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Seems more ti the story of Coaching Change at USM that what has been repoted. Hopefully Patrick Magee will report the full story. Patrick Magee seems better at reporting on USM than anyone else.
If anyone could win at USM it would be Hugh Freeze. Money is the big obstacle. Hugh Freeze makes 2mil/year. Hobson made a half mil/year.Best for USM to hire a Coach with years to go on a contract buyout. Sports Writers and Commentators do not usually factor in economics. Scotty Walden may surprise everyone. He is a young talent that should be kept in some capacity.
Craptologist Paul Finebaum might know more about Crap than anyone. He has been enough practice with it.
Ole Miss is the really big loser nationally in the way the media and fans regard this shameful misconduct and buffonish behavior of Coach Matt Luke. It is like a Shakespearean tradegy. By failing to punish Elijah Moore, He can not redeam himself. He will never overvome incident. Ole Miss will be rembered as a team that celebrates touchdowns but does not win games.Ole Miss has lost all credibility and is a national laughing stock.
Extremely poor timing. JoMo may be a good Coach for another team. But he is not a fit at MsSt. So long JoMo.
Hardly a trap game without Dan Mullen coaching at Ms State.
Ole Miss Coach instigated crowd reaction by throwing jacket. Schofield drew a charge no question. Coach and Crowd were just jerks that wanted a result that they did not earn. They wanted to intimidate Refs to win game with Bad Officating.
Put this loss on Coach Moorhead. The defense was adequate except for a few mistakes. The offense failed. The offense needs to be fixed. It is time to change offensive coordinators or head coaches.
Joe Moorhead has proved that you can lose at poker even if you hold a full house without drawing a card.
B- for Moorhead.Deserved C+. But he won 8 games,beat OlMs, went to NY bowl. Should have beat Fla and Iowa Holding Iowa to -15 rush less than 200 total offense, 11 1stdowns,1-11 on3rd down Snatched defeat from jaws of victory.
Long article makes good points. It would been better to show Ohio State scores for season vs opponents. That would have saved a lot of excess words.
What is red line for Joe Moorhead? Loss to La Tech.5-7 with loss to ol Ms. 5-7 with ol Ms win. 6-6 with ol Ms loss. 6-6 with ol Ms win.7-5 with ol Ms loss. 7-5 with ol Ms win (likely safe).
I wish.Coach Moorhead success, but he is beginning to sound like Butch Jones, someone in but over his head.
Joe Moorhead tried to fix team that was not broken. They beat Louisville with interim Coach Greg Knox and temporary assistants. This year is basically the same team. Moorhead stopped downing what worked. Mullen had a seasoned staff that had been together for years. Why is Defensive Coordinator in press box. Mangumwas on sideline.
MISS. STATE won despite the bad calls by Big 10 officiating crew lead by Jerry McGinnis.If a player 2 personal fouls they are disqualified and escorted off field. These officials should be banned for future bowls.
If a player commits 2 personal fouls, they are disqualified and escorted off the field.It is time that a similar rule should be applied to Refs when they 2 horrible calls.
It is just my opinion but it looks like Ref Chris Coyte initiated unwanted personal contact with Benny Snell that Mr. Snell thought was a little too personal
If a player commits 2 personal fouls they are disqualified and escorted off field.Offending Refs making 2 horrible calls should be disqualified and escorted off field.This Ref and the Supervising Ref should be fired and require to buy a ticket to see another game.
What was name of Ref and Supervisor.They should never officiate again. Was Ref at fault betting on game.
Ref made a double fault mistake in calling hit of out of bounds and fumble out of bounds. He should be fire for officiating while intoxicated. Or he should be given seeing eye dog for handicap.
Coach Mullen gets a pass for 2016, but his team will probably finish 3-9 with only 2 FBS wins, He is ranked among the very top coaches in compensation at 5 million. He should be given a performance year for 2017. His team should have to win 7 FBS games in 2017 in order for his contract to be extended after 2018 season. His contract extension should be based on the the last 4 years against FBS teams when it is extended or redone. Based on his team's record, he is over-paid and under-performing.
It is close to Halloween and Coach Mullen has already used up 8.5 black cat lives. Going into 2017 he will have no chances for Coaching mistakes, game management errors, and recruiting failures. 2016 is gone. He will have to win 7 regular season games in 2017 for any consideration of a contract extension. He will make for than a million per win in 2016. If he gets a contract extension it should results based.
Can the SEC Championship game be moved back a week, and the LSU-Florida game played in the open week?
Too high of a grade for all phases. Total failure of Coaching staff and Coach Mullen in having team prepared to play Auburn as well as South Alabama. Young players may have picked up on Coach Mullen's failure to use the full 2 weeks to prepare for Auburn. He took a family trip to Dallas after the U Mass game.
Contract should not be extended past 2018 season. Dan Mullen is likely to be paid more than $1,000,000.00 per win this season. They will be fortunate to win 4 games with 8 losses. 2017 should be a performance year for Coach Mullen. He did not do a good job recruiting the last two years. Ask A.J. Brown. Coach Mullen did have MsSt prepared for South Alabama or Auburn. Young players picked up on Mullen's failure to use 2 weeks to prepare for Auburn. After UMass game, he took a family trip to Dallas.
In 2015 there was no effective downhill running-back. Dear looks promising. Holloway did a good job as a scat-back. But he needs to be alternated with a downhill running-back. Last spring it looked like Dontavian Lee could be that back. He had 3 runs for over 20 yards and he averaged per carry over 6 yards. But Coach Mullen did not use him much.
Way too soon for bowl predictions. The bowl selection will be determined by the games yet to be played. A lot can change.
Dontavian Lee needs more than 4 touches as he is averaging about 8 yards per touch. It was not productive for Brandon Holloway to get successive carries. He does best when the other team is not expecting him to carry. He frequently lost yardage on repeat rush attempts. Aeries Williams had a good game, but he also did not get enough touches. l
Special Teams were awful on kickoffs except for Brandon Holloway's return. They had an onside kick recovered and appeared poorly prepared. Several other onside kicks were close calls. The usually dependable Fred Ross misplayed some punts. B- or C+ on Special Teams. The usually dependable Dak Prescott missed receivers at least five times. Chris Jones played very good at times. Brandon Holloway ran hard. Shumpert was disappointing.