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The only one of these game seems entertaining. What a snoozer
Hopefully they can get him to be a lean on guy like Burks.
The last 2 games Michigan looked just as impressive as any team in the country. The big question is if Cinci is for reals or benefiting from a softer conference? It’ll be interesting to see how they match up against elite size and speed.
Yup, i said if Bama breaks 30 they’ll have a chance to pull it off, BUT i thought it’d be a little more challenging than that.
I guess JT is gonna eat his Wheaties before the playoff games and go show the world why he’s still battling a walk on.
Man i figured Bama wouldn’t be able to break the 30 point mark to win…
he’s still a quality quarterback no doubt, and most likely a heisman winner, depending on Saturday.
I think Corral or Rogers would have equal if not better success at Alabama, but Young wouldn’t be as successful at Ole Miss or State. KJ’s biggest crutch was Arkansas run game. He didn’t have to airmail the ball to win, but showed he can move the ball with precision when necessary. Stetson Bennett isn’t tall, strong, or flashy like a QB should look, but the dude is sneaky good. He takes care of the ball and makes throws when needed. Sometimes that’s all it takes to be successful in college and the next level.
Kentucky fans keep talking about talent Gaps like it hasn’t closed in on them in a hurry in the past couple years. Currently two other SEC schools are sitting ahead of them in the 2022 class.
LSU- let’s fire Eddie O for underperforming, we want championships, not middle of the pack in the SEC west. LSU- Let’s try to hire that Jimbo guy! 15 Aggies lose to LSU to finish middle of the pack in the west.
You do realize the someone else’s recruits had only won 4 games in 2 years before Pittman arrived. So what should scare you is what happens when Pittman actually gets his players on the field.
It blows my mind how a 6-5 Louisville is favored over an 8-3 Kentucky. Yeah it’s in Louisville but why no love for the wildcats?
There’s rivalries and there’s conference rivals. True rivalries have tradition and history that every sports fan knows about. Some dating back hundreds of years (Kansas/mizzou.) Arkansas and A&M are conference rivals, but i would guaranteed you if you ask Arkansas fans who our rivals were you’d get 2 responses. Texas or LSU. The feelings may not be mutual between the 2, but hog fans hate the long horns and the bayou bengals.
If you ask me, Ohio State and Bama are pretty even. I’ll give Bama the nod for the toughest schedule because I’m biased and i think the SEC is punished for how balanced the conference is as of right now. Unfortunately Bama will probably be left out after the SEC championship. I just don’t see Bama escaping Georgia. You got to Remember that the big 10 gets all the love, despite mediocre bowl performances.
Georgia’s offense gets no hype because statistically they need a touchdown and a field goal to outscore their opponent. Georgia’s boring offense is averaging 40 points a game, their defense is holding the opponent to an average of 7.5 points a game. 90% of their offense is clock management.
I love how the committee always tries to find a way to squeeze in Notre Dame, just to watch them get demolished in the first round.
The battle of the boot brings more hatred than the forced battle line rivalry. Think the only things Arkansas has against Mizzou is that we’ve been whipped around by them the last 5 years. I’m sure when Texas joins the ring they’ll put them and A&M together.
I refuse to take Hogs over Mizzou until it happens. Our biggest crunch facing Mizzou is the Bama hangover. It looks like this one should be for the Hogs to control, but past games say other wise.
I think we can all agree that SEC officiating is pretty bad. It’s bad enough they have to review everything to show their stupidity.
Well Georgia is a different animal, let’s say 2-10
If the west keeps on the same trajectory you’ll be lucky to finish conference with less than 2 losses in a couple years.
People gonna realize that the talent pool in the west just took another step up, you could pull any team out of the west and they’d compete with any of the top 4 teams.
Mac Jones plays way above his experience. He’ll have his bumps in the road. Bill just needed a good arm and smarts to replace Brady’s productivity and he found it. Mac will be a patriots franchise QB for years to come and most likely a few rings to go with it.
If that’s struggling for Georgia, i want what they have.
Love watching cam little. Nothing is scarier than a kicker with some fire.
I didn’t think Tenn stood a chance but i figured they’d find the blue print. Tennessee punch Georgia in the chin, BUT Georgia laughed and tore their limbs off. That defense is legit. Add on to that you have to score more than 30 to beat them. I don’t see a team out there that can do it.
With the way Georgia’s defense is dominating this year, i don’t think the order of teams from 2-25 really matter.
Well that didn’t age well for Desmond. Maybe he should quit being an B1G homer.
The donkey brays loudest just to hear himself. Bandwagon fans are annoying. True fans understand the circumstances and the holes that need patched on the ship. To me it looked like Arkansas had complete total control of the game from kickoff. Yeah their were a few head scratching moments but it’s college football. I didn’t see any crazy red flags, we just need to keep recruiting depth, depth can’t be fixed in a year or even 2. Malik Hornsby either needs to grow up mighty fast or they need to find a spot to put his speed elsewhere on the field. He’d be a great utility player. He’s too high strung for the pocket.