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Kids will now sign with whatever school has a car dealership that gives them the biggest endorsement deal. That is the future of college football recruitment, and the end of the level of fan support that college football enjoys.
How does Saturday Down South, a SEC blog, have a resident Clemson writer?
Other conferences do have cupcake weeks. Its called Week 1 and Week 2 when the other conferences are playing their OOC schedule and SEC teams are playing other SEC teams. This discussion happens every year and its stupid.
Why is the assumption that the boos were for Bentley himself and not for Muschamp for playing him. It wasn't his decision to play.
I don't see a real denial in those comments. Looks more like a deflection. Plus, no follow-up comment on what they are trying to do to re-schedule.
Why are there So Alabama clips mixed in there?
Those guys are still on the team?? Damn! We should be playing better. What is Boom doing?!
I like how the last one is grammatically incorrect.
I won't mention any names, so I'll use an alias. If this had been a coach with a name like 'Swabo Dinney' he wouldn't even be suspended from team exercises. So on the whole, I think he is working this in the right direction.
Why would Kentucky fans be proud of South Carolina? That doesn't make sense.
Not that he would be biased in the fact that his agency could profit substantially from being able to represent college athletes as well as NFL players. That can't possibly factor into his position at all, could it?
I am NOT saying that Muschamp is Spurrier, but I remember all of the same comments when SOS was hired at SC and that turned out OK. I am willing to suspend judgement and be cautiously optimistic until I see what the results are.
^^This^^ And I am a Panthers fan. Love having him on the field right now. Also know he's quite pompous and that he's been playing pro ball since he left Blinn Junior College.
What about his celebration and gesture towards the students.... you know since Cain is the one person in that shot that is, by rule, supposed to show some level of decorum.
Not EVERY week. But I wish it had been..... (Sad Gamecock fan face )
None of what you just said is true.
No, but starting early is advantageous. Coach also isn't the type of person to go through the motions of the season when he knows he's going to hang it up. He's also not the type of guy that's going to sit there and lie to recruits for the next two months when he knows he is going to leave.
That is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!
Its absolutely ridiculous that Spurrier has to address this.
None of that will happen. Because, for the most part, schools and programs that want to not get caught are good at not getting caught. That USC case made programs get smart about how they covered things up.
I don't know what UGA fans are complaining about.. You are getting away with a slap on the wrist. If this had happened 3 or 4 years ago when the NCAA was trying to show some strength, this would be a LOT worse. You won't lose any games, have to forfeit any games, or be banned from a bowl because of this. Stop your belly-aching.
I have always thought that we should be black vs orange since Tenn is always on Halloween weekend. Make it a tradition and it becomes a marketing slam dunk. I hope beyond hope that they do this.
After it came out that LSU gets special consideration to have all of its home games at night, I don't want to hear anything about the SEC not treating you guys fairly.