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You silly, silly man......I mean, we are talking about a player with, what, 10 career starts? If he stays healthy could potentially have another 30+ games or so if he plays his senior year, (unlikely). As good as he is now, he should be miles better by that time. Who's to say he won't be an NFL caliber B by then?
Of course watching Alabama may not be fun if you support the team they are playing, or if you are a neutral, but if you are a fan, it is exactly what you want. That's true of any team, really. Every time your team has the ball, you are cheering for a score, every time the opponent has the ball, you hope to keep them off the scoreboard, and maybe a 3 and out, or INT or fumble recovery. If those things happen, then you have a lopsided game. I am an Alabama fan, so I have no problem with a lopsided Alabama win, but if I am watching 2 different teams, I have already changed the channel. It all depends on your perspective.
There can't be no consequences. A message must be sent to the rest of the team, but one must balance the discipline with an understanding that these guys are just like teens/young adults throughout history. I drank at that age, (though am a non drinker now), and did some pretty stupid stuff at that age. A 1 game suspension and having to take anti drink/drive classes would be appropriate I think.
No, with a 6 or 8 team playoff, Alabama would be in as an at large team, but Florida would have rightly earned a spot by winning the SEC. If Florida had won last night, it would have shown the need for a 6 or 8 team playoff because conference championships should matter.
I can support 8 teams, but I do like the 6 team field better with the top 2 getting a bye.
I suspect he will do it the right way, after the season ends. Unlike Barnett, who quit on the team. Bateman wants to play, and barring injury, Hurts has the job locked up for at least 2 and maybe 3 years. Can't blame him and wish him well.
This season shows why there should be be 6 teams in the playoff. The champions of the Power 5, (Big 12 will have a game starting in 2017), and one at large birth. That way, if there was a non-conference champion deserving of a spot it would not displace a conference champion.
I was always disappointed that he got injured because I think Alabama was the better team, but I wanted them to beat the best, and Colt was one of the nation's best at that time and there will always be the question of whether Alabama would have won if McCoy had played the whole game. I thin they would have, but we will never know.
Sorry I misspelled it, but I at least came closer than SDS did, and it's their job to get that right.
Uh, It was not Frank Tankerton, It was FRAN TARKINGTON who quarterbacked the Vikings in Super Bowl XI and they LOST to Stabler's Raiders. It should also be noted that former Alabama QB and Head Coach Mike Shula is the Offensive coordinator for Carolina.
While I don't agree with him that current votes should be taken away, I do think that, going forward, the voting should open the Monday after the last Conference Championship game.