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Lots of big trees around Flagstaff, Chris. Go Lumbarjacks.
No one wants it because a small group of booster try to control everything and the administration is so attached to the money they give that they wont kick them to the curb....the last decade of UT football is due to that ALONE. Coaches wont take the job because they have to play in the UT booster game and most don't want to mess with that. And I don't blame them. UT IS a great job and program...but the Board of Trustees and Admin CONTINUALLY piss in the wind. Jimmy Haslam is problem #1...
I was ready to go off when I read the headline..but after reading, this is spot on. Nice article.
Well I imagine his source wouldn't have said such if Haney says, "Give me a good quote and I'll name you in my story and you can get fired after they find out how you really feel!"
I would hate to lose him...his recruiting in Florida is hard to replace but you're right. Would be a good move for USF.
Reggie's actually has a brick and mortar place across the interstate. They put the trailer up so the truckers could get some good Q too. No place for them to park at the restaurant. Reggie is a cool guy....some of the best pulled pork I've ever had.
Dobbs won't play NFL ball. I don't even think he tries. Great kid but he isn't a pocket passer and the NFL is still a passing league. Dobbs will focus on career and let football die, IMO.
We've suffered for so long. You must understand. lol But I had a guy come into my office this morning and I said "chomp chomp" ...the look on his face reminded me of our last 11 years and I know that feeling. I couldn't poke at him any more.
No. You see, we play Georgia next week. It's actually a very factual statement, fart face.
Man it hurts to think about that had been so long since any kind of big win. Love the series between the Dawgs and Vols. This year will be another good one.
Coach didn't muff a punt, drop a touchdown pass, throw an INTERVIEW or get tossed for targetting......
UT is wearing traditional white helmet, orange jersey and white pants.
You don't understand that Tennessee returns virtually all of it's offensive production from last year and 8 starters on a defense that was second in the nation in 3rd down defense. A defense that has since added one of the top DCs in the country (and has the stats to prove it). You don't understand that each of the Vols 4 losses last year came at a combined 25 points and they led every single game last year. You don't understand that that UT had the best rushing season in Tennessee history last year...and they return every guy who set that record. You dont understand that Tennessee has players in Jalen Hurd and Derek Barnett who have the high probability of breaking the all-time UT rushing record and Reggie Whites all time sack record, respectively....and their on the same team. Jones has signed two top five classes back to back and a top 15 class...talent and depth are on The Hill again. What you don't understand is that this isn't "HYPE"...ITS EXPECTATIONS. I'm to anointing the Vols as a playoff contender or SEC champ. But to think that it is somehow unreasonable or "hype" to think that UT isn't the favorite in the East means you watch UGA with your head in the sand.
Never understood the "Tripping the ball carrier rule" I cant stick my leg out for a tackle but I can stick my arm out for a tackle....riiiiiiiiiight.
Sutton should be higher...nobody threw at him last year. Statistics deceiving in this situation.
This will be impossible as this is a road game for Vandy.
Change your username. That name carries bad juju. he drops a dime on your pussy cats.
"Dooley finished 15-21 in three seasons in Knoxville and saw his win totals drop by one each year from six in 2010 down to FOUR in 2012" The Vols have never gone 4-8 in a season. Lowest win total in a single season since going to a 10 game schedule in 1928 is 5. Dooley's record was 16-21 including the 2010 Music City Bowl.
I think he'd rather talk about the other 80 something guys who are actually on the field and let the kid take care of his business. There is no telling how much he's been asked about this. The Knoxville beat writers can be a bit of a wet blanket at times. Plus, there are a LOT of them...WVLT, RTI, AllForTennessee, GiveHim6, RockyTopTalk, KNS, TheChattanoogan (obviously in Chatt), GoVols247, GoVolsXtra, Scout and Rivals...and I'm sure I forgot some.
According to Vegas, Vols are favored. Google is hard.
Yep...overall poor article. Getting a little slow around the SDS office? Jones is probably the best at tempering expectations.
It says a 3 yrd run...not TD run. The play being referred to was on the last drive to tie it up.