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It's the same with our checkerboard stadium. Even though the checkerboard stadium is the absolute coolest thing I've seen in college football ever.
Do y'all realize that the cover art for this story spells out "Turd Down Out"?
What happened to the pick 'em SDS? Did y'all just quit?
It won't matter, y'all can play with your cheering squad. As long as they take the field in the fourth quarter the Vols will give you the game.
What about '93 when the NCAA had to pass a new rule that student sections could no longer be located behind the opposing team's fan section. The reason? Florida students threw cups of urine on Tennessee fans including Phillip Fulmer's wife.
Nah, we only play the first half. As long as the Hogs can put a team on the field in the 4th quarter they have this one in the bag.
I have never felt more sad as a fan of the Vols than I do right now.
Er, fellas he mentioned the Missouri/Kentucky game. He didn't say anything about being confident about the Tennessee/Florida game. And he certainly didn't show signs of grandeur, delusional or otherwise. He's talking about Missouri/Kentucky for cryin' out loud. There's certainly no grandeur to be had there. As for UGA, well they will take themselves out. They do it every year.
Butch Jones has the most to lose. This is a must-win.
Agreed. This is good news. I am impressed with Coach Mac so far.
The similarities between the Florida game last year and the Oklahoma game this year are many.
Butch. He better get over his "coach speak" and realize that this game IS the most important game. And it's not just because it's the next game.
"Sorry for my drunk tweet after failing my drug test."
Hahahaha... get used to it Mizzou! The epic collapse starts now.
I have to say that I am impressed with McElwain so far. A lot of folks didn't approve of his outburst on the sidelines over Taylor's throat slash gesture (I'm looking at you Desmond), but I think it sent a strong message to his players; cut that crap out! Personally, I think we need more of that from our coaches.
To hell with OU and to hell with the Stoops. You can tell what kind of a classless program they run by the way Eric Striker acted on the field after the game. They got lucky and they know it, but luck will not stick with them.
Now that it's Monday I hope you've changed your mind eloist. If not, I'm sorry, but you're not a real Tennessee fan.
Vols fans delusional? From a Georgia fan? Hahahahaha. How's that championship ring fell ADB? Oh that's right... hahahahahaha. See you at a lower tier bowl game again.
Judging by the games yesterday it looks like we'll beat Georgia this year.
The Heistman award is BS. If they wouldn't give it to Peyton Manning then I seriously doubt they will give it to Josh Dobbs.
Oh look, the grammar police have arrived. Hide your "y'alls" y'all. And your "Lol"s.
Er, what? V4LinPA, are you Bob Stoops or something? Fans have no bearing on the game? 104,255 will have something to say about that this Saturday night. I think the fans will have a huge impact on the game. And just exactly what is wrong with someone saying "we" or "us" when talking about their team? It's just silly to complain about that.
Preeminence or supremacy over another. 6 championships to 2 championships. That seems literal to me.
Me too WeagleinTexas. I can forgive the Missouri guy since he hasn't been here long enough to understand.
Yes, 8-2 was a typo and there is no edit button, but your logic is still extremely flawed. Winning 3 out of 4 championships is domination. That is not an opinion.