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Just my opinion but I think his measurables are going to have to be God-like at the Combine to go in the 2nd. His biggest issues, outside of a lack of sideline to sideline speed, are like BamaTime dellav8r said, slow reads and over pursuit, which points to a lack of game knowledge. Definitely more useful as a mike than a will until the switch flips for him
The inclusion of your opinion on what is or isn't appropriate is what this article was really lacking, great job
I've got an idea and bear with me: Justin Fields is an 18 year old college student who doesn't owe anyone anything, especially Georgia fans. Whether he's right or wrong, he's doing what he thinks is in his best interest. It's not like he gets paid to play
This is the end of the vaunted Alabama so-called dynasty
Gus Malzahn is not a good guy. He's the kind of coach who gives a walk-on an athletic scholarship and then takes it away once player gives up his academic scholarship
He's really not wrong though. Drew Lock has always been considered, by the SEC media at least, to be nothing special. Got big numbers last year, cool. Got big numbers this year, the conversation shifts to "maybe some idiot will draft him high".
I know you're just going off the quote, but I believe the word both you and the transcriber are looking for is "conscience"
Yeah, I'll take " Things you wouldn't dare say to Mike Slive's face", Alex
Are we supposed to ignore the fact that the man in the above picture is Neil Young from the Down Syndrome multiverse?
You shouldn't make excuses for him, he is a bad person. That, however, has absolutely nothing to do with his coaching ability, which is all I really care about. As a side note, y'all are crazy if you think he didn't take the fall for the school buying prostitutes for players.
Because he's a proven playcaller and quarterback whisperer. Do you really not know that, or did you forget he's not interviewing to become a Baptist minister?
I agree entirely. Also, that future Ben Davis, Mack Wilson, Dylan Moses, Terrell Lewis lineup is going to be absolutely terrifying to face
My bad, I completely forgot Landon Collins and Kareem Jackson existed. Point still stands, not a good ratio
You and LSUMC love to talk about comprehension for no apparent reason. You're picking a college player with a full year of eligibility left over one of the better safeties in the NFL. That's like drafting Collin Klein over Russell Wilson just because he has 6 inches on the guy, or drafting Tua Tagovailoa over Tom Brady because Brady's gonna retire in a year or two. Also forgetting that Mark Barron is the only player from the Bama secondary to be worth a fig in the NFL since George Teague
You'd take a college junior over a pro bowler? Do you work for the Jets, perchance?
Great article. Probably not a fair comparison, but I think of Kirby Smart as the 2014-2015 Mike Budenholzer to Saban's Popovich. He turned them into the Spurs East, albeit for only a few years.
Miss Terry Saban everyone, the real power behind Alabama Football
It's nothing more than a political prop at this point, and the fact that you completely close yourself off to a message because of the perceived (nonexistant) disrespect is just kind of sad. People aren't getting the message, so you take your, once again for those in the back, PEACEFUL message to national TV using the platform God gave you. Nobody gave a crap about the anthem before this, they just want a reason to delegitimize black protests without sounding racist.
If Dak took a knee, half the white population of Dallas would riot. Whoops, I mean "rally"
That's ridiculous. He's under no moral obligation to do so, and if he didn't see it there's no legal obligation. There are shootings all the time outside the Playhouse
I knew that either the Duke or Vandy allegations had been rescinded, couldn't remember which
Say what you want about how Saban punishes players for drugs/alcohol, but at least Alabama players aren't out here raping people. Looking at you, Baylor/Duke/FSU
"You keep using that word. I do not think you know what it means"
I think it's just called marriage these days. Saying you're moderate because you support the right to marry is like saying believing God exists makes you a good Christian
As we all know, once something becomes illegal it ceases to exist
If you're moderate, then I'm the long lost bastard child of John Denver and Valentino Liberace
It's as succinct a summary as is needed. The fact remains that nothing is preventing private citizens from spending their private savings on private trips to banned states. It boils down to "I don't want those backward hicks benefiting from my tax dollars". If a state-sponsored sports team, such as UCLA or USC went to a game in the south, that towns economy would benefit
Please, for the love of god, read the words "ban on publicly funded travel" to the states in question