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You mean possibly miss a bowl game, and play with Shea Patterson and stud WRs. He would be the missing piece to an already elite offense.
I don't normally reply to trolls, but you seem like you are serious. First off, OM doesn't do anything anyone else doesn't do; they just happen to have the NCAA up their ass. Second, it is partly the season and partly the unknown of what is upcoming from the NCAA. Just too many unknown variables for some of the recruits to handle, which is understandable.
That argument is pretty tired at this point.
OM did challenge Alabama. Beat them in Tuscaloosa, and was 1 fluke play away from winning the West.
Wow that is a lot of butt hurt. Florida is the one about to embarrass the SEC in a bowl game.
Correct, it will be Shea Patterson. Throwing to DK Metcalf, Van Jefferson, Demarcus Lodge and DD Bowie.
The issue here is sample size and still too much is unknown. Suicide rates are not higher in football players than in normal society. Deaths from kids playing football are not higher than kids doing normal kids things, like riding skateboards. Arrests are not higher in football players than normal society. While there is a link with concussions and CTE, not everyone who sustains concussions develops CTE. Plenty of football players live normal lives after football. More needs to be uncovered about this issue before blanket statements like that can be made.
Step back from the ledge. We have plenty of receivers. Stringfellow should overtake the lead receiver roll next year. Speaks will step in for RN. Hopefully we land Greg Little to step in for Tunsil. Word is Conner will be back. Our O-line should actually be better next year. RB's will be improved with Judd improving. What we need are stronger LB's. With Freeeze continuing to recruit at a high level, and starting to hand some play calling over the OC, OM is not going anywhere.
The ship is sinking? Wow. OM will be fine, 2016 class rivals the 2013 class. And it takes more than 4 front line players to win a conference as strong as the SEC West. If its in Conner's best interest, then he'll be back. Freeze is a great recruiter, great coach and great person. Sometimes you just need the ball to bounce your way ( ie the Luck Lateral)
WRU? So you are talking about Ole Miss then.
Hate on. But you should wake up from your dream now.
The OM team that beat Bama was not the same team that lost to Arkansas and TCU. Injuries really hurt OM at the end of the year. All this article is saying is OM has the talent to be in contention for the West, just like last year. Hopefully the injury bug stays away from our stars and we get consistent QB play. Freeze is 2-1 vs State, and State lost to an opponent that doesn't compare to TCU in their bowl game. So listening to State fans run their mouth is comical. At least Bama won the West after losing to OM.
Ole Miss is the Flag Ship. I know you leg humpers/cow college guys hate that.
They are both 'Big 6' bowls. Nice try. Don't be butt hurt because your are playing #12 Georgia Tech while Ole Miss is playing #6 TCU, clearly the better football game.
Freeze is from MS and now coaching the Flagship. His dreams have already come true. Mullen is a Yanky and will take them Michigan job when offered.
And LSU rushed the field after they beat OM this year. Who cares? Its a game, relax and have some fun. I think the rushing the field meme is just Alabama fans continue to act elitist.
Sorry but no, the TD that Bama scored on defense should have never happened. Huge facemask no call. So we won regardless of the refs in that game.
They did, but the play calling on the OM side was terrible, and the crowd got in Bo's head.
How was the score not an accurate representation? OM's defense has forced turnovers all year. LSU can't throw the ball, but they tried anyway. OM can't run the ball but they tried anyway. Both teams got what they deserved. The score WAS an accurate representation.
Only OM was close enough at the end to win, and the turnovers did happen. Just like Bo's bad decision at the end did. LSU controlled the clock because they had to run to move the ball.
OM clearly had the better defense. Our lack of offensive execution killed us. Whether it be the play calling or Bo, the crowd got into Bo's head more than the LSU defense did.
State fans enjoy OM losing more than they enjoy State winning. Get over your little brother syndrome, its embarrassing. OM still controls their destiny.
You are probably right. If we lose another game, it will be Bo's fault. If he stays out of his own way, we don't lose another game. Death Valley won that game for LSU.
Freeze did not call the deep pass, he called an out route to the flat. Bo decided to throw the deep pass on his own.
How is what he is saying a threat? He was asking the guy to come speak with him face to face. That way the guy would see that his original comment is off base.
Because we lost a close game to an improved LSU on the road at night? Wishful thinking. We still control our destiny.
It will be his year to lose in Oxford. HDT!
And with the passing yards apparently. Dak may not throw as many INT's, but he will never have the passing yards either.
Your maroon and white glasses are thick. Bo also had a shoulder injury which took its toll at the end of the year and caused those INT's. Y'all needed OT to beat us at home even with Tunsil on the bench and a Bo trying to give y'all the game. It will be in Oxford next year, so good luck. We won't need OT.