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Offensive line, 4th and one, overall offensive play calling, special teams is what did us in.. No excuses man we lost.. All the fair weather UGA are always the same.. We had the same record at this point last year... PLENTY of analyst said we would go 8-4 this season, and we could be 5-1 just as easy as 1-5... Think about that. As a recent UGA Alum.. It's hard right now, I get it.. Let's wait until the season is done and evaluate then.. You fair weather fans just add insult to injury. No one values your opinion.. Kirby is Great Coach, Kirby will get better, and Kirby deserves our full support. He's an Alum as well, he cares about this football team more than any of you so-called UGA "fans".. Be patient
Keep telling yourself that.. If Chubb plays the 1/2 that game we all know where UT stands.. Don't live off the hype got the inside scoop cuz Kirby ain't named anyone publicly