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App State is #2 in the SEC power rankings. Georgia is #3.
I'm just enjoying the tears of the Tenn fans while they celebrate their moral victory.
Yeah Ole Miss would destroy Tenn.
Wow. All the credit to Tenn. None to A&M for, you know, winning the game.
This was a signature (moral) win for Tenn. They should be proud of their (moral) victory.
Oh, also the "better" team doesn't lose the game. HTH. Unless we are willing to say Georgia was the better team last week and deserves that win. Moral victories for everyone!
"They outplayed Texas A&M. They out-hustled Texas A&M. They out-schemed Texas A&M. They should have won. Instead, we, the viewing public, lost." lolololol Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Here's a newsflash: The "better" team doesn't go down 28-7. The "better" team doesn't give up 7 turnovers. The "better" team doesn't trail for the entire game. The "better" team doesn't give up a TD in OT when they KNEW what play was coming. The "better" team doesn't throw a pick to end the game.
We scored a touchdown in OT. You threw an INT. We scored 45 points, you scored 38. Scoreboard
If it's not a moral victory, what kind of victory is it? No kind of victory? A loss? Keep celebrating your moral victory. I'll celebrate the aggies real victory.
Keep celebrating your moral victory. I'll celebrate being 6-0.
Ahahaha. I'll allow your moral victory. I'll celebrate the Aggies actual victory on the football field.
Ha! Ole Miss rec yards vs Bama: 159 Ole Miss total offense vs Bama: 205 Mike Evans rec yards vs Bama: 279 Case closed. Go home Bo, you're drunk.