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Rommel,... has anyone seen Rommel Just in case you dont know what im talking about search this out on you tube. Derek Dooley: The Eloquence of a Coach
what do you have to say about Tim Williams?? The major difference is we report Saban covers crap up. You cant tell me with the control nature of Saban he didnt know about Williams. Cam Robinson??? Also Alabama is the only school in the SEC that almost received the death penality for cheating. Its an open joke about Alabama boosters paying players. How many wins has TN had to vacate??? Alabama had to vacate 21 from 05-07. Dont respond you have nothing BamaTime,.....
Must be an Alabama fan still hurt that he turned them in for cheating,... They should be use to it by now. Look up Dirtiest NCAA football programs of all time and see were the Tide ranks.
BamaTime does your wife get upset with the Saban poster on the ceiling above the bed???
Seems like GA needs to focus on the amazing coach hire before chiming in on TN. I have faith in CBJ, all coaches have injuries and hard years (except Saban it seems lol)
I live in Chattanooga and I am with out words how you can say CRAP like that!!! 6 CHILDREN pass away and you chime in with this,...... You give Alabama fans a HORRIBLE name. By all means I will never pull for Alabama but I promise you when a horrible event happens in Alabama you will not see crap like that from me!!! Go crawl back under your rock!!!!!
SevenT shhhhhh the men are talking, now be a good little wife and go get us a Petro's
Just give Orgeron a frig full of Redbull and young women and he will be fine,.......
Look at the bright side SevenT its almost Basketball season,.......
I actually liked some of the one liners, its just in good fun. If you want crap one liners to stop your team has to step up on the gridiron. I am still hoping TN does that this weekend!!! Anyways #20 actually made me laugh a bit,......
Really a thought is put partial blame on the NCAA with all the targeting calls. Players have to go low compared to the past days of football. Just glad Gator fans aren't like UGA fans on it. UGA fans cry for almost a decade on a hit that hurts a player even if it was a good LEGAL hit.
The reason for the statement of "this is the Teams first home opener" is due to Tennessee paid App State to play at Neyland instead of at App state. I believe TN pays for all the tickets that App state stadium will hold and then gives them a nice check to travel on. This happens at all big schools, so thats why TN and other schools play these smaller teams so they can generate more home games.
Just another troll wishing his team was involved. Its ok the Big 10 will accept you as a fan.
I really shouldnt even respond to the "Not is a zone read spread attack" comment but after laughing I can't help it. Zone read is when a QB reads the defense as the OL blocks in on direction and decides to either keep the ball or run the ball. When your QB is a pocket passer the Zone read is different resulting in hand the ball off or use those guys on the outside called recievers check off the play. A great QB named Manning done this very well. BUT dont get me wrong the QB has to be able to trow the ball more and be more efficent with his throws. I personally love the dual threat QB but when a team isnt using a dual threat the offense cant operate like you are using a dual threat.
Guys dont forget we have the best one two punch back field in the country. So to negate the "pinning the defense ears back" you laugh and watch Hurd and Kamara run all over them. I like a dual threat the best as well BUT if you let the RB's be the work horses and the pocket passer can do what he does then all will be well.
Alatide, I dont disagree with you 100% but all the teams he was a head coach at never improved either. Teams bring in a new head coach because the program is in need of improvement. I do believe the Saban has helped Kiffin but he is NOT Saban and I dont think he will make it as a head coach. He was at USC for 3+ years and they didnt improve and USC had talent.
REALLY???? He's one heck of a coach,..... he has only Failed at EVERY head coaching job he has ever had. Raiders = Failed Tennessee = Failed and got us in trouble with the NCAA, VERY FEW of his recruits made it to junior season, USC = Failed Great OC but head coach LOLOL
WOW, Lets think about it for a second,.. OSU according to FBS strength of Schedules ranks them at the cupcake level of #61. Now OSU might feel thay have a good team but they have a coach that almost had a nervous breakdown and left the SEC. Let's also be honest Ohio State would be a normal 3rd place in a SEC division if they played in the big boy league. Like always #hatersaregoingtohate
90-0 would be in the first half and the second half Nick would send out the cheerleaders and water boys.
Lets check the stats as what John Ward would say: Kentucky's all time record 587–599–44 (.495) Against Tennessee 24-78-9 (.257) The ONLY SEC team Kentucky has a winning record against is Arkansas and its 4-3 (only because they rarely play each other and yes this included Vandy) Lets just be honest you let Bear Bryant go to Alabama so this truly show how uneducated the Kentucky football family is really. Yet, like always IT'S BASKETBALL season!!!!!! Side note the BCS only lasted 16 years.
Haters are going to Hate A basketball school in a football Conference and not to mention, SevenT what hard out of conference game did your team have?? Seems Oklahoma is going to be in the playoffs and we were beating them. We have lost the 4 games by a total of 17 points. Your pussycats have lost 6 games by (getting the calculator out) 93 total points,..... again #sadfansaresad but HEY look on the bright side you sellout all your Basketball games LOL go troll somewhere else.
The ACC suspended the crew that called the Miami Duke game. This crew should be suspended due to a horrible called game. It is said the SEC has the best officiating crew I guess this crew was a pick up crew. Send them back to Peewee football!!!!
It was a tough game for Kentucky,... I hope Bo recovers from his elbow injury quickly. Just a side note, I would ask SevenT to stay off the boards if I was a UK fan. He likes to run that mouth a little to much and when UK doesnt win the opposing fans like to rub it in. Hope you guys have a great rest of the year!!!
Agreed, that ejection should be looked at and overturned. It was a great hit and this is football not basketball (where you cant touch anyone)
The famous Lock That Up from SevenT LOL
UGA is my 2nd team that I pull for in the country. I really like CMR as a person and hate to see this happen to the Dawgs. Yet, I have a bunch of friends that are UGA fans and I have said this for years now. UGA will never win a National Title with CMR due to him being to nice. I have been for sure about this every since Stafford, Marino, King, Green and that stellar line didnt do it. Finally, to all the UGA fans (with respect) who would come to UGA?? I say this because if you get rid of your coach, you better be ready for a roller coaster,... trust me all us Tennessee fans know but we are finally getting there and it took 3 coaches and 10 years almost. Just keep that in mind,......
Oh PLEASE SevenT recomment on this Lock That Up BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!