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They don’t get to recruit during the dead period and get away with it AU or sign kids who coach is terminated because for trying to get someone to take the act test for the 20 year old recruit.
This guy has no clue never has. He is just likes to stir up the stinky stuff. If he had a clue he would have known a lot earlier than now.
Neither his support crew or him are being coached up very well.
It is the SEC they are either extremely horrible or crookedly biased. You pick.
AU will be losing several more games this year
Get ready for more Losses AU fans .
Bama as usual has the most talent. Saban owns his former coaches . No one is likely to beat them in the SEC. The one that knew how to beat him has been fired to satisfy the fans. Awe schucks they deserve what is coming.
You should always support them.just don’t ignore the obvious.
I am afraid AU will be competing with MSU for bottom of the barrel in the SEC West for a couple of years now.
There are some extremely obvious on field coaching problems and the receivers were not what looked the most obvious. Nothing against Harsin. He is simply not SEC west material.
I don't think the AU fans will be happy after the game.
Not going to be a pretty football season on the plains/
Bingo ! Lots of fundamental problems on the team. The ones I saw can’t be fixed quickly.
LSU just beat a SEC west team AU barely beat a 1aa team. AU’s problems are systemic coaching problems.
Harsin is In trouble. AU fans have been asking for it. Now they have it
I wish you were right. But it is not what is going to happen. Saban is stacked again. Harsin is in way over his head. Be lucky to keep it inside of 20.
When he had enough talent he spread Saban out and whipped him from the sidelines as simple as that. But never did he have the same level of talent as Saban had on his sideline.
AU is in the SEC west between Georgia and Alabama compete against both daily for the athletes they need to win. Combine some other SEC shenanigans they are never going to compete year in and year out. They always need a little luck and coach capable of beating better teams with less talent. They had it but don't have it now.