football ever...couple with one of the better MIZZOU stretches. THIS TOO WILL CHANGE. You were BEGGING the Big 10 to take your sorry ass...but you settled on the SEC LEAST. Besides we all know you RAN AWAY from Oklahoma, Texas, Baylor, TCU, Tx Tech, K State and Ok St...EVEN Kansas has a BCS Bowl bout ever even BEEN TO A BCS BOWL....NOOOOOOOOO
As a matter of fact, NO SEC school has lost a game which "meant something" to a non-conference foe since 1996...FACT!!
YOU forgot that UGA plays in the once all offensives a defensive stats are meaningless because NOTHING/NO ONE is as good as an SEC defense. They should be ranked 1-14 in the country. Need proof, the bell-cow Alabama has given up ONLY 75 points in two meetings with Clemson. Any other non-SEC team would have given up at least 90!!!
I know what an ellipsis means the writer omitted something. To help you out, please insert "you dumbass", "you fool(s)", "you homer(s" and/or "wannabe 'Bama fan(s)", to name a few. I call it being polite. But if you are going to challenge someone concerning their writing skills, please at least spell correctly. It is spelled ellipsis, not ellipses. Just trying to help you out...