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The University of Oklahoma was founded as Oklahoma University aka the Norman Territorial University and changed its name after statehood in 1907 to the University of Oklahoma. What started as OU for football designation in 1895 remained OU.
Totally agree that Day will be the first to win a national title. Riley has yet to field a competitive defense and brought his entire defensive staff to USC, so I don’t see that changing anytime soon. And I know the sports media is all up on Freeman at Notre Dame’s nuts, but we’re talking about the same coach and largely team that got pushed around by Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, so let’s see what he gets done on the field. I’d say 1. Day, 2. Kiffen
Solid win, Hogs! Hoping for an OU/Arkansas championship.
Joining the SEC is great and all, but the Sooner Nation has been doing just fine for the past 100 years and will be just fine in the SEC. Hell, Auburn and Florida fans recently enjoyed some Sooner treatment in football and baseball! See y’all soon enough
Welp, those were some dark years (including my freshman year in John Blake’s last season), but sorry Aggie friend, y’all don’t get to talk down until you’ve actually achieved something