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Dang. Congratulations on your stage 4 survival. My brother had testicular cancer when we were teenagers that got to stage 3. I was just trying to cheer our buddy up. Football is pretty much the only sport that people can really use as a psychological crutch to keep them going. You never hear people that say things like "I hate my life-- I can't stand my job or my wife. My kids don't talk to me. The only thing that keeps me going is the Phoenix Suns." You do hear people say that kinda thing about NCAA/NFL teams though. If you have a the-only-thing-keeping-me-going-is-football mindset and your team sucks, that's gotta be bleak. I hope DieselNova is able to take some comfort from your outlook. I just did. Thanks for adding some kind words.
The impact that a bad team can have on your psyche is something that non-fans have trouble understanding. I know that Tennessee has been in a somewhat historic slump for some time now, but I promise you, it will end. What I do when the Gators are terrible is root for our NFL players. Some of them will inevitably be having professional success. I know it's not the same thing, but it's something, and something's better than nothing. Try not to take it so hard.
I'm not at all looking forward to playing Georgia. This squad is terrifying.
There are no Gator fans getting "too excited" here. You need to deliver your cautionary don't-feel-good-about-a-great-win message to Greg McElroy.