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Bro- please explain how Pruitt is the “best developer of talent in the nation.” No wonder Vols get such a big head when there is any sort of momentum....many of the fans have the most irrational optimism during the brief seconds of success. It really makes it easy to cheer against UT lol.
Yeah....I mean how in the hell did you guys manage to lose to a 3-9 team??????
GamecockBrent- As a Carolina grad, please stop. We have literally nothing to be proud of during the muschamp era. He’s a joke, and right now, the gamecocks are a joke. Bragging about muschamp a record against TN while he was at other schools, coming from a SC fan is just sad..
Well I mean you’re clearly speaking from experience as an LSU fan with a history of college football I guess I’ll take your word for Man, 3 straight losses (it’s 2 by the way) to top ten teams over the course of 2 of which was in the national championship game. How unbearable. Dang, with that logic, I should have realized that Saban was losing his edge back in 2010 when bama lost three times in a single season...and he only won 4 national titles after, things are looking pretty bleak!
Lol...LSU wins 1 time in 9 years...and this LSU fan is saying “Saban has lost his edge”...So you’re accrediting LSU beating Alabama for the first time since 2011 to Saban losing his must not think very highly of your team or program! Famous last words. You sound like an Ole Miss fan...and they beat bama twice in a row..1 win goes straight to your head. Impressive!
You “showed Saban how to win a national championship”....alright, now I realize I’m dealing with a “very special” LSU fan....I must have forgot that coaches take jobs so the school can teach them how to win...interesting hypothesis you have there buddy... Lay off the drugs!
“Try to keep up” am I suppose to “keep up” when you aren’t even saying the things you mean to say....try typing you’re thoughts out correctly... genius. Also, I made the original comment, backed up with reasoning..therefore it’s on you to refute what I’m saying...all you’ve brought up was your coaches “success“ (as a d-line coach and an interim) since ole miss, and a stat about interim coaches that you were completely wrong about.....not much to go on. I don’t think you know how this works... The first stage in denial. You’ll figure it out one day, bud.
I dont think anyone would say someones career hasn’t kicked if they’ve already won a national championship ....also Saban was the most sought after coach in the country when he was hired...Ed was not....because he hadn’t accomplished much..Nothing I’ve said is just have nothing of value to refute anything that I’m saying. If you’re trying to compare Nick Saban in 2009 vs Ed Orgeron are smoking some good stuff. Just because you don’t like what I’m saying doesn’t make it bs. Sorry if I hurt your feelings!
Also I don’t think you know what trolling is if you think my comments are trolling...having a different point of view that differs from yours doesn’t make me a troll...quit being “offended”.
Nick Saban had a national championship already before he took over at bama....that he won while at LSU...I swear the two LSU fans I’ve encountered on this thread don’t seem to know their own team’s history very well...must be on the bandwagon.
Looks like I struck a nerve! Man...that comment hurts so much coming from some random person who has no idea who I am...The truth hurts.
Wow...can’t believe I’m having to educate an LSU fan on his on program...Orgeron lost to TROY in 2017... not UAB. What are you even talking about? And no- I didn’t have to “dig very deep into the bowl record” considering it only goes back to 2016...and it’s only 3 games...I’m starting to realize I’m either arguing with either a completely clueless LSU fan, or a child. Have a nice day!
Also, bro- he’s been largely a d-line coach with a couple stints as a coordinator and interim head coach. Please, remind me about the division, conference, and national championships he’s achieved before this year? Yeah....none...So like I said, he’s never had this kind of success, and it his clownish behavior.
Nope- guess again. Want to know what Orgerons “nothing but successful” bowl record, what a long history of head coaching success. And who wouldn’t be successful at LSU and USC as an interim with top talent....that’s a joke. He also went 9-4 with that same talent - and lost to Troy when he called the plays. Please stop acting like you have any idea what you’re talking about.
Nah. Ed Orgeron is a clown. Y’all ever heard the phrase “act like you’ve been there before.”? This is indicative of the moron Ed really is- He has one season where he’s got his team at the top (thanks to his supporting staff), now all the sudden he’s acting like he owns Alabama, talking crap while he’s there, like “we’ll beat their a** on the field, and in recruiting (lol)”, letting his players have zero class while they try to recruit bama recruits out of the stands, and now is dropping 4 stars he made a promise to. Orgeron has never been successful. He has no idea how to handle success, which is exactly why it won’t last.
Also shut up about your strong schedule. "OOho wE BeAt tHrEE tOp teN tEaAms". News flash - Texas sucks. They almost lost to Kansas, and they aren't even ranked anymore. Y'all only beat them by a TD! and it was a good game! Maybe they should match you and Kansas up together. Ol Les Miles would play y'all a pretty good game just like they did Texas! Florida shredded your defense and had a shootout for 4 quarters with you guys - WITH THEIR TERRIBLE QB THAT NEVER STARTED IN High School! Finally - congrats on beating a team with virtually no offense and a freshmen QB... at a field goal...Y'all are really blowing everyone's socks off.
Pitre - Quit kidding yourself. Whoever loses this game is still making the playoff as long as they win out. In fact, I think whoever loses actually sets themselves up pretty well to make a playoff run, as they won't have to play Georgia/Florida, and will slide straight into the me, it worked out just fine for Bama in 2017/18....Bama or LSU would get in over a 1 loss Oklahoma or 1 loss Big ten team.
I'm just going to leave this here....If Bama had beaten this Texas team (that's clearly garbage) by just 7 points, had a shootout with an average Florida team with a QB that never started in high school, and then beat Auburn by 3 points and home...people would be saying Bama was weak.......But because Bama has so many haters, and now there's someone other than Bama to cheer for in the SEC West, everybody's jumping on the LSU band wagon. Don't be surprised if Bama handles business with LSU like they have last last 8 or 9 time...I forget how many it is in a row. We see this every year - "Yes! there's someone that can beat Bama in the SEC!! Let's pick the upset!! They are taking down the dynasty!"
Edit: I meant "actually" not "acting". Thanks again autocorrect.
I love when Auburn fans use the stat about Nick Saban’s record against teams with 3 or fewer losses.....because really it’s a slight to Auburn- it shows how rarely you guys acting lose less than 4 games in a season!! Only 4 times in 12 YEARS!! I mean, use whatever stat you want to make yourself feel better, but I wouldn’t go around bragging about how few successful seasons you’ve had in the past 12 years.