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I thought this article was going to be about Basketball and Baseball.
People keep overlooking the fact that A&M plays in the SEC West!!! If A&M could replace Bama and LSU on its schedule with a Big 12 for of its choice they would have had 3 straight 10+ win seasons.
They actually have what is shaping up to be one of the better QB situations in the league. Trevor Knight, Jake Hubenack, and possibly another recruit this year. They also have the #1 QB for 2017 committed and he is graduating early.
Don't agree... WR/TEs-A&M: Doesn't even need explanation. OL and DL-Push: I'd give this to A&M and at worse a push. Secondary-Push: I think Bama has more upside, but they aren't there yet. Special Teams-A&M: Is this guy real? He didn't even mention this in his article.
The most underrated position group in the SEC will be Texas A&M's defensive line. The amount of "Blue Chip" 4 and 5 star talent is astonishing and they finally have a coach that will take advantage of it. Myles Garrett, Daylon Mack, Deshawn Washington, Daeshon Hall, Qualen Cunningham, Justin Manning, James Lockhart, Kingley Ke Ke, DeShawn Washington, Zaycoven Henderson, Jarret Johnson, Hadreck Walker, and Jay Arnold are all "Blue Chip" lineman that are poised to make a previous position of weakness into a strength based on their athletic ability and the new scheme.
Every coach raved about Kirk and the slot reciever graduated last year...Buy!!!
Every coach at A&M has raved about Kirk and their slot rReciever graDuaTed la
That was the first year A&M was in the conference and they only had 63 scholarship players. They were hampered by new SEC recruiting rules that prohibited over recruiting, which every other school had benefitted from for decades. They are just getting to normal roster size (85 scholarship). The first couple teams were filled with 3-star talent and walk-ons. Now the roster is bristling with blue chip talent. There are only 7 non 4/5 star players projected on the starting roster, but almost ll of their back-up are young blue chip prospects. Plus this article is talking about potential. Only LSU has as much homegrown talent available as A&M in the SEC West and no school has as much resources. The current SEC dynasty has a $632M endowment. A&M recieved over $740M in donations in 2013 alone and boasts an endowment of well over $8B.
The only thing you need to know about A&M is depth and coaching. 1) Depth: A&M entered the SEC in 2012, they had less scholarship players (63) than either PSU or USC. They couldn't add players, because of the new rules that kept teams from oversigning. In 2013, A&M didn't even have a scholarship defensive tackle. Now A&M is close to its full 85 scholarship allotment. In comparison: A&M has added 15-5/4 star recruits to the defensive side of the ball over the last two recruiting cycles, while LSU has added 9. 2) Coaching: Chavis is better than Snyder. Chavis also puts young talent on the field, while Snyder left amazing young talent on the sidelines favoring 3-star and walk-on athletes that had been on campus longer.
Chad was always a 3 star from high-school through JUCO . Don't feel bad about the rating. A&M's, Jake Hubenack was the top passer in JUCO football (4100 yards 49tds) and was unrated.
Don't understand why there weren't separate columns for 5 and 4 stars?
Almost everyone of A&M's 5 stars are either freshman or sophomores on the current team!
A&M was unsettled at QB last year. Seems like rookie QB had a substance abuse issue that hit rock bottom at middle of the year. They are settled now with even more top10 talent coming in, while MSU lost most of its starters from last year.
If I could edit this article , I would say 3 top 10 recruiting classes. A&M is #11 nationally through some "creative" accounting. They narrowly missed eclipsing Texas and this was before D. Lamp kin didn't show up to campus. Jake Hubenak (#1 QB in JUCO) didn't even have a ranking attributed to him. You would think that a QB that throws for over 4100 yards and 49 TDs would merit at least a 3star ranking? He would have been a 4 star had he signed with Texas or Florida as originally expected. Everyone A&M gets this year is bonus.
For the first time in recent history, A&M doesn't need defensive tackles. They have several five/four stars that will be back after next year. They currently have Daylon Mack, KeKe Kingsley, Zaycoven Henderson, Hadreck Walker, and DeShawn Washington. They also have a possiblity of returning both Jay Arnold and Justin Manning. The reason they are having issues recruiting DT is the depth at that position. Also, Derrick Griffen, won't make it in this year.
Finally something worth reading. Looks like UGA, UT, and MIZZOU have a easy path in the a East. A&M and MSU have the easiest path in the West.
Ole Miss wasn't the same after the Treadwell injury. It will be interesting to see if he recovered fully.
For all the talk about Arkansas, they still finished last place in the SEC W last year. They also have to play in Dallas against A&M, at UT, at LSU, at Ole Miss, and at Bama. This is one of the worst schedules in the whole SEC.
Pretty sure they have LSU and A&M switched for coaching X factor at a minimum. Chavis WAS the x-factor at LSU and now he isn't on the staff.
I agree with the premise, but how did you come to this conclusion. Kyle Allen was the most accurate QB in the SEC within very limited time as a starter. He has had a whole offseason to mature. Not to mention he was the #1 ranked QB in the country coming out of Highschool.
Alabama and Auburn are way to high on this list. Jacob Coker couldn't win the starting job last year and Cam Sims had a 67 yard receiving season. That is 2/3 of the equation. It might not reflect how they end the season, but currently that would probably put Bama behind MIZZOU. Auburn has one proven commodity and that is Shaq Williams. Probably places them behind MIZZOU too. Roc
I agree with everything, but the Sumlin comment. A&M isn't hurting for money. In truth it probably has more money available to the athletic program than any other program in the nation. Aggies are very happy to be in the SEC and feel really good about top 10 recruiting classes, especially when they were lucky to get top 30 classes before Sumlin. They just hired the new staff, so he is probably going to get 2-3 years run off of that alone.
Another title could be, "Most Corrupt Programs in the SEC".
This guy is crazy if he thinks TCU and Baylor "run the state". It is still a 2 dog race between Texas and Texas A&M. Nobody cares about ratings. It isn't like TCU and Baylor had to run through the SEC gauntlet. Look at the recruits at Baylor and TCU. TCU is ranked #32 and Baylor is ranked 33rd in the country.
Jay Bradford is listed running a 4.29 on the 247 site and a 4.44 on ESPN. Guice ran a 4.61 according to ESPN with no time on 247, but a rating of 7 in speed.
Pretty sad that almost every player is a freshman. I would have probably put Josh Reynolds (another 1st year player) on this list instead of Kaser, because I believe he might have set a few A&M/SEC records with his 13 TD catches.
I hope Arkansas wears LSU out before they come to Kyle Field. A&M took 3 games to recover from the game in Dallas.
Is this "Power Rankings" or ranking in the polls?
I watched Texas Tech and the styles aren't very similar at all. Tech is much closer to Baylor than A&M. They don't have the talented offensive lineman that A&M has and they still line up with wide splits to create holes for their running game. They aren't lining up 6'5" 240 lbs. slot WRs and utilizing 6'7" 280 lbs. + TE/HB in their offense. They don't have no WR formations that the pound the ball down opponents throats and they don't have a team stockpiled with "Blue chippers".