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Every comment making fun of our scheduling that follows is fully warranted. FCS teams have no place on Power 5 schedules. People are not interested in paying to see this. Expect an empty Swamp.
Funny, I can't find a single NY journalist (or national source) that lists Mullen as a candidate for ANY NFL job. Click bait.
We need more of this!!!! Fantastic article!
There are nearly 5 MILLION cases to date in the U.S. 99.7% survival rate. Where are the 4,985,000 people screaming they are having long term effects? I'm genuinely asking! Or did media pick up on some anomaly case and now have everyone convinced "we're all doomed?" Of that group, how many were elite college athletes? This is a ridiculous excuse. Tell me you don't want to play because you don't want to contract it so you can visit your 85 year old grandmother who has chronic respiratory issues. Not, because .0001% showed some strange effects after they had the illness.
If I were ESPN I'd be doing a 30 for 30 marathon. They've got enough to run at least a couple of weeks.
You know what...let them into the playoff so we can be done with this garbage. We can witness another Notre Dame-esque thrashing in the semi-final and put this argument to bed. Getting drubbed by a real top 5 opponent will shut this down quicker than anything.
LOL! Kirby 32-10 as a Leg Humper, and 2-2 in bowl games, but yeah, Kirby has really done something in the last decade right? Friggin 2nd reincarnation of Vince Dooley right there.
Never fear, they'll win out against Mizz, KY and Vandy to close out the season and we'll have to endure the hype talk for 2017.