Went to LSU including med school in NO. Was on faculty there. Started going to LSU games in the 70's and was recruited by Charley McClendon out of high school. Geaux Tigers!

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Not the easiest thing to do in Baton Rouge. I think the last time I traveled there I might have gained 15 pounds in one day.
If you're not getting better you're getting worse.
Just curious: is it illegal in my home state(I live in California now) to possess a handgun at age 19? What was illegal about the concealment? Again, I have no point to push here. Just curious.
i'll take him. aranda was great and will be a huge loss. bo pelini was a stud d-coordinator and probably not meant to be a head coach due to his volatility(see will muschamp). i think it will work out just fine.
Something is clearly wrong with OBJ. It didn't seem to surface while he was still at LSU but waited for him to be too young with too much money, too much attention, too much personal success. Comparing him to Antonio Brown is apt. Both have personality disorders and are toxic to those around them.
Seaux happy for Tiger Nation!!! What a season! Congratulations to all LSU Tigers fans, the players, coaches and bandwagon jumpers. There's plenty of room.
Please, please, please underestimate us, overlook us and underrate us. We play better when you do that. Geaux LSU Tigers!!!
Appreciate the support but to be honest I'm nervous. Then again I always am before LSU games. 50 year trait. 1st game I ever heard Archie Manning beat us last second of the game. Still hurts.
ESPN lets Kirk Herbstreit be a commentator on Ohio State games. Enough said.
Man, I cannot wait to take this cocky POS on. He's Spurrier without the cred or the class. And you really have to try hard to have less class than Spurrier but it's like breathing for this toolbag.
BTW, I miss hating SubUrban Meyer and his Gang of Psychopaths at Florida. One team had 22 players with arrests I believe. This guy leaves a trail of scandal like a horse leaves plop. I kind of hope he ends up at USC or Dallas so I can love hating him more than ever before. Oh BTW, he ignores repeated domestic violence too. What a good guy he is, huh?
If you can't stand the heat, stay away from LSU. I'm sure he'll take the Turtles to the playoff soon.
These comments make me giggle. Georgia fans taking the moral high ground. LOL.
Not sure where you've been but Coach Ed has won at LSU AND USC. He's also been on the staffs at Tennessee and Miami. I think he knows a little bit a winning big boy football.
Your program is a cheat. That was a gambling game. Plain and simple. No tears shed.
Could not agree more. This was the worst example of gambling influencing a college football game that I have ever witnessed. I think Orgeron knew it. He looked as if he was going to break Fisher's scrawny, little short man neck after the game. I hope we beat the snot out of them and pour it on as much as possible.
LSU needs to learn to hold better. Clearly another head coach like Lane Kiffin could teach them that. Seriously, that play was a bck braker. If not perhaps Bama has to take a fg and LSU is still in it. Who knows? It could have turned out diferently.
WTF does Trevor Matich know? He went to BYU, "winner" of the most disputed national championship ever against a 6-6 Michigan team in the final game. If Coach Ed wins out including the SEC Championship and the Playoff you actually think he wouldn't/shouldn't be offered the job? In fact, if he even makes the SEC Championship, don't you think he would/should be hired? Idiot.
Of course not. What is momentum? Merely a concept. This will have to be a slobber knocker type game in which LSU would have to beat Alabama athlete to athlete winning the 1 on 1 battles as well as committing fewer turnovers. What Orgeron has done to turn loose and diversify the offense has helped them be more potent by being less predictable and putting their generally superior athletes in positions to beat people 1 on 1. Les Miles seemed only able to allow this in the straight ahead run game. If Les were still coaching LSU I think a blowout loss would be much more likely for the Tigers.