Arkansas Razorbacks

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Gus is going to takeover playcalling by week 3.
I miss Beliema based on the fact that we had an identity each and every time we came out to play football. We were going to beat you up, run the ball, and be more physical. I think he got fired because he tried to move too far away from that style with Austin Allen's arm. Either way he's 1000x the coach and man that Chad is.
Imagine trying to say that when you've gone 2-10 the past two years with 0 SEC wins, then you have a winnable game and your coach is back in Dallas Friday night.
I sure do hope that Chad will be at all Auburn games. He likes to go watch his son play, this year he'll finish up HS in Dallas so Friday nights your OC is missing. Next year the kids at OU, so you may not have an OC come gametime.
Please give me this anon coaches name.PittBoss is gonna prove him wrong and its starts week 1 in Fayetteville.