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NCAA technically banned cowbells for 20+ years but Sttse fans didnt give a crap so they just put restrictions on when we can use then during a game and where we can use them.
Fitzgerald is his name lol. He is a great runner but his passing game needs some work I agree with that. With that being said though he has NFL arm strength and if he can develop nicely with his passing this year his draft stock could rise and if you put him behind the right mentor for a couple of years and groom his passing he could be a scary good player.
I don't think you understand that Mississippi State has 18 returning starters from a team that went 9-4 last year. State can win 9 games on veteran leadership alone and gets Auburn at home which might give us 10 wins. Not saying its going to happen but I can guarantee you Mississippi State will not be a pushover 6-6 team.
You've won 1 game since he left and you're 12-17 lol.
At least our AD addressed the problem immediately and didn't let the problem linger on for 5 years and trigger an investigation like ole miss.
That was 2016 MSU, a team with like 4 senior starters and less talent. The 2018 MSU is going to be a lot better than that team. Way more talent and way more veteran leadership. Not saying State will beat Auburn, but it's going to be a lot closer than the last 2 years.
First of all LSU lost by 30 to MSU in case you forgot. 2nd LSU didn’t play a schedule nearly as tough as the MSU schedule. The only “bad” loss for State was to Ole Miss and they only lost by 3 with a freshman qb. Meanwhile LSU is losing to teams like Troy and getting what y’all called “good” wins over teams like a 4-8 Florida and barely squeaking past them. I’m not saying LSU is bad but State was clearly the better team this year and that’s hard to argue even if State is 4-4 in conference.
I'm an MSU fan and i don't even a agree with that prediction. I think that we can keep the game pretty close into the 4th but I just don't trust our passing game to get the job done.
State doesn't have a downfield threat so its not that surprising that his deep ball % is bad.
If you don't like the SEC then why do you have an account on an SEC website?
I also agree with you that Hurts is just an average QB on the most talented team in the country and shouldn't be #1 on this list.
Patterson has played UT-Martin and South Alabama. He hasn't played any real competition yet. Cal won't even be that good of test for him tbh. Wait until he plays Bama then we can talk ab him. I will admit I think he is a top 4 or 5 QB though.
This isn't nitpicking either but Mississippi State was #1 for 5 weeks not just 1. I understand it's not that long of a time but still get the facts right man.
Because they aren't listed as "off the board"
So you're telling me Ole Miss has a chance
Peach Bowl is a New Years 6 isn't it? Orange Bowl is a New Years 6 isn't it? Seems like those are major bowls to me. Btw you're calling MSU the worst college in the country but it actually ranks in the top 150 out of almost 600 major universities in the United States. Get your facts straight before you start talking crap ok buddy.
At least we don't cheat to win games like Ole Miss
Mississippi State has won 2 Orange Bowls and a Peach Bowl btw
Dan Mullen easily is #2. He's done so much with so little, it's been pretty incredible to watch him for the last 8 years.
Lets have media day in LA on the UCLA campus.
Idk ab State losing to LSU. It could definitely happen no doubt about it, but with it being that early in the season and it's LSU's 1st true road game. I'll take State in a close game on that one.
Why is Ole Miss even on this list? They can't win even if they go undefeated bc of the postseason ban.
Ben Howland isn't fading fast. He got us a better record in year 2 with the youngest team in the country than he did in year 1 with 4 seniors. If anything he's on the rise not fading.
The order should be 1.Guice 2.Fitzpatrick 3.Fitzgerald 4.Scarbrough 5.Pettway Williams is a pretty good RB and all but all 3 RBs i listed are better. Guice is just really good, Scarbrough was limited and so was Pettway.
I will say theres a chance State could pull the upset but Cubelic is really stretching it by saying that we're going to do it.