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better chance to lose to USF than beat UGA apparently...
idk i have a bad feeling about UT in neyland this year...
it took a crazy 2pt conversion in OT to beat one of the worst florida teams of all time (that had completely given up) with emory jones at QB so...
uk and ut, sure. maybe usc but you're delusional if u think mizzou is in any better position to contend for 2nd in the east than uf. lol
college football is so special because of it's quirky nature. the "everything to lose" regular season, weird rivalry trophies, and stupid bowl games are what makes the sport perfect. while i don't love nil (especially as a fan of a team who has been disadvantaged in recruiting because of it,) i still love the sport. while i may not like some of the structures in place right now, hating on the sport we love instead of celebrating the great aspects isn't doing us any favors. at the end of the day, college football is still about hatred and pagentry and rivalries and tailgating and stadiums and pride. money and reallignment have been factors in cfb for a long time and i won't let them ruin my experience now.
i promise you recruits don't care how close you were to ten wins. florida lost 4 one possesion games last year and auburn lost like 6.
you dont think that will hurt those programs though? if you don't evolve, you die, regardless of the rules
can someone with real info from within the program please try to clarify some things? all i'm seeing is that boosters/admin are refusing to give the right amount of money for elite talent and taking the "high road" relative to NIL. is that true? also, will what caspino said about the collective hurt our recruiting in the future if people think our nil projects are dysfunctional? who else does caspino manage bc he says he steering his clients away from UF? how worried should we be and how much of this falls on napier/stricklin?
i respect napier greatly but he whiffed on rashada. we'll have to flip a top 300 guy if we want a legit qb this cycle.
it was also amazing when he won two nattys and a heisman as an underclassman!! you're too scared to show your team's logo but i assure you whatever team it is doesnt have a QB with more rushing TDs than herschel walker!
if the sec forms its own playoff, does the sec continue out of conferences games. i mean, if other conferences are irrelevant to your postseason, why schedule them? also, if a six-win SEC team misses the SEC playoff, do they still play a bowl game or do they play another mediocre SEC team?
i don't consider clemson a blue blood. recent success (last ten years) doesn't equate to blue blood status
tamu hasn't won a natty since 1939 so ig the standards aren't that high
ut will almost certainly be undefeated heading into the uf/ut game (barring an upset to pitt) but florida could very well be 1-2 with losses to utah and uk so we'll see...
i would love that. looking forward to arky beating down on the bearcats come week one
i don't think there's a hard limit but i'm sure they factor in frequency of appearences to an extent
destroying the regular season so alabama can blow out 3 loss utah is not "not a big deal." it is in fact a huge deal
i bet lsu fans said the same thing after 2019. winning one game is not derailing the greatest dynasty of all time
ou and texas have combined for like 2 nattys in 25 years. worry about beating kansas first maybe?
the reason cfb is a multi billion dollar industry in the first place is because it's unique. it has special qualities that the nfl could never replicate and that's why cfb has such a specific, dedicated audience. once you start taking away those special qualities, that hardcore cfb fanbase will dissapear. no one wants another nfl.
this is one of the few circumstances where i would stop watching cfb. once you take away everything that makes the sport special (rivalries, pagentry, etc) it's just a minor league nfl. if this does happen, the SEC will pick the 20 or so biggest programs in the country. it would diminish the posssibility for real upsets (the closest to that would be a mediocre powerhouse beating a better powerhouse.)
agreed. automatic bids are the the most heinous idea ever yet it seems to have a lot of support. at least until a four loss pac 12 team is in the playoff