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Nobody’s whining man, chill out. He made a true statement. Tavien Feaster currently is one of the most hated men in the state by the rabid Clemson fans for coming to Carolina knowing good and well his draft stock shot up with that move. As for Bryant, he made a decision for his future. Sure, he could have been a “team player” and end his career as well. No, I don’t think he should get a ring and agree with Swinney, but he did the smart thing and the right thing for himself and his family.
Hate to say it, but I agree with Dabo on this one. Yeah, Clemson doesn’t win at A&M without Kelly Bryant, but if you aren’t there for the end you can’t reap the benefits. Fair compromise, let Dabo make a statement saying that Kelly Bryant contributed to that and he be recognized for that, but the ones that say give him a ring are rewarding someone leaving for greener pastures when; unfortunately, the pastures are emerald green where he was.
Georgia Southern’s QB was reinstated. Y’all don’t need to play around with them, that team could beat anyone any given Saturday. I ran the option as a QB, and that is one hard system to stop.