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This article shouldn't have been written, if there's nothing to write about then don't write. Don't try to make a story out of something that isn't. Nobody cares if Katy Perry eats a corn dog. You should probably just delete this, John.
That's pathetic. You should always stay until the end.
Isn't the camera man usually BEHIND the camera? Just a thought.
It's not a crazy prediction at this point. Auburn is one of the worst teams in the SEC right now. You guys could take Vandy and SC but that's about it.
Too bad a football game is played for 4 quarters.
Both teams look much different this year though. ECU lost their two best players last year, and their starting quarterback in the opener. Florida has an entirely new coaching staff and some new faces on both sides of the ball. This years ECU team is a team that only won by 8 against Towson, an FCS team that went 4-8 last year. I think we'll cover the 21 point spread easy.
Get emoji support SDS. Totally screwed up my comment.
4-9 in the last 15 SEC games? I'm not understanding your math here. That's only 13 games.
Bama's tradition is competing with anyone, Auburn should've made this list and Bama shouldn't have been mentioned.
On #4. Jameis Winston was not a true freshman, he was a redshirt.
Am I reading this wrong or did you accidentally say Indiana beat UCF as if Indiana was in the SEC?
He obviously wasn't only about the fans in the stadium.
There are a ton of players who get worthwhile degrees. I'm not saying they always do, but there are a lot that do.
If I'm not mistaken Leon already has a degree. He's already been at UF for four going on five years.
I really, really, really want Driskel to succeed, but at this point I just don't think it's gonna happen.
Eh, I think it would be nice to add some color to the endzone. Maybe not the scales, but orange would be cool.
Don't worry about these old farts, I thought it was good.
Yeah, #16, #24, and #23. Doesn't really compare to the schedules of the teams listed though.