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And I cannot take you seriously if the basis of your argument is trying to insult. You just insulted yourself. :) Moving along. The culture is different. And I was born and raised in Little Rock, plenty cosmo, lived in New Orleans metro, as well as the Houston area. Have a wonderful day HJ Tiger. Argue with someone with your level of maturity. I won't be the one. :)
Yes, I agree that it is probably higher than it has ever been. But compared to many of the other schools, it is low still. There isn't quite the feel here as "ride or die" with your team. Once again, my point was about the CULTURE. Not the same fit. Always felt like a better fit for Big Ten. These are not disses, these are observations from someone that has lived here for a decade and a half, and lived in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana.
Of course they congratulate it.... because they are going to support their schools no matter what. That's the cool thing about the SEC. The point was, Mizz is the only school in the conference with it. Once again... CULTURALLY the school is not a fit. Not a diss. Quit being sensitive.
I'm talking period, and I'm not talking about the hogs. You just got sensitive there. And congrats on those division titles. The hogs would love that schedule. But, this is about way more than football. I said CULTURE. And I've been here long enough to see it. When you go to STL or KC, you can't tell that MIZZ is the state school. Same goes for Springfield and Joplin. You actually see more Hog stuff down there than Mizz stuff. That's just the truth. You see it with your eyes, I see it as someone without a dog in the fight in this particular point I'm making.
I've lived here in Columbia for quite some time now, and even more than geographically, Mizz doesn't fit CULTURALLY. The folks her don't see themselves as southerners. Before they joined the SEC they'd make southern jokes about cutting off the boot heel of the state to raise the IQ of both Missouri & Tennessee or Arkansas. Now they TRY to fit and tell how Southern they are when it just isn't a good fit. They have wrestling as a sport, and no other SEC team does. When all of the realignment was going down, I felt Mizz was more of a Big 10 team or should have stayed Big 12. But of course, the SEC wanted those KC & STL tv sets. Lots of money there although not a TON of people from either of those cities really care about Mizz sports. The support dies a lot once you get about 80-100 miles away from the school in either direction.
Pretty sure that Arkansas actually comes here to Columbia this year (I'm a misplaced alumni). But, I agree with your points regardless. #WPS
Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I enjoyed it when Franklin was leading that program. It is too bad that even when he had them in their best stretch, the stadium still wasn't full unless it was with colors from the visiting team. I'm serious when I say this... if Franklin never left, they'd have been a very legit contender to win the East division last season and this season.
LOOOOVE my Hogs, not counting on Collins to stay, and we may actually be a top 25 team next year. But even I know better than to say "underrated" about the defense. It is a good defense against teams that play "straight up" football. But, there are fewer and fewer of those teams existing in the SEC and nationally. Those that speed up, rely on the quick passes, spread it out, etc… keep us from being defensively decent OVERALL. I like our coordinators though. But, the defensive coordinator needs some playmakers in a major way at LB and in the D-backfield. That's going to take some time to develop. With that all said, I still have faith that the Hogs can be a top 20 team next year.
I thought the ref was considered part of the field. Therefore, didn't the ball technically hit the ground first? lol
You never want to see someone get injured or knocked out. Never, but that defender sure seemed like he was trying to go low from the start. Both players look like they started their motion at the same time. It is not some obvious situation in which the QB was into the slide, then the defender reacted inappropriately. It was less than a split second. The average brain just doesn't react that quickly in action. I feel for the QB and the defender. Recover well Kiel.