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They said he didn’t even bring up salary in his interview with Hunter Yurachek. He just wanted to be In Fayetteville. His plan all along was to eventually retire in Arkansas, but it seems like he wanted to retire as a Hog. I hope he has an amazing career here, it’s hard not to like the man.
It’s baseball my man. Hog fans will be back on the Omahogs train again next season, just like they have been for the past 20 years.
Kevin Kopps.... what else is there else to say? Kid keeps proving why he’s the best player in college baseball right now.
He slid through the bag, slid on the same side of the bag as the defender, initiated contact with the defender. Looks like a correct call to me, soft, but correct.
As loaded as the SEC is, i don’t think it really matters. LSU will be back, Auburn will be better with a year under their young club. Pick your poison lol.
Ol Chad Morris said that Arkansas cupboard was bare. So far the QB’s he ran off seemed to have great success elsewhere.
Yesssiiirrr!!!! Keep loading up that secondary.
Yup KK Robinson has been out since November. I believe they did last season for basketball and baseball.
They’re seniors and Muss already talking to 7 of the top 8 transfers. We got 3 freshmen starting in the big dance.
When will they figure out that these large deficits in the first half don’t amount to a bill of beans. It’s a game of runs and Arkansas has the timing down.
Coach Muss’s son had the better burn. It’s hard to build Tournament wins when you’re coaching in the NBA.
Rematch for the hogs. We beat ORU in December, but there’s been a lot basketball played since then.
I tried using as much logic, randomness, and gut feeling in my bracket, which means absolutely nothing. Tried to avoid being an Arkansas homer, but i got the hogs going to the Elite 8 and froze up. Looked back on the path to gets them there and realized that if i feel like they can make it into through the elite 8 they can very well win it all. So in strapped myself too the muss bus, grabbed some coolaide and picked the hogs to win it all. Why not? My Final four is a Gonzaga/Michigan Arkansas/Ok state rematch. Hogs take out Michigan in championship cause screw the big10z
Oklahoma state going out in the first round? Ballsy.
By being coachable and executing games. Lots of talent is a plus also
Muss is a high energy guy and is fun for the players to play for. That’s why you see him doing silly videos, sledding in the snow in front of bud Walton, and celebrating with the team with his shirt off. He’s not a bump on a log, it’s a recruiting tactic. If you’ve ever seen his practices and game preps you realize he’s a very focused coach, and will let loose and have fun when the moment calls for it.
I think franks was one of the best things that could happen to our team this year. Not because he had a good season and led us to 3 conference wins, but he brought stability back to the program for a year. Morris created a toxic environment in Fayetteville, we went through 9 QB’s in 2 season, absolute train wreck. Bringing Franks in brought experience, stability, and leadership to a team whom for some players hadn’t seen before. Someone for the next guy, whether it be KJ or Hornsby to model themselves after. Franks took a huge Gamble with the decision to come to Fayetteville, and i got mad respect for him.
Not to put down Warren but I doubt it, he had a good year but he’s no Burks. Our best hope is these young kids beat him out. If not he’s still a weapon these new comers can learn from.
Tough match up for Missouri. It’s hard to gauge with conference only games and a short B1G season. One thing you’re guaranteed to see from Iowa is a stout defense.
If they don’t expand to an 8 team playoff people will lose interest. Notre Dame just got completely manhandled by Clemson, Ohio State looked like hot Garbage against Northwestern and had only played half the games other schools have. Meanwhile you have an undefeated 9-0 Cincinnati on the outside looking in, yes they’re not the same caliber as Bama or Clemson, but they’ve earned every right to be in the conversation. You got A&M sitting at one loss early who has played solid football and ran the table ever since. I don’t care about blue bloods or history, put the schools in that earned their right.
Doesn’t help that he brought in the ultimate QB screwup as OC and put together a very boring offense.
Man florida missed that field goal by THIS MUCH (holds up a shoe)
Yeah cause A new head coach in the SEC is going to gamble a farewell tour for franks and sit the better QB... Just except the fact that your defense got torched by a mediocre run game and a back up QB.
I said during the game that if they waived the targeting call Catalon should become eligible immediately. But they stuck to their guns and stayed the course of bad officiating. Idk if that targeting or Foucha’s unsportsmanlike conduct was worse.
If you had a clue you’d realize Pittman has overachieved with what he has.
Bentonhog your delusional. Just a fly by night fan that’s got zero understanding.
Arkansas has a good team, it’s just a matter of gettting them to gel and figuring out the best roster.
I think Arkansas is gonna make some noise this year. Musselman is getting his players for his system this year.