Roll Tide

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Good way to get "kicked" off the team.
That was intelligent and insightful. Wait, no it wasn't. And Auburn really, really sux.
But somehow I don't think they will be able to do it against Georgia and Bama this year.
Henry the offensive player of the week and they played a ranked team but Chubb number 1 in your poll. Played nobody. Makes sense. Not.
Didn't see that guy from Auburn on there. And Florida having 2 on the list, they played against air. What do you expect. Prescott needing 28 throws to get 237 yards passing, that is sad. Wait until the meat of the SEC schedule. May get ugly.
That Bama D line was incredible. Best front 7 in America.
Great article. I was explaining to a FSU fan friend that Bama would have to go back to power football this year. The line is better than last and the QB was still in question (at least by us fans). ZOne is fine but successful power game ends opponents. Just look at the 3rd quarter stats.
Derrick Henry. Did you see him block? He was a beast in all phases of the game.
Bear bryant would have loved Tim Tebow.
Coach Bryant on Pat Trammell: He couldn't throw, he couldn't run, all he could do is beat you.
LSU fans sure know about going 8-4 and losing their bowl game. Happened last year didn't it?
Didn't Coach Bryant always request class from his players? You could take a lesson from him as well. Have some class.
Miss State lost too much to beat Bama. Just isn't going to happen.
Well Mikey Les isn't going anywhere. He's the best coach in LSU history. He has done far better against Nick Saban than Charley Mac ever did against Coach Bryant. LSU was in terrible shape until Saban came to town. Les has continued the winning. LSU, over the several decades before was pretty bad. You don't know your LSU history. I would bone up on that before you write any more articles. From 1958 through 2000 LSU won a grand total of 5 SEC Championships. Coach Bryant teams won 13 SEC Championships. This coming from a Bama fan.
Ole Miss last year? How many points did they give up to TCU?
"Gary Pinkel is the only SEC East coach ranked in the top half of the conference". Really? Where is Steve Spurrier ranked?
No ifs, ands or buts. Bama and LSU were the best 2 teams in the country that year. Nobody else close.
2011 Bama rushing was better than 2010. 28 TDs between Richardson and Lacy. According to stats, 2011 Bama should be # 2 on this list. They aren't even mentioned. Great job SDS. 2353 yards. Easily better stats than everyone except Arkansas.
Alum means they graduated right? Ethan Levine I think you need to go back to school.
Last Michigan national title? How many has the SEC had since then? Hint: A lot.
"As a Collegial gesture we invite Coaches from Every College to be involved in our football camp." Invite Nick Saban and you may just learn something.
The combination of the most physical and elusive was Circle Button. And Eddie lacy didn't fumble at the rate Yeldon did either.
LSU. What's up with them not being able to get a decent QB?
Had Auburn won it would have been 8 in a row.
Until they get to the playoffs. Then it's one and done.
I see a lot of whining like babies but I don't see ANY credible examples of which other teams should be ranked ahead of any SEC schools. Saw someone complaining LSU is ranked but Dook isn't. Really? So which teams should be ranked higher than they are and why?