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I’m sure it killed the folks at SDS to report this...
State has beaten 4 ranked many ranked teams has Clemson beat this year???
This has to be the dumbest article I’ve ever read by SDS...and that’s saying a lot. It’s like there are junior high kids running this site or something...
I agree...crap like that bugs the hell outta me
It's amazing that Auburn can't settle on a mascot. It is amazing that you celebrate your victories with toilet paper, a commodity used to clean up feces. It's amazing that Auburn has the dubious honor of being the first team to ever finish 7th in the SEC west. I know you'll say something about our cowbells, go ahead, say it, I don't care.
Actually I think that sort of behavior is why Freeze and the team got in trouble with the NCAA.
Yep, another year to make 'em all look dumb again. Some of these so-called experts seem to enjoy it.
You feel sorry for me yet you can't put together a cohesive sentence.
"Reminded of their place"? What the hell dude...State didn't say that, your beloved Paaawwl did. By the way, State fans HATE IT when one of the talking heads start hyping them up in the media. We always do much better without a spotlight on us. You guys concentrate on refraining from getting into drunken brawls during games (speaking of knowing your place).
Though I agree with're damn brace taking on the "baby hands" supporters
Florida ain't been great since Dan left fella...however, I do agree with the view that Mullen was NOT one of the top 3 coaches at that time
So is your what exactly did you find wrong with my punctuation?
Or perhaps they've progressed to an academic level that has made you butt hurt. And because of this violation you've experienced, you feel the need to lash out at their program and seek your revenge by comparing them to grade school children in some sort of psychological effort that will allow you to see yourself as a bigger entity than they are. It's your hope that if you feel like the "big man" your butt will quit hurting and you will be able to move on with your life and sleep well at night.
The common opponent between Bama and Miss State has been Southern Miss. The yardage put up and allowed between the two teams is pretty much even, but the difference is the scoreboard. Bama allowed Southern 12 points where State allowed none...and that's when State's second string players played the entire fourth qtr. Dont discount State yet.