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Bobby P as an OC Offensive play calling A+ QB developement A Recruiting A Meme content A++ Hog fans have been screaming to bring Bobby back since Chad Morris left. Lunatic Fringe
I don’t blame him for leaving Arkansas. Not out of bitterness or anything, but he’s etched his name in Arkansas record books. He can either declare for the draft in hopes of maybe having good pro days to get picked up late. Or he can transfer out and get a change of scenery and start fresh. There’s a ton of schools out there that would love to have KJ running their offense. KJ and Pittman have a good relationship, I’m sure they’ve already talked through his options and Pittman was just being honest. There’s nothing wrong with what Pittman said. His time in Fayetteville is done, you move on to the next guy and let him finish out his career how he wants.
You can’t say he has No philosophy as a coach. It may be basic but he’s said he wants a defense with blitz packages to apply pressure on opposing QB’s and he wants his offense to be physical and establish a run game to wear down defenses. Very simple philosophy looking from afar but there’s a million different ways to run a program. As far as developing players go, it’s hard to do with a portal wide open. Kids don’t want to sit 2 or 3 years to get their shot. They can transfer out to a program needing spots filled and get on the field immediately. Look what has happened to Alabama, the depth that made them so strong has weakened out making the team tougher to reload.
Why go for it on 4th down on your side of the field with a 10pt lead? Pittman needs to learn to not gamble with a lead. Our o-line is terrible. I feel bad for KJ and the rest of the offense. Our offense was supposed to be our wagon we were hitched too, now it’s hitched to a bend but don’t break defense.
Arkansas has 3 young guys with little to no experience on the o-line. Pittman said himself that the o-line has skilled players, but little experience, so there would be growing pains.
Is Texas really back? Let’s not pretend that Alabama is the same, good defense for the most part, but bad discipline and terrible QB play isn’t your traditional Alabama team here of late.
LSU was grossly overrated. Last season they benefited from a home win against Bama who had young just come off injury, and let’s not ignore the fact that Bama had an off season last year. LSU got thumped by Tennessee and A&M, and if we weren’t for an injured KJ they would have got thumped in Arkansas. But luck was on LSU’s side and they squeezed out a W against a back up QB who couldn’t complete a pass. I was pulling for LSU to knock off a good ACC team on prime time, UNTIL i heard Brian Kelly and his nasally soft “we’re gonna beat the heck out of Florida State” then i hoped FSU would stomp them.
While the run game wasn’t where it should be, western Carolina went all in on stopping the run and Arkansas burned them over the top. Sam Pittman was excited about the o-line going into the season, which says a lot, but he also said he had some youth on the outside with good skill. They should improve as time goes on.
I think Deion will have success no matter where he goes because as stupid as it sounds, he coaches winning. He breaths a winnings culture into the kids, he coaches confidence, he coaches soundly. The dude has I’m the best mentality and it’s contagious to the players.
It’s just the first game of the season but that Florida team gave me some real Chad Morris vibes that Arkansas went through in 19. Undisciplined, no fire, no hurry. Just going through the motions football.
He’s definitely not run first, run first QB’s don’t even run through their progression. We just had an OC who ran an RPO every down and sacrificed KJ’s body for offense. I’d expect to see KJ be more of a pocket guy this year, and move the sticks with his feet when he gets pressure.
Unanimous #1! They’re second in the West and have the 6th best record in the SEC.
That first Game with Arkansas pulling off that big inning i thought this series was about to be a wild one, THEN Arkansas’s bullpen said watch this!!! I don’t know if i’ve ever seen a team that can hit like LSU does. Our pitching staff has taken some huge losses with Injuries, but mostly over inflated. LSU showed real quick that they have some serious holes to fill.
Mark Few best attribute is a weak conference schedule.
The kid bleeds Razorback red and outside of Coach Muss, nobody else on that team has more invested into Arkansas than him. It’s been an odd season for both him and the team and Devo picked the team up and carried them past Kansas. That all came out after the game. Love this kid and his heart.
Arkansas is without a doubt playing a different game than what they were playing in January. The ridiculous amount of TO’s, horrible shooting from the line, anemic offense, has seemed to have faded away. They look confident, they know their roles, and they’re looking better each game. Eric Musselman also out coaches Calipari.
Is Arkansas destined to be a middle of the pack team? We’ve been middle of the pack for a long time with a few years following the pack from the rear. Why would things change? Will we have a good year here and there? Probably. Will we be world beaters and the Face of the SEC? Probably never.
Stetson Bennett is so fun to watch. Dude looked like OSU had him out of it for half the game. I seriously thought Georgia was done at the start of the 4th quarter. Bennett just throws on his helmet and goes and makes plays. What a game and the heart of Georgia to keep grinding it out till the end. OSU surprised me.
People like you are ridiculous. We had half a team, no defensive coordinator, no WR and a completely new defense. Sprinkle in some weird game happenings and you get what we saw. It was a disappointing season yes, but we suffered injuries all across the board through out the season and caught some bad breaks. I got full trust in Pittman, who’s just in his 3rd season as a head coach. Give the man some time, he didn’t take over a program that was competing for SEC titles and sinking it, he took over a total disaster and is trying to get the ship turned around.
WPS. What a weird game. Kansas o-line was getting whipped, our secondary had their heads on backwards along with the refs. Glad to see them close out on a W
I don’t know what to expect today. It’s not the same team from the regular season. Lots of young inexperienced players will be on the field. We still have half an offense. I just want to see a motivated team take the field and not the team we saw show up a few times this year with not much fire. I don’t know anything about Kansas or what they’re bringing.
How tragic. Prayers for him and the Leach family. Hail State.
If there is a DV call and there is physical evidence or witnesses that there was an assault, the police will arrest the perp.
Bama lost to both Tenn and LSU. Georgia throttled them both.
Even though i think Bama is on an even field with OSU and TCU, those 2 losses are a black eye, that loss to LSU keeps looking worse. Georgia Michigan TCU OSU (gag)
You’re going to be my OC, and run my offense, and I’m going to call the plays. Then I’ll fire you because the offense underperforms all season.
This Arkansas team is scary. Once they get their ducks in a row they’re going to be hard to beat.
Jeckyll and Hyde vs jeckyll and Hyde. Who the heck knows what’ll happen.