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Always proof read before posting. So many errors on my part. My bad
I was able to look past the loss to Wyoming. It sucked we all know that, but the way the played the 5 games after slot of us were willing to forgive that "hiccup". This looked like a team that truly good compete for the east. But Mizzou did the most Mizzou thing they could, get in the rankings, be #1 in the East and had 2 very manageable games in front of them before UGA and Florida. But they went into Vandy and didn't even show up. What annoys me most from Odom was the "we got out coached". I can buy that for a half. How many times do we see this from other teams. I'd say multiple times a year. You see a good team go up against a lesser opponent and they get tested for a half. But good teams find a way,good coaches find a way. You make adjustments. This team looked just as flat in the 2nd half as they did in the 1st. They play calling looked rough all night, I dont how many times we need to lose yards on a backwards pass before we realize it's not working. You had the better athletes. Make something work. That all being said Odoms here to stay, at least a while longer. Mizzou is not a place where coaches are kicking down the door to come to. Also Our athletic department is not willing to pay for a top quality coach. I believe Odom is one of the Lowest paid coaches in the SEC. So with us not paying anyone, who would be willing to coach at Mizzou that could put them over the Hump. The answer is no one. You would get the same results or worse with a different guy. So until Mizzous ready to pay for an Elite coach, this is what we're gonna get.
Is it me or does CBS focus on taking the Best Teams not the Best games?
In my opinion this looks like it could be a great and very entertaining season for the SEC. No clear cut favorite in either division right now. LSU and Bama are on a collision course with each other to for the west. With UGAs loss to SC it opens up the east for a 3 team race Between Mizzou, Florida, and Georgia. So this could be fun to watch down the stretch.
I've been saying this for years. Mizzou has some of the worst fans in all of college football. Most are no where to be found when the team struggles, then come out of the woodwork when they start having success, and those are the fans that are screaming "We get no respect" not realizing it takes more than beating a few mediocre teams to get respect in this league. They're the ones that make all of us look bad.
Nothing against Florida, but I like Auburn in this matchup. They look solid. Why anyone wants to get rid of Gus is beyond me
SC by 3 scores, What happened?
So you're mad we didn't open up the playbook, but still won 34-14 ?
Hey man im a Mizzou fan. All we can except is being Disappointed. Dont lose your pride. You guys are a good team. Put up a hell of fight last week. Best 1-3 I've seen. Hillinski is gonna be huge in years to come.
Agreed. This game should put some perspective on where both teams. Usually a good game with these two.
Hilinski is a great QB and will only get better. Carolina is a very physical team. Should be a fun game to watch Saturday.
I hate how every article I've seen about this game mentions the elevation. It had nothing to do with the game. Missouri was not ready and Wyoming. I'm one of the people that drank the Kool aid going into the season. I'll wait till render judgment on the season till later but it doesnt look good. This team better be 5-1 going into the next road trip or its gonna be a long ass year. The way I see it with the schedule they have 8-4 should be the bottom. But we did just lose to a MW team.
I could see that happening depending on where Mizzou lands next year in bowl season. If he were to do that Bazelak could play the bowl and hang on to his redshirt depending on how much he's played during the season. We're hoping bazelak is our future. Bryant is good for us for the simple fact he has experience. He may not be the most talented but I could see him helping us get 9-10 wins next season with the cast of players around him.
Yeah, then you got smacked around in the cotton bowl that year.
Dude y'all lost to Tennessee and will most likely finish with a worse record than Mizzou, so shhhhhhhh.
Oh yeah he gone. I don't blame him one bit. He's thinking, " Fayetteville isn't that bad"
I'll tell you right what you described is absolutely what Mizzou is now. But the reason Mizzou fans like myself are pissed is because Odom took a good, not great program and made it a laughing stock. Mizzou won the East in back to back years. GP had us in position to win. Odom has squandered that. So as of right now yes I have to accept Mizzou is a mid tier team. But it's hard for us to swallow because of the success GP had at this program. But we'll end as a bottom to mid tier team for years to come.
As long as they come away with a W. Who cares. But Im still happy we ditched the white jersey with the grey on the shoulders. That looked stupid. but please no more gold jerseys on big games.
Yeah, the odds are based off the bets placed. So there's that. Plus, as I get to my second point I urge everyone to remain calm please, UGAs only real matchup this season so far has Been SC. Noone knows how good SC will be or is. Obviously UGA is far better than them, but let's be honest a team coached by muschamp is doomed to fail. I mean dude you failed at Florida. But Mizzou has only played one power 5 who is now 0-3. And the skated by on that one. My honest opinion, and again this is my opinion not fact so I could be very wrong. But if Mizzou hangs around till the fourth they have a good shot, most likely that would mean a shoot outs going on. But UGA has a great Day and could put this one away early and lock could make the score look pretty with garbage time TDs. End of the Day anyone is beatable and that's why the games are played. UGA fans, best of luck tomorrow, and anyone going to the game I hope your time in COMO is good. Mizzou fans tone it back a notch until we beat a team with a winning record. I love y'all but sometimes you make us all look bad. M-I-Z
First off did not even read this article. Still pissed after this game. Yes it's a W and I guess I can be happy about that. But if our D plays like it did tonight vs Georgia next Saturday we're screwed. But also Dooley's play calling is questionable. Yes the running game needs to get going, but you have how many weapons at WR and one of the best arms in the nation. Throw the damn ball to open the run up more. Hopefully Mizzou treats this like a loss.
I swear my fan base pisses me off. I'm tired of Mizzou fans complaining about not getting respect or why Lock is in the Heisman talks. Yes drew lock has one of the best arms in the country, but he hasn't played like one of the best QBs yet. Let's see what happens in that big 3 game stretch before we start complaining. It's been one week. So Mizzou fans please quit saying stupid things and embarrassing all of us.
I think UGA will take a small step back next season. They should still very much be favored to win the east. But i believe they're losing both backs next season. If Lock comes back at Mizzou they could compete for the east but it'll be tough to get past UGA and i dont see any scenario of them beating bama. So thats most likely 2 Ls in conference play. USC could make some noise but i dont trust muschamp. Florida could suprise some people with Mullen as the HC, and Tennessee is just a dumpster fire that should disband they're program so we dont have to listen to delusional fans talk about a national championship.
This is the best comment I've seen in a long time. I personally hate this part of the year because its all talk. Everything sorts its self out with games being played.
Personally i feel you should have an 8-4 record to be bowl eligible. But its impossible now with all the bowl games they have.
Yea, Spoon is not an SEC alum. He played in the Big 12
Lock will hopefully come into his own within the next few seasons. Dude had a tall task this year. But couldn't agree more with you about O line. But hopefully that was mainly lack of coaching, Rickers pathetic ass is gone. Thank God.
Seriously??? I wont sit here and say Georgia isnt a great team, they are. But you cant hold them so much higher than Mizzou. I believe it was around 400 rushing yards they gave up to Florida? A team which Mizzou beat without an offense. Georgia very well could be playing for the Conf. Title in a few weeks and they would deserve it. But if Mizzou gets in they deserve. And let me address your next comment now. Yes mizzou lost to Indiana. Sucks but upsets happen.