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So, does Bama usher Saban out so they can get their guy?
That’s fantastic My daughter’s school plays this Friday for State title as well. Gonna watch her cheer. Good luck, my man. God Bless
Good morning, GWhite I see you pulled the “Bama box” out of the attic
It is still deer season. Go fill the freezer and look forward to year three under a great coach.
And like Russell Crow in “Beautiful Life” the fantasy was never real. All of Gwhite’s statistics, taped to walls and ceilings, flutter in the box fan breeze. Mumblings of “LOL” and abnormal twitches are all that remain……. and the keyboard goes silent
Irrelevant. Let the committee decide who’s ass we kick
Alright, Dawgs 2 weeks to get healthy
Paid trolls for clicks You and Gwhite
This game will not be close. Bama has enough talent to start the revenge tour
Let UT continue to recruit on both sides of the ball. The future is bright for Tennessee
This is, 8mile August 31 “ Perhaps it should not have come as a surprise that Mark Stoops felt confident enough to engage in a public sparring match with John Calipari this month about whether Kentucky is a “basketball school.”
Please hire Dan!! Please!!!!!! Oh, what an ending to the story
So UT’s big wins are over #7 and #10 Oregon will pass them if they keep winning Also, 2 teams from same conference is possible but not from same division. LSU and Bama was a long time ago