Ole Miss Grad 2019. Convinced Arch Manning will lead the boys in red and blue to that first SEC title in years (a guy can dream right?). Go Rebs.

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The fearsome Col Rebel-Bear-Shark. It's pretty awesome.
I'm torn on what xfl team to root for, considering I have no ties to any of the cities. The roughnecks have some slick unis and Demarquis Gates... But I don't feel like I can root against Ta'amu (but dear lord, if he gets injuried and nick Fitzgerald goes in I'm out. Can't do it). Hope this league can actually make it through its first season
Im just excited to see us as high as #2 in any SEC ranking, I'll take it! Absolutely love the powder blue and red jersey look, but man I was surprised how much I liked the Navy blue jersey with the power blue helmet against vandy this year. The throwback helmet with the numbers instead of the ole Miss script against LSU this year was also pretty slick... Hopefully Lane can get the boys to play have as good as their unis this year.