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Our o-line is going to be serviceable at the beginning of the season. With no injuries and 4 or 5 games under our belt the o-line should be hitting their stride by the Georgia game. We are a little thin in our secondary especially at safety but the corners are outstanding. Just need to get some reps for the freshmen backup cb’s. I actually believe our “D” is going to be better than last year. Even if our o-line is not the strongest unit Mullen and company can help cover that with play calling. The Achilles heal is Felipe. If he makes the correct reads in the rpo’s, we are going to light it up. I believe he will make the correct reads. My concern is when the read calls for a pass, that is where he has some problems. His accuracy is inconsistent......makes a great throw into a tight window and on the next play misses a wide open reciever streaking down the field. Hopefully his accuracy has improved. If so, we are in for a good ride. Go Gators!!!!!