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Major omission AUBURN. MS STATE has favorable schedule next year. At South Carolina instead of GA. 4 sec home games. 4 non conference home games.
It is believed that Briles might be offered significant salary increase.
Ol Miss needs a new shooter coming out. You can not keeping throwing snake eyes or trying to draw to an inside straight. Kiffin need@ to call the Gambler Anonymous Hotline.He is close to being a compulsive gambler.
Las Vegas Oddsmakers would have Alabama at least as the 3rd ranked team and probably favored by 10+ points over Ohio State and TCU (Total Collasal Underdogs).
Lane Kiffin is like a fence jumping cow. He always sees greener grass on the other side of the fence.
Matt House deserves strong consideration for a head coaching position with the adjustment s that he has made during games. Tom Monkey's age is probably not favorable for head coach position.
This season is done for Texas a&m. The big question is whether they will keep their coveted freshmen players. Somebody else is always calling.
Mullen is better picking shoes than football games. But picking shoes he is like a teenage girl. Picking football games He is as dumb as Joe Biden.He spends more time explaining his Picks than making the picks.
Bad Refs in Mississippi State vs Arkansas. On one series of downs, Arkansas started on the 25 yard line by rule. Arkansas advanced to 34.5 yd line. Refs awarded Arkansas a 1st down. Next series of downs started at 34.5 yd line. No measurement. Mississippi State appeared to have gained the required ten yards for a 1st down earlier. No measurement by Refs. Refs are blantly dumb, or they are never given an Eye Test.
No interference on last play of Alabama versus Texas A&M. Pass was not catchable. No way for Texas A&M Receiver to catch ball and complete catch by coming down in bounds.
If Gary Danielson sucked up more, he would have to be in Nick's bathroom humming his favorite hymns.
MsState has good chance of winning at LSU if they play with few mistakes. They need to clean their errors up to beat LSU and not beat themselves.
Shocking omission of Texas A&M. Who is on the selection committee? Those opposed to Texas A&M need to resign. Texas A&M did enough to get in. This is a cruel joke. The selection process must be changed. Sectionalism must be removed and replaced by merit.
Brian Kelly was the best available choice for LSU. He brings stability and discipline. He made Norte Dame relevant again. He was the safest bet of any head coach hire.
Ky big loss to Mississippi State shows just how dumb David Pollack is. By the way did he ever play Football without a helmet. There is brain damage from some incident.
Joe Cox's prediction of how far Sec teams go is ridiculous. He will look like a fool or a genius. I predict like a fool. There are just too many variables. Everybody needs to wait and let the games be played. It is dribble predicting the outcomes. Only Arkansas looks like a solid bet to win it all.
If You want info on current baseball scores and Sec standing, You have to go You tube SDS. You are not getting much from SEC Network or from SEC Now. All they talk about is women softball.
Harris is right about McShay and Kiper. They are both over rated hacks. Nfl Network analyst have a much better record of rating draft choices.
Kirkk Herbsteit is like a Referee that only saw the second punch. Tulsa started it by circling and ranting Ms St players in warmup. Kirk failed to mention the failure of Refs to control bad contact during game. They do not need more authority They to use the authority they already have. Kirk failed to mention that a Tulsa assistant was also involved. Kirk failed to mention that Tulsa Coach Montgomery did not condemn conduct but said his players would defend each other. Leach at least said that He would not let his players off the hook. He said he would fully investigate before making a conclusion This exposes more about Sports Media than being a black eye for college football
A good game was overshadowed by several bad actors, a woeful tv announcing crew, and a horrible officating crew. Game started out bad by Tulsa players trying to Bully MsSt players during warm up.
Dan Mullen is like an Old Maid. Always a brides mail but never a bride.
I wish there was a way to only mute Gary Danielson and listen to Brad Nessler. Nessler is good. Right down I just mute everything on a Gary Danielson game.Fire Gary Danielson CBS. No one is listening to the commercials. Most have the sound muted.
Seems more ti the story of Coaching Change at USM that what has been repoted. Hopefully Patrick Magee will report the full story. Patrick Magee seems better at reporting on USM than anyone else.
If anyone could win at USM it would be Hugh Freeze. Money is the big obstacle. Hugh Freeze makes 2mil/year. Hobson made a half mil/year.Best for USM to hire a Coach with years to go on a contract buyout. Sports Writers and Commentators do not usually factor in economics. Scotty Walden may surprise everyone. He is a young talent that should be kept in some capacity.
Craptologist Paul Finebaum might know more about Crap than anyone. He has been enough practice with it.
Ole Miss is the really big loser nationally in the way the media and fans regard this shameful misconduct and buffonish behavior of Coach Matt Luke. It is like a Shakespearean tradegy. By failing to punish Elijah Moore, He can not redeam himself. He will never overvome incident. Ole Miss will be rembered as a team that celebrates touchdowns but does not win games.Ole Miss has lost all credibility and is a national laughing stock.
Extremely poor timing. JoMo may be a good Coach for another team. But he is not a fit at MsSt. So long JoMo.
Hardly a trap game without Dan Mullen coaching at Ms State.