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The ranking of the class seems to be driven more by volume then anything. That being said it is positive that we finally have a coach that seems to be able to draw players to the team. I guess even Gary's best classes would only have a few fours stars with the occasional surprise five star.
That is all speculation, and honestly it would be stupid for him to go after them if true. At the end of the day the hog is going to come home to roost. Arkansas should probably be structuring contracts differently going forward if they want to change how this ends up, otherwise its the definition of insanity.
Just going to leave this here, if you didn't read the full thing. Mind you Beilema could have hid bonus money which would be extorting the contract and I wouldn't put it past the Patriots to have been paying staffers under the table while accounting that for salary paid. "For what it’s worth, Bielema’s lawyers are apparently arguing that he made more than $50,000 from the Patriots. The lawsuit states that during his time as a consultant with the Patriots in 2018, Bielema made 3 times as much as Butch Jones earned while he was an “intern/analyst” at Alabama after getting fired from Tennessee. The lawsuit also stated that in 2019 when Bielema became the Patriots defensive line coach, he made 7 times more than Jones, and in 2020, that number will jump to 11. As Bielema’s lawyers pointed out, Tennessee hasn’t stopped paying Jones."
Even more hilarious, just my grandpa in 5 years had probably contributed more to this country then what your entire lineage has. About all your lineage did in Arkansas was contribute to the shrinking gene pool there. Also Just Incase “your” people is meant to be racial, I’m 100% white.
Lol how am I offended by your family coming over on a boat and working? Congrats? Everyone's family did that?.... Speaking of your "free education" sounds like you may want to start paying for it down in Arknsas haha.
At what point did I say how hard it is to live in America? All I'm stating is the facts of what higher education institutions have to keep in mind. I understand that a user that would name themselves "JonnyReb" is probably feeling on the defensive right now (unless of course you're a troll), but come on how naive do you have to be to not get the full picture here? The Lost Cuase is far behind us now.
Thats about right, and I believe the NCAA backed up that Athletes are students first. However it certainly doesn't change the situation. Could they remove the students? I'm certain they could execute that plan, but it would be just about the worse decision the school could possibly make from a marketing standpoint for the institution. Not to mention Mizzou felt the duel effect of being brought into the spotlight. Many African American students that would have come rightfully were scared away. Then all of the entitled white families that don't understand racial issues in American nudged their kids away because the school "Caved" to the protesters demands. For the school, at least in the short term, these situations are lose lose. Schools need to show their support for the athletes whether they truly think believe that's right (Which I hope is true), or for the financial sake of the institution.
A School would be beyond stupid to consider doing that, especially right now. Use Mizzou as a prime example of what happens to a school that fails to proactively react to current events, let alone simply remain silent. That didn't just hurt Mizzou's ability to recruit (Which was already bad) but also shot enrollment into the gutter. If the players weren't already holding all the cards because of COVID, they certainly are now.
Although the ranking I think are getting better each year, I always felt like some of the blue blood SEC teams could carry no momentum into the next season and still be ranked high starting out. I suppose the same thing could be said for all blue blood teams across conferences.
Don’t get your panties in a wad, he’s referring to Mizzou. You’d think having three “Tigers” in the conference you would have checked.
Expectations need to be set low. That being said I really don't understand why it seems like Mizzou is being treated like the bottom of the barrel of the new regime teams. If anything I feel all of the lines for these teams should be question marks.
The 500k a game would be for every home game, but even still the numbers I saw off the article may have been based off the Yankee's or some larger market team. Paying the Yankee's team along with that nice newish stadium can't be cheap. I totally believe the NFL home game losses though.
Unsure about that, we'd have to have access to the books and what the leagues think they can make off of the upcoming seasons. I'm sure it's all up in the air. As far as Colleges not making money off CFB, you'd be surprised how much money they move through the books. I won't talk about all the scenarios but AD's that turn a profit usually have a deal cut with the school that a certain percentage of donations and revenue do go to the school. In 2016 UGA's AD collected $116 million in revenue for instance and I really doubt it costs that much to run UGA's Athletics. Another little known fact is the AD's have to pay the school back for the scholarships, which in order to bring the max about of money over, they charge the out of state rates and since players usually get the nicest room and board they rack up those costs as well.
I believe most figures were bottom line. The cost of the stadium (granted some cities outright pay for them) is usually wrapped up in ticket sales. The NFL i believe just authorized $500 million dollars in debt allowances to the league to cover the teams bottom lines if needed. That being said they would lose even more if they didn't play so there's still plent of incentive to keep playing. I actually think the lost revenue in College may be a good thing for the schools themselves, maybe they'll finally realize how worthless the hundreds of administrators they've hired are and maybe stop raising tuition for once.
I'm more so saying negotiations would be a post COVID-19 development if things hit the fan. Actually some players sitting out may have an adverse reaction. Contractually nothing would stand up in court if players even signed any liability waivers, you would have to prove some form of collateral in the contract for the player to stand to lose... could you imagine the outcry if schools threatened to remove scholarships if they didn't play?
You bring up an interesting point. College football may be the only sport in the nation that stands a chance of turning a profit. I think most mlb teams said they stand to lose 500k a game without fans in seats. The NFL closer to a million. However the media deals combined with not having a player payroll probably keeps most teams in the green in power 5 conferences.
If that scenario plays out I think it ushers in a new era of player negotiations. God knows the NCAA bo longer represents player safety or needs. Some lawyer will jump on the conference/school and from there I think you have a snowball effect of new precedents being set.
This list is hilarious, I’m not even an Ole Miss fan and Plumlee I think is better then most of these guys. We’re living in an era now when it seems the team these guys are on means 80% of the rank they get.
I think closure really isn't a thing in a sport like college football. As a more "playercentric" sport like the NBA allows you to follow a player from start to finish and provides a story line if you will. College Football to a degree is eternal, there's always a next season with, starters that are going to leave a legacy, usually only staying at a place three years max. If you enjoy a sport like this then you're constantly thinking about what next year holds bar maybe the brief moment a fanbase feels if they're team gets to sit at the top of the college football mountain. Plus.... even if you truly follow a college football players arc, college is usually just the beginning of their story.
I find it naive when people say that blue blood programs aren't compensating players in some ways. You have lesser sports like hockey where its openly talked about (SpittenChiclets) and widely known that players are compensated. Basketball is swimming with shoe ware companies paying kids. Whether its dad gets "paid" as a scout or booster groups finding ways to buy give players everything from cars to new phones. I'm in no way actually condoning the behavior, I just want everyone to admit to and accept that its happening.
I think the point of Booches comment is that what they're saying is outright false. By stating they won't stop anyone they're insinuating they had the power in the first place. I see the NCAA much more like an out of control HOA leader at this point. At the end of the day they'll talk a big game, but have very limited power to do anything.
Also not sure why it replied here, this was in reply to the thread comment.
I think you missed the point of the article, you could still scale what Mizzou did with Odom to reach the numbers to attract a top level coach. If all school adopted this approach both sides have parity rather then a school getting trapped and the coach heading out with the bank. In reality none of this will change until the blue bloods stop taking the Yankee's approach to everything.
I mean both of you Idiots can say that... but working in the Healthcare industry how naive you guys right now is sad, a local retirement home just lose 35% of its tenants near me, hospital at 150% capacity. Hurr Durr can't live in fear...
I'll make the argument as well, that if if the NCAA says lets play ball, and then #$%# hits the fan it may spell the end for them. College players are starting to realize their leverage, the minute a few players get sick and possibly a death is involved who are the lawyers going to go after? Not only that but the cases that may be brought against the conferences and or schools themselves.
I really don't understand why most people don't get that. One player... one Coach, hell one person that was just in the locker room and was sick everything comes crashing down. What happens when a team has to cancel a game because of this? Is it fair to those teams that had to do so if they would have possibly made a hypothetical bowl game/title game because of it?
Not at all related to the article, rather the articles picture heading, but always find it a poor showing when the team dunks the coach while he's shaking hands with the other losing coach. Like man, that has to feel bad as the opposing coach.
Although Weagle99 is wrong on the how, its not hard to imagine recruiters saying and or showing off in the future "look at how much (insert previous 5 star stud) made when he attended our school. It also wouldn't take much for schools to attempt to advertise for such players in indirect ways. In other words... the rich will get richer...