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Who is Jamar Chase? I don’t remember him being in the Heisman runoff with Smith.
How could you leave out one of the best young running backs in the country. Rawleigh Williams III. This guy could actually win this award in the Bielema Pro style offense. My suggestion is the writer of this article go back and correct the omission so there is no embarrassment for the writer when the kid is a finalist or even wins the award.
I was at the Ark Tenn game in Knoxsville. I like those away game wins.
Didn't do squat at SC. Pretty easy to be a good coach at a team like Florida when he got great recruits. Didn't pan out as well in South Carolina.
That's what the article says and your point was what?
Arkansas' coach has more class in one butt hair than Gus has in his entire body. I waiting to see who the next player kicked off the Georgia team to join Auburn will be. Do you have any guesses?