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and the worst part about dan not starting AR is that he puts him in the game in random, nonsensical situations. he did the same thing with trask-emory last year. AR should be the starter but if you're going to start emory, at least let him get into a groove. yanking EJ out when we had great field position at the end of the first quarter (?) was one of the worst decisions dan's made at uf. we were driving to put the game away and EJ was playing ok. inserting AR in and running 3 predictable run plays was unspeakably stupid.
agreed. stricklin has never been fully committed to uf and i dont trust him with anything. get him out of gainesville before he shrinks the swamp.
or we could throw crazy money at spurrier and see where that goes...
i agree. we have a history of bad hires (muschamp, mclewain) so making a rash decision about mullen's future now could put us in a similar situation with miami and free shoes u. while i'm not at all satisfied with what mullen's done so far, i'd rather have him than make a stupid hire that sets our program back years.
i think so, kentucky didn't look like a top 15 team yesterday, ole miss did.
so how many of kirby's 5 stars will transfer to ohio state and really get developed??? talent means nothing with that coaching staff. i look forward to y'all choking in the cfp this year :)
misleading stat considering we played in SECCG and cotton bowl... last 2 years (2020 and first half of 2021) UF: 11-6 LSU: 8-7
if the ky-miss st game were in lexington its a different story but strarkville is a tough place to play
when i say "go off the rails" i mean relative to the current expectations
did the same thing with felipe/trask... its one of his many faults as a HC
i think his performance has gotten lost in the excitement of the uk fanbase. chris rodriguez played super well but aside from that, kentucky's offense was nonexistent. we handed y'all that game on a silver platter and will levis never capitalized enough to seal the game.
agreed. zach calzada has looked so lost since haynes king got hurt.
i agree though i think bryce young is actually underrated. he gets written off cause the offensive weapons are so strong but his decision making is exceptional for a freshman.
this may be the stupidest thing i've ever heard. emory can be inconsistent but he's played incredibley well since the first quarter of the bama game (he played well against uk, missed some throws but most of that game can be attributed to mullen's horrendous play-calling)
i've been the first person to say that bo nix is overrated (said it after the oregon game, said he was gonna play poorly againt us; and he did) but his performance last night was truly unbelievable. they'll be talkin bout this one for a while
you're wrong, dan doesn't know when to switch qbs
week 6 predictions: texas-33 okla-31 iowa-28 penn st-24 bama-42 tamu-27 uga-30 auburn-17 kentcuky-31 lsu-14 tennessee-40 south carolina-16 florida-48 vandy-6 arkansas-24 ole miss-22 nebraska-30 michigan-24
i agree with all of those predicitons but i think tennessee beats usc. i dont think people realize how bad south carolina is.
personally, i believe kentucky will either play well the rest of the year and finsih with 1 or 2 regular season losses or they will trip up in some games they shouldn't (lsu, tennesee, miss st) and stubmle to a 8-4 or even 7-5 record. i think that all depends on saturday. if they can beat lsu this weekend, i think it opens a door of possibilities, maybe even an NY6 bid but a loss and the season goes off the rails.
if you hate SDS so much why are you always the top comment? if you hate uf so much, why are you always the top comment on uf articles? just wondering.
no way a&m stays within 9 without SEVERAL defensive touchdowns
i'd rather get my opinions from tv than lies on facebook...
spurrier won in 96 and urban won in 06 and 08
part of me is glad lsu is a noon game.. death valley at night is no joke, regardless of the fact they're a dumpster fire of a program
i like to finally see some accountability but this loss was inexcusable.
he was always like that at florida and ohio st (especially ohio st from what i hear) he would basically drive himself crazy over every loss...not the makings of a good coach at any level of the sport. especially in the nfl where you're likely going to lose 6+ games every year