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That's terrible about the story of his father shooting his mom while she was holding him as a baby... gut wrenching story.
Five points is terrible at recognizing a fake ID. Plus Charleston and Myrtle beach close by. Makes sense
one of the top receivers in our history and a NFL wideout is just a fan to the media... everyone knows that. (Sarcasm intended)
He is underrated now. When he was playing still, everybody knew exactly who he was, and that is when he was healthy he was a heisman candidate and one of the top backs in the country. The only people now who really ever bring him up are South Carolina faithful.
Baseball or women's basketball for SC.
Heard this on the news a few mins ago, prayers for him and the family.
If we can pull Xavier Thomas, and Dakereyon Joyner. That would be an amazing building block for a top 10 class.
If you want to add savvy in there, throw in Jake Bentley. Kid is headstrong and knows what to do to throw defenders off.
Why wouldn't Darius English out of SC be on this list? 2nd or 3rd in the conference in sacks is a pretty nice stat to have in the SEC.
No rico Dowdle? List is crap. Kid ran for almost 800 yards in half a season with our miserable oline.
I wouldn't say KC Crosby, and the reason for that is the fact that I believe he will be used more as an H-Back blocking next year. I'd say Ty'son Williams, sophomore RB. He transferred in from UNC last year and the reports out of practice say he's a more complete back than Dowdle is, and Dowdle didn't do too bad for himself in half of a freshman season.
you are a moron. South Carolina isn't such a bad state. any state in the south has their fair share of christians. It's not called the Bible Belt for nothing
I don't know how much more obvious you can get that you're not happy at a certain school. Only thing cryptic about that is the person who read that and thought "well; this is cryptic"
South Carolina's suck... seriously, a fricken beanie cap and a power stick? I can get that for $10 bucks total.
I wish he would have stuck it out for awhile at receiver. He would make a great outside threat for someone. He could have bulked up a bit and played RB/TE
Fires have raged in the mountains of western NC and eastern TN, it's devastating to see. I live in extreme northwestern SC and the smoke billows all the way down here into the air. Gatlinburg is my vacation spot each and every year and it's painful to see that all of this is happening. That would be an extremely class thing for the University of Tennessee to do.
Sounds about right. That program has been cheating their happy little tails off since the 70's and Danny ford.
We all talk trash on here. But for one moment, we all need to stop and pray for these families that lost these young sweet kids.
He's one hell of a kid. He wasn't the most talented QB in the world, but he was a good QB that did make his fair share of plays. The games against Tennessee and Clemson last year were instant classics, plus that 60-something yard run he had against A&M last year. He took his fair share of shots, and showed guts of steel. He's a warrior, and although the future looks bright at QB with Bentley and Mcilwain, I say he should get the start for senior day, that way he can go out a winner.
Hey, the guys who do the FCS playoff games get us. I actually like them.
We play North Carolina way too often... someone else please
That stings a bit, I really liked that kid. Moved everywhere he was needed to help the team.
Put Jake Bentley in there too... he had a rough game against one of the top defenses in the country, but he's talented and full of moxie. How many true freshman that get bullied the way he does because of our well meaning mannequins for olineman lead the team the way he did at the end of that game after taking one hell of a beating?
Y'all can have Georgia tech... screw that. I don't want any more triple option teams until the defense can stop spread teams from running for 200+. Now last year, like I told my friends, we could have played Gtech in the "what happened to our season" bowl. And I would have been fine cause they were just as bad as us.
Not being arrogant, but I don't even think Florida can score 15 on the majority of defenses. How are they favored by that much over a hot team finding its stride and identity?
If we score 52 I'll probably cry tears of joy.