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Alabama fans are as spoiled as Gamecock fans. if you don't win every game, they want a new coach. Shame on Bama fans and shame on my Gamecock fans. Nick Saban has been the best thing to happen to Alabama sine the Bear.
Wolfman, let me help with your question. USC (and we are the original USC since we were an institution 49 years before California was even a state) will win the East based on the following: Schedule: We only have a lackluster Florida conference game left while Mizzou has three conference games left and two are on the road (Kentucky and Ole Miss) then finish at home against Johnny Football. Defense: Our defense has been non existent all year until the Missouri game and is really starting to play up to the level they were expected to play at. Pressure: Mizzou"s freshman QB will not be able to handle the pressure that comes with big time SEC football. He will be a beast in the future but this year the pressure will mount and he will crumble. Connor Shaw: Shaw is a finalist for the Davy O'Brien trophy and has never lost at home as a starting QB and USC has a 16 game home winning streak and all our remaining games are at home. Intangibles: Steve Spurrier. He just is a master and the second half adjustments and finds a way to put his team in position to win any game. But these are just my opinions.
I like where your head is at BlackMagic. I see us winning the East but sadly I don't have the enthusiasm that you do about beating Bama but I hope you are right.