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apparently JT had an issue with his personal doctor not clearing him to play and kirby took issue with that so even when JT was healthy, he didn't start
auburn maybe?? tennesee if hendon hooker plays up to expectations? south carolina if spencer rattler balls out
he was supposed to start at ohio state ahead of CJ stroud before his DUI. i've heard from reliable sources that he's currently winning the QB battle. i love AR i'm just saying what i've heard.
oregon is the least of your worries. they're losing so much to the draft + portal. also, it's bo nix.
we just had one of pur worst seasons in program history, ucf had one of their best and they beat us by double digits and (with all the decommits) we still got more 4/5 stars this cycle than they have in the last 20 years combined. they haven't surpassed anyone.
no other team could go 5-7, lose to kansas and still be ranked to start the next year
we beat yall last year cause we had the better team. shut up with the excuses
he's a fourth string at best. we have 5* transfer in demarcus bowman and 4* lorenzo ligard and 4* trevor etienne. stupidest take i've ever seen.
y'all aren't even our biggest rival. stop the obsession
the 2008 jokes dont have the same effect you think they do
remember when georgia won more than one natty in a 42 year period??? me either.
or maybe he didnt want to go to georgia?? did that even cross your mind??
i agree. i don't think winning a NC should guarentee a #1 spot but OU is way to high. venables will flop
oklahoma, lsu, miami, usc, texas, clemson, tennessee all too high
we need to beat lsu tmrw. lsu has a weird way of pulling off miraculous wins against us (much like in football) so i doubt midmajor mike can pull it together.
we did not get "rolled" by auburn. we certainly got outplayed but "rolled" makes it sound like a rout, which it wasn't
i don't mind local commentators being biased. that's what they're there for
gary danielson is hands down the most biased announcer in cfb
nattys in the last 4 decades: uga: 1 uf: 3 nice try, but 2008 just doesn't have the same ring to it. see you in 41 years!!
idk, a+m is pretty stacked next year, but it is jimbo so you never know