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Leading with the crown of the helmet is always targeting, regardless of if the ball carrier just got the ball, or was running with it.
Seriously I'm tired of people complaining that we lost. Okay, yeah, we lost, we're 2-2, should be 4-0, but we're not. Yeah people are complaining about Butch's excuse that they're young. Yeah their talented and have a lot of upside. The thing is they are still mostly Freshmen and Sophomores out there, with a few juniors and seniors scattered throughout, playing against teams that are playing predominately Juniors an Seniors. We need to realize that when a team that was as low as Tennessee was 3 years ago, You can't go from that to winning a conference, let alone a division, in the SEC, I've been telling people that this year is not the year to expect much, yeah it'd be great to go to Atlanta, but it's not going to happen, and I blame the media for this, blowing smoke that Tennessee is back, and now because of that we want to throw a coach who can get us excited about football season again out of town, a coach that brings top recruits to Knoxville. This is not our year, next year is the year to expect great things from Tennessee. And remember guys, Age and experience will always win against a team that is young and talented, a mature team with experience and talent is a force to be reckoned with.