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Kudos to USC for even wanting to play.. first for being the lone SEC vote to keep the 1 OOC game this year, and now for just showing up when so many others are opting out of playing.
Can they please have local native halftime entertainment, like the "Freaky Tiki Wet T-Shirt/Wet Boxer Contest," or the "Banana Deep Throat," brought to you by Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet? The possibilities are just endless! Still can't believe they're letting Horry County host a bowl.
Love him as a fellow alumnus, proud of him, but I think he's snorted himself straight stupid.
Or.. it was a clean block of a defender on a live ball play, as the referee actually said to BYU's coach at the end of the half. Nice clickbait, though.
Awesome, let's just move it to Durham, NC, again. I know it's been 75+ years, but I'm sure they can pull it off.
TonyTiger, is it the Mormon part or the Mullet part that has you upset? Because Coastal has a plethora of ready-to-party mullets flowing on its team, and, well, they're playing a team full of, uh, Mormons. But, sure, bigoted response, Bama.
CCU '08 When I told my Clemson-grad wife 6 weeks ago that this would be the GameDay location on Dec. 5, she rolled her eyes and laughed at me. My reaction when I found out that this was confirmed was not muted, to say the least. It's the little things in a marriage, ya know? Anyway, just like old times, let's beat the hell out of Liberty again! Chants Up!
South Carolina's "powers that be" are too stupid to hire a good coach like Clawson. At least that guy does less with more, unlike what they've had for years, which is less with... well, less. But seriously, Pollack is looking at the wrong ACC guy. It should be Bronco Mendenhall from UVA. If Carolina is seriously high on Shane Beamer now, you can't honestly say that Clawson or Mendenhall wouldn't be better.
If the SEC will allow Bruce Pearl to get hired at Auburn after his Show-Cause while at Tennessee for actual recruiting cheating, it will certainly sign off on Freeze to SC. "It Just Means More" really only applies to football, so if Pearl can be brought back for basketball after cheating literally everywhere he's been, Freeze in football is a shoo-in.
@ETVol "River river river river river endless river river neverending river river river nothing so boring as river river river" In the style of "Who's Line Is It, Anyway?" I award you one thousand points.