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I have nothing negative to say about Coach O. He was always fair towards Mississippi State when we beat him (2017 & 2020), and gracious when he beat us.
It's NOT the final score I envisioned. I thought Miss. State would score at least one touchdown. I thought we would definitely lose, but on the order of 38 to 13.
Maybe so, but he would have a backbone plus integrity and wouldn't be a pimp for Birmingham.
Let me give you an answer: no, it cannot...unless you have a Quarterback who can (a) run the ball, or (b) a couple of RBs who can really run the ball together with more than a few excellent plays to upset a really good defense, or (c) both (a) and (b). The "one-trick-pony" offense will NOT work in the SEC.
Two years ago LSU caught "Lightening in a Bottle". That's the explanation for where they find themselves - back where they were in 2017-18.
Maybe so, Blep...but none are on the Sabin level. Nick can recruit any high-school athlete he wants in the continent of North America - and even the South Pacific. How can Alabama not be number 1?
We also learned the same about you, Tidefan.
Your login name is perfect. Reckless, indeed. Leach was handed a football team that had been wrecked by Joe Moorhead and was immediately hit with a pandemic that cut his 2020 preparation time to the bone. He had to completely rebuild - from the ground up - and he's done pretty well, considering all the roadblocks. But anything other than an instant 9 and 3 season is a failure to you. I'll be happy when "fans" like your bum ass go packing.
Question: If officials can calla penalty while reviewing a play, why then couldn't they go back and immediately review that play again to see Memphis had two players with the same jersey number on the field during the play in question? AND, why didn't they throw out the entire play and revert back to the preceding down? (Just asking.)
He couldn't leave fast enough to suit me. If he hopes to be a professional race-baiter he should call CNN - they always have an opening. And he'll fit right in at Florida State, the "Berkeley of the East".
Mr. Cohen, You're a disgrace to your job and to Mississippi State University. Feeding a buch of race-baiting PC Social Justice "Warriors" who've attacked a man who has done NOTHING WRONG is beneath contempt. I wish you had fired yourself the same day you fired Moorhead. God save us from gutless, virtue-signalers like you.
Mr. bad Dawg, You, sir, are a race-baiter plain and simple. Running a Fortune 500 Company and living in an exclusive zip code only makes you a rich race-baiter. There was NOTHING "rtacist" about Leach's tweet but to people like you Ross Barnett will always be govenor and the Klan is everywhere since nothing has changed in Mississippi. You and everyone like you are disgusting. You're a bigger part of the race problem that any white people I know.
Leach's twitter post had nothing, repeat NOTHING to do with "racism", even less with lynching. Any black athelete so hypersensitive that they're constantly on lookout for something to offend them should hit the transfer portal - and don't let the door hit them in the ass on their way out of Miss. State. (Mississippi State - the first SEC school to hire a black man as head coach.) This PC, macro and micro-aggression crapola has reached total insanity.
agdawg: Why do you come here to post? Just to insult our school? I have two friends in Georgia and they certainly know Mississippi is a poor state, one that ranks near the bottom in many categories. But they don't hand out gratuitous insults. Does it somehow make you feel better to do that? Why don't you go to the Georgia section and post there? (Maybe they're sick of you, too?)
Excuse me Mr. Tennessee hillbilly, but on what basais of "fact" do you declare Miss. State University academics a "joke"?
Gagaof3: "LSU fans have no room to talk at all. They are the worst." That was my experience more than 40 years ago, and talking to some twenty-year-olds it's been their experience as well. Drunken 30 and 40 year old LSU fans looking to start a fight - even when they win!
Thank heaves for this holdover. Leach can probably recruit offensive players but without a strong defense he'll be in big trouble playing in the SEC West.
Leach is definitely right about the Impeachment: it's TOTAL BS. We're in a bad place politically: the Republicans are corrupt but the Democrats have gone completely insane.
" fired a 14-12, 2 bowl appearance, beat your rival twice guy." Actually no, we fired a guy who in two years time set our program back at least 3 or 4 years. The team Mullen left behind would have beaten Ole Miss in 2018 no matter who coached it. And in 2019 they managed to beat Ole Piss in in spite of Joe Moorhead. I wish him well...and a speedy exit from Starkville.
None of us believe that so it's a straw man argument. What we DO want and EXPECT is a Head Coach who's competent and experienced enough to know that discipline, toughening, and accountability matter - not some ridiculous idea of "outsmarting the competition in the SEC. ("Outsmarting" Sabin, Orgeron, Mullen,et al - what a joke.)
"Terrible" isn't adequate to describe the idea of hiring Hugh Freeze. Insane would be a better description.
You're correct. You're an arrogant, insulting little Georgia ass*ole. (Do you also kick little puppies?) Why don't you spend some time on the Arkansas and Vandy sections telling them they're only a bunch of losers who are ridiculous for thinking they'll ever be anything but losers? You're very brave behind a keyboard, but two feet from me I'd bet you wouldn't be so "brave". Ass*ole.
Vandy doesn't play in the SEC West. Suppose we're both "doormats" - that doesn't make the three of you any less than dog-kicking ass*oles. Why don't you go to the Arkansas or Vandy sections and insult them for awhile? We NEVER act that way to other teams.
Connor O'Gara: "Moorhead deserved a 3rd year in Starkville. He deserved a chance to fight for his job with another season, and not just in a bowl game in which he was without several key players." You're sooooo right, Connor. Cohen should have waited until we looked like a clone of Arkansas and State couldn't even sign a 3-Star Tackle. And since you've been consistently WRONG about Moorhead why should we give a pinch of monkey dung what YOU think?
CowbellHell: Thank you for explaining why Moorhead should have been fired...months ago. The culture Moorhead instilled at Miss. State was an undisciplined team and a disaster. (And BTW, Cohen and Keenan owe Keytaon Thompson an apology!)
Why the "hate on State"? I don't hate LSU even though you've beaten us 2 out of 3 times we've played. Our biggest problem is being Mississippi - no 5-Stars ever want to come here. We have no illusions of being National Champioms or really even SEC Champions. What we DON'T want to be is a doormat for the SEC like Vandy, and we don't want a total failure as head coach no matter what we are.
CeeJay: Right on target. Moorhead is a failure. PERIOD. Only those who are willfully blind or invincibly ignorant of the game of football can fail to see what you just outlined. If Moorhead isn't fired ASAP then we should loudly begin calling for Cohen's removal.