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I dont know how they left Alabama and Kentucky out. Id like to know why they have TN at 23 with a 15-1 record You got Miss St with the same record listed at #6. But they got Vandy #1 with a 13-3 record. I wish someone could explain that to me.
For all the talent he has he is a head case. Seems he has to be "handled" all the time by the Giants staff. Really seems to struggle with the routine catches at critical times
Wow, do you people ever post anything positive? No I don't think you do.
The grass isn't always greener on the other side. GBO!!
He's not just going for football. It's the academics at UT as well. I like this kid already!!!
Worry about your own damn team and Fans! Every school has their own loudmouth, low down fans that make everyone else look like azz. Here's a shock to everybody, Bama has the same fans too.
To finish, and likely 2 national championships in 3 years.
People can say whatever they want and the Twitter world can go crazy, but at the end of the day Kiffin is a hell of a offensive coach and recruiter. He will bring excitement and attention to this program. Sure, it's not the SEC but the man wanted to be a head coach again so it's not up to any of us to question him. It's already a win for FAU, I guarantee you their program hasn't had this much media in a long time. So good luck lane, I hope you do well and thank you for helping to bring the tide 3 SEC Championships and more than like
Wow!! I guess Barnett is just a piss ant to you guys! He's a lot better than some of these guys out there but doesn't get the reconiton that he deserves.
What I was trying to say was outside of being a head coach may just be tired of being yelled at and stuff that's just my opinion
of being yelled at,belittled, embarrassed and flat out tired of being treated like a child on the sidelines. I don't know that to be a fact but it was just my Pinyan
He is no longer a Vol so why do we all need to know what he's gonna do! Who cares, all I can say is good luck. GBO