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Haha don’t take it so seriously. I do believe fatigue is a valid reason. But if Alabama has 4 and 5* athletes all over, why are their starters fatigued? Clemson played guys every chance they got. At least Josh Jacobs reasoning is more valid than Quinnen Williams...
Man are you delusional or what. You do realize T Law is better than every one of those QBs you listed, don't you? Or are you still mad he didn't go to UGA?
Arrogant much? Oh that’s right, you’re a Bama fan. My bad
Solid 3 star recruiting class? LOL Get off the crack pipe. Gonna thoroughly enjoy watching Bama pound your Dawgs into oblivion on Saturday.
There's a lot of speculation around this, so hopefully, I can add some insight, since I happen to go to Clemson. A local beat writer published an article Sunday talking about the game Saturday as a "win that feels like a loss" and I believe he was the one who asked Dabo the question that sparked the rant. Dabo wasn't threatening to leave, he was calling out the foolishness of people like the writer for complaining about beating your in-state rival by 3 touchdowns when you wanted to win by 100 points. This same writer published an article in 2008 saying Dabo wasn't a good fit for Clemson when he was still the interim coach. All in all, Dabo basically took his frustration out on this writer, and deservedly so. I know some of y'all would LOVE for Dabo to leave Clemson since some people feel so threatened by Clemson being relevant, but this is what Nick Saban would call "rat poison"
Lol. Didn't Sakerlina get their "lucky one game in a lifetime" against Alabama? Of course, you know the answer to that. Too bad it wasn't for any kind of championship