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One thing ALL of you should know....Saban is talking to his players thru the media, not the fans. He knows what he's doing... I agree that the expectations are really off the chart. The crazy thing is those expectations are achieved more times than not!
Consider this.... Who's the ONE team currently that EVERY team wants to beat? Who is the ONE team that literally gets EVERYONES best game? Who is the ONE team that saves coaches careers just by simply beating them? Like it or not, Alabama is that team. Not only that...but Alabama is expected to clean everyones clock each and every time while getting everyones best game. Want to tear down a goalpost? Beat Bama. Want to make a headline? Beat Bama. Want to increase your players Heisman chance? Beat Bama. This is just reality. Just take time to reflect on what team won the NC in 2019 and where THEY are right now.
REALLY.....I have no idea why anyone is even looking at this now....MOST of the season is ahead of us. ANYONE could end up winning the Heisman.
I get their point. Why does LSU need to rebuild? They have had the #3, #4, and #5 recruiting class the last three years with head coach continuity. Auburn has had the #11, #7, and #19 class and a new coach. LSU should have run thru Auburn like a knife thru butter. At Baton Rouge no less!
I like Lane, he's a good coach. He REALLY needs to close his twitter account and keep his mouth closed and put all that energy and thought into the next opponent. If he has something to say, say it on the field. Only so many ways to serve crow.
You'd lower the IQ regardless of where you went....
The PROBLEM is... LSU recruited the #3, #4, and #5 class the last three years. UCLA #31, #33, and #40 the same three years. Those teams should not be even CLOSE on the field.
The odds of beating someone three times in basketball is not that great...unless you play LSU!
The butthurt is strong in these two....
Funny how I noticed more than one pass interference call in Florida's favor that was questionable.
So y'all happy with the Big10 just playing EIGHT GAMES and the SEC playing TEN? Which teams do you think are likely to have the most injuries and worn down after their season?
And won the Maxwell award for NATIONAL player of the week! But didn’t make THIS list.....