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Correct. Except look how Clemson fared. UGA shouldn’t spend all their time patting themselves on the back. Take a bow and get back to work.
Looked like it until the final game. TCU beat the great Michigan, OSU had the all powerful UGA on the ropes all night…not sure how any committee could have put together a better 4 teams.
No disrespect to UGA, they’re a great team and worthy of praise, but if they think Saban is just going to roll over and play dead they’ve got a rude awakening coming.
USC was hot BECAUSE UK didn’t play well. But it’s still a big win for our weak coaching staff. I’ll count it.
Seems to be lots of truth in your statement. He’s been a great coach in years past but he seems to be way off track now. UT might be a good career ending for him.
A UK fan called me shortly before halftime or I would never have seen it. UK must really suck this year. That #20 ranking will be gone next week.
Weak schedule. Most any P5 team would love to have it. TN is probably the only real threat opponent except for UGA themselves. Have a Kent St type performance against any SEC team and the outcome might be different. 3peat? There’s a ton of ifs between then and now including another possible shot from OhSt in a playoff.
I wonder how long all these recruits will stay after Beamer goes to Michigan.
Gamecock Nation is happy to have her as a coach but embarrassed to have her as a spokesperson for anti-American causes.
So, this woke coach has now equated a great football coach with an anti-American drug smuggler. Great basketball coach, horrible representative of our great university.
Finebaum brings in more ad revenue than any other ESPN celebrity. Just look at all the people complaining on this thread and just imagine the millions more that are following him but not posting. He’s living in your heads for free. I find that more hilarious than the crazy things he says.
You had a great QB this year. No question about that. And he lit up our D for…let me remember…oh yeah, 99 yards.
Beamer is a great recruiter. His staff are great recruiters. Now if only we could get someone to coach the recruits as good as Lembo does on special teams.
I wish him the best. He’s a good kid and an accomplished high school player. I, like you, expect to hear his name often…such as, Imaleava was sacked, Imaleava throws another interception, Imaleava benched…
Beamer is a HC in training with a team controlled by a BoT that don’t want to spend the money required to get great coaches and an AD that got there through the Peter Principle. We’ve been lucky with some big wins. We can’t rely on luck forever. Wins against top 10’s doesn’t offset losses against MO and FL.
Best of luck, young man. We could really use your help on the OL. Guaranteed to be a starter first year.
You have more confidence in Beamer than many/most of us. Beamer has potential but he has a long way to go to be the HC we need. Lembo should be making more than Beamer; he’s certainly more consistent than anyone else on staff yet we overpaid for a failed OC. I’m looking forward to the day when we get out of the SEC and join a conference where we belong…maybe the Southern conference.
Heck, I’m a good recruiter. But I wouldn’t know Jack to do with them after I hit them here. Lembo should be making more than Beamer yet we overpaid for a failed OC.
I think you’re right on topic. Beamer is a HC in training. He needs qualified, experienced coaches on his staff to help him grow. I realize the BOT are trying to go cheap to keep us as the doormat in the SEC (in football and men’s BB) but I’m willing to give this guy a chance through a half year. Hell, he can’t be worse than Satt, can he?
There’s the old adage, “Any Given Saturday” so I’m not buying into the theory of only Bama could beat UGA. Bama have way too many weaknesses to be a shoe in against UGA. That being said, I also think Georgia is overrated but so far, no one has stepped up to expose them. And no one in the top 10 are capable of the exposure.
Bama is a good team. No question. But they are not a great team. If they make it into the CFP, someone will need to tell me how badly UGA stomped their butt because I won’t be watching.
Bama has TWO losses. I don’t care how close the scores were, I don’t care who the losses were against, I don’t care how much time was left on the clock; Bama has TWO losses. No way in Hell they get in ahead of one loss teams like TCU and OhSt.
Satt did not call those last two games. No way anyone will ever convince me if that.