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Chill out Dude, he’s only been the head hog for a few months. All he has time to do is make a few buzzer beater grabs and get to work.
Us Arkansas fans call these moral victories. They justify irrational thoughts but hold no weight in the real world.
So he did his job at the “possibility” knowing he might leave and he’s the bad guy? Hell if he knew at the time he could have said y’all just follow me to Arkansas. My guess is he didn’t know he had the job at Arkansas so he continued to do what he was paid to do by Georgia and recruit for Georgia. Then his dream job fell in his lap. Sorry Arkansas I’ll have to deny it, i just promised 5 recruits I’d coach them so I’m gonna stay here to keep bronco2 satisfied. Get over yourself and come back down the earth.
Kelly has one year of football left to work on his play for the NFL. Do you go to a new school and learn a whole new system with unfamiliar coaches, or go the guy who recruited and worked with you and runs the same offense you used at Clemson? His best shot to be under center next year will be at Arkansas.
How you gonna put Arkansas D in detention in one article but give them a B grade in another article?
Sarcasm my friend. They couldn’t get off Florida all night. Even with one strike away from advancing all they could talk about was Singer.
I think ESPN thinks Florida is still going to win it Hope the Hogs keep just keep winning! WPS!
Thank you... the man is a good coach, but he has yet to build a program.
Yeah... no, on the mad hatter. He doesn't have coat tails to ride on like he did at LSU.
Sabin has set the bar so high that the SEC has turned into a meat grinder for coaches. Everyone expects a 10-win season or to be in the playoffs by the 3rd or 4th season. There's a lot of good coaches in the SEC but nobody is happy with being good. One team sent a 10 win coach kicking rocks because they hadn't got that crystal football yet...
Because if Arkansas expected a coach to get them to being NC contenders in 3 years we'd have a new coach every 3 years. We had one that put a team together quick but we saw how a ride through the country side ended that. Plus he built off already established talent. Coach B inherited a dumpster fire and yes there's been some questionable moments, but if we sent him packing then what? Go through another fire? B has proven he can be a 10 win coach, he's had some growing pains though transferring his abilities from the B1G to SEC west.
Nothing but praises for RW3. He's been through more adversity than any of the backs on this list. How many of these kids can return after a life threatening injury and perform like nothing ever happened? He's an inspiration.
My mistake, I misread it. Go outside and get you some sun to thicken that thin skin...
I'd put Ole Miss ahead of Tennessee. They learned the hard way that you can't win in 2 quarters of football. Let's not forget that lucky win against Georgia that propelled Tennessee into the top ten was against a Georgia team that Ole Miss absolutely destroyed. I'd Put TAMU ahead of Tennessee also. But that will all be settled this weekend in college station. Don't sleep on my piggies!
The market is open gentlemen! Who wants to come coach the legendary Georgia Bulldogs!?!? Requirements: Must be able to win a NC by 2019 If you can't win more than 10 games a season do not apply. *crickets*
I'd rather the coach leave mid season than after the season. You can get a head start on the coaching search and you're not left scrambling while all the other universities are on the hunt.
While I agree the Hogs probably have the hottest offense in college football right now I wouldn't put them in the top 25. They still have a defense who can get shredded by a pass heavy team and in my opinion need more proof. If they win out the rest of the season then yes put them in there. All I know is I'd rather not have the team ranked at the begging of the 2016 season, don't want them to get the big head again.
This just feeds Gary Danielsons unconditional love for Alabama. I had to mute the game Saturday because of him. I'm pretty sure he has a box of tissues and bottle of lotion up in the booth when he calls the Bama games.
I believe Arkansas is exactly where they should be but they were ill prepared at the beginning of the season. All the preseason hype of dark horse west team got to them. They were expecting to be good but weren't prepared for the non conference schedule. At the begging of the season the team was out of shape, not synced up, and coaching staff was still trying to get their ducks in a row. Now we find ourselves in November and the team is in shape and firing on all cylinders. If they would have came out of the gates fast at the begging of the year they would be a top 10 team right now.
They were trying to get to auto zone before it closed, LSU got the brakes beat off of them.
Obviously a play action pass is a scheme play, but it takes skill from the QB to really sell the play action to the defense. I'd go both.
These two teams match up well. This game will be decided by less than a touchdown IMO.
If you want to know what it's like trying to catch the greasy pig, just ask the rebels! WPS
It's cool they have a new article saying Arkansas is focusing on forcing Ole Miss to throw the ball!
I believe the title should say Arkansas focuses on forcing Ole Miss to run. They won't have to force Ole Miss to pass, it's gonna happen...
I'd give Florida a little better odds. They are more than capable of being SEC champs. A one loss SEC champ should have a shot at NC.
So if the east is the least and west is the best then there is now way to even the playing field in divisional rivalries. This article is stupid, programs change over the years and teams emerge and fall. Rivalries can't be changed, just like how Missouri is Arkansas new "rival". It don't feel like a rivalry like LSU or even greater the Texas rivalry.
This was 20 minutes before the game even started.
His numbers will improve a lot this season with the role change. J-Will was a workhorse and Alex Collins has stepped up huge taking on that leadership role. He's matured greatly.