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Things you can bet on. Texas will have a Top 10 early season ranking. They’ll under perform The toxic environment in Texas will remain. The coaching carousel will keep going round.
I cringed when i saw Ole Miss on our side of the bracket and they confirmed why yesterday. If we can get past Auburn, we’ll only have to beat Ole Miss twice… It’s not fun trying work your way through your own division. Ole Miss is in the drivers seat now.
Hogs could do no wrong today. Glad to see them attacking the baseball all post season. This team got hot at the right time.
Ole Miss and Arkansas both have extremely talented teams but had a weird season. Both are in full stride right now and extremely dangerous. A&M was consistently good all season. Auburn isn’t a juggernaut team but they’re figuring out how compete in the post season. Tennessee is licking mustard off their fingers and wearing their SEC regular season champ banners at home.
Go Hogs! Been waiting for this team to get in full stride all season, wasn’t sure it was gonna happen. Better late than never! Off to Omaha!
Don’t worry you’ll be mentioned along with Arkansas and other schools as a stat for a #1 team being left out of the college World Series. Regular season SEC champions, congrats man, nobody will remember it like you will. Remember Arkansas fell to the same fate last year… did you remember that or nah?
Yup, they didn’t give a rip about baseball until midway through the season last year, now they’re strutting around like a bunch of spring turkeys.
I was wondering if maybe that’s what Odom might be doing. He mentioned in the press conference that he would take another HC job but it’d have to be the right job and fit. Pittman is 60 years old. I give him no more than 8 years if he gets things turned around and he’s gonna hang his hat on his Arkansas Legacy and retire. That would give Odom the chance to step into that spot.
Missouri impressed me with the series we had against them. I figured it’d be an easy sweep. They aren’t a powerful team but they have no issues hitting the ball.
talk is cheap, go out and prove you’re a monster. Alabama and Georgia are Monsters, A&M is just another pack member.
Other than the 2 fouls called on Notea on the loose 50/50 balls, i thought officiating was called the best I’ve seen since the tourney started. It’s easy to blame the officials, but it wasn’t the refs that beat Arkansas.
He’s had 2 full seasons and 2 Elite 8 runs with overachieving talent. Next year he’s getting his talent loaded recruiting class. He’s just got started molding this program. The future is looking very bright for Arkansas basketball.
Duke showed up and K had an answer to everything Muss threw at him. We’ll be back! Wooo Pig!!!
What would Pearl do with Kentucky’s talent? Drop out in the second round of the NCAA tournament. Auburn and Kentucky had everything they needed, they just collapsed, that falls back on coaching.
As long as Auburn players and fans know deep down in their heart that they are the best team and celebrate Moral victory seasons, he’s your guy.
I wouldn’t say overrated, just no battle scars. Arkansas has died and rose again in a season. They’ve proved all multiple times that they can play ugly and grind out a win. Gonzaga’s biggest downfall is their conference. It’s easy to look like an eagle when you fly with the buzzards.
This wasn’t a massive upset by the way. Everyone was spotlighting Gonzaga’s offense and overlooked Arkansas defense. Held 20 points below their average.
Vanover couldn’t stay in front of a toddler. Holgram would eat his lunch.
Todd Golden is getting thrown to the wolves.
Holgram is a wet noodle and a skills player. IMO with Arkansas physicality it might be a tough matchup for Gonzaga. Muss can rotate Kamani Johnson in and let him be his physical self and pick up fouls and not hurt the lineup.
Elite 8 run holds more water than a conference title. there’s 4 games on during the Elite 8 weekend and a huge national audience is watching. You want to build a program, get national attention. Move beyond that and it builds more momentum. Top recruits want to play for Elite programs.
All 6 SEC teams got punched in the mouth this weekend, Arkansas just had the ability to roll with the punches and come out in the Win column. They’re well coached and have the ability to outlast adversity.
Honestly i figured Auburn would have trouble making past the round of 32. They have all the talent to win it all but they have no identity as a team. Bruce Pearl can be out coached. Same story with Kentucky and Cal. Tennessee burned themselves out in the SEC tourney. Arkansas had made it through so far and can keep going. Why? Because they are well coached and have an identity. They’re gonna play great defense, get to the free throw line and they have the grit to close out a game. They’re not a world beater team loaded with NBA talent, they just play the game in front of them and grind it out. They aren’t going to be an easy out.
Let me look and see who Bama beat in the tournament… Oh wait, never mind.