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I still don't get the point of these, I mean if you rate qbs this way just pick whichever QB happened to be playing when the team hit its most recent peak. Perhaps the distiction is most talented vs. Most productive? This site seems to take no adjustment to the idea that if a player got to be a part of a five star studded team that ones "stats" may have been different.
To be fair can you even count Kansas as a team that would be a surprise to lose to a none p5? I think Arkansas and Vandy would burry them today.
He's good and I've drafted him in a couple fantasy leagues. However, make no mistake he plays on easy mode thanks to defenses having to spread the field to cover what may be one of the most prolific passing games in NFL history.
Frank's not sucking would be more key. If all the opposing team has to do is defend the run then your bottled up. I wouldn't be suprised that with less talent Frank's doesn't have much success.
Exactly, if said infraction isn't tied to a monetary payout then its fair game and a chance for the NCAA to flex its punative muscle... otherwise its play ball.
Anyone that doesn't believe this isnt happening in football is straight up stupid. What... schools would "knowingly" allow a one and done basketball player get money and not a three year active five star running back? Surrender any notions of a chivalrous landscape, and just accept that its the way the cookie crumbles.
I don't disagree its a bit odd for Hurricanes to be the main driving factor, but infrastructure goes well beyond just onsite facilities. No college town in this group could realistically handle the logistics of practice facilities, housing and living conditions. I think Missouri actually has some advantages in some of those area's over Athens/Georgia and especially Alabama as a whole. You have St. Louis a hour and a half away with all of the old Rams facilities basically ready to be used, and all of the hotel and other pieces available, plus Kansas City has plenty to offer in that space as well two hours away. Sure it isn't an Orlando Bubble, but it certainly could better support the idea of centralization then some of the other places.
A taste of what it's like to be a traveling Mizzou fan.... Im still up for the Auburn Mizzou swap if we want to start making geographical sense...
Its really hard not to like Drink. Certainly charismatic and sure of himself, which hopefully can carry through what will be a difficult season if played. His character alone would give him an extra year if three years from now we aren't seeing great results. Certinaly excited for the future, but patience is the most important virtue here for us Mizzou fans.
Wonderful.... now can you give an update on China... or what we're doing in Beirut.... or when the troops will get to leave the middle-east... Everyone in this thread has to look at the end game of what he's doing here. What he says has no bearing on the outcome, he's only pandering to his base which seems to have hit the mark according to this thread. (I'm no liberal, I just happen to think the higher forms of our government are the biggest group of idiots still drawing breathe, yes that includes Biden)
Agree completely that this just a further polarization ploy. To drop so low as to have as an important of an office throwing their hat in with something as trivial as football certainly defaces the office. Far more important things going on as to put attention to right now then Football. Really hoping a centrist party gets birthed out of this divide.
As a Mizzou fan I really don't have a problem with the schedule. Expectations weren't massive this year, and if we could squeeze out a win or keep pace in any of the big games it would be positive in my mind. The only thing I really worry about is how it could hurt recruiting if its just spanking after spanking, the negative feedback loop is real.
So in this case we should lean to Social determinate's to decide what is best for student athletes? I'm not saying this is your opinion, however as many point out here, they feel as though if a student athlete refuses to play they should lose there scholarship's. Not only do I not think the University's would threaten/start to do that (Imagine the hit to recruiting and possible national backlash), but I'd imagine the effect would only worsen and be a driving force. In any effect, I'd certainly say College Football certainly seems to becoming apart because of the uniqueness of how its always handled players and moving to the next level.
The power five schools for the most part make money out of there football teams, its the AD as a whole that usually loses money. The football team usually funds the other programs, so you aren't wrong, with more money the universities are almost always turning around and putting right back into the AD. That being said I'd hold to my argument that plenty of players provide value that exceeds what they get out of the system.
What I find interesting about many of these conversations unfolding is just how anti-capitalist and anti-American they come off. If anything the NCAA and athletics as a whole across the US may be one of the largest socialist institutions in America, an institution that is a multi-billion dollar industry enforcing a non negotiable social contract. You can certainly be all for these pieces and I'm not fully on board with players being additionally compensated. However saying they shouldn't be able to voice any opinions, shut up and take the deal you've been given seems to go against everything the US at least try's to uphold.
If we're talking pure opportunity value here, there are certainly players in the system getting the worse end of the deal. At a school like Alabama many players probably bring in far more then what is being covered by said school thanks to low tuition costs. Not to mention... do you really think these kids are actually taking meaningful classes anymore? Jerry Jeudy went from making nothing, to with just a signing bonus making 8.8 million, and with college football making more and more money its certainly easy for these conversation to start. On the flip side.... how on earth do you decide who gets money and who doesn't... and all of the issues that come out of that.
I mean Mizzou really doesn't know what it has. If staying level is still expectations that a six win season is the ceiling, then losing a QB that hasn't played a down in a couple years to one of the other 3 questions marks doesn't really derail the reality that is Mizzou football.
Ah yes Bamatime... once again showing his Bama nationalism... imagine I you were actually wrong.
People always seem to be shocked that Mizzou brings in so little considering the "market" its in is larger then many other SEC teams. However people forget that unlike say Alabama or Mississippi we have four major pro franchises in the state... 6 if you want to count MLS... and id say the the 4 of them all generate more interest then Mizzou football. It also doesn't help that all of our major population centers sit on the borders of the state which leads to a lot of other states colleges peeps ballooning the population... (pukes in mouth) Jayhawks.....
I get that you guys had to write this to be inline with everyone else, but I would have taken a question mark for every segment more then any other newly coached team. I think there's hope for a 2021 season but I really don't expect this season to be anymore then flashes of potential to come but with a circus in-between.
The ranking of the class seems to be driven more by volume then anything. That being said it is positive that we finally have a coach that seems to be able to draw players to the team. I guess even Gary's best classes would only have a few fours stars with the occasional surprise five star.
That is all speculation, and honestly it would be stupid for him to go after them if true. At the end of the day the hog is going to come home to roost. Arkansas should probably be structuring contracts differently going forward if they want to change how this ends up, otherwise its the definition of insanity.
Just going to leave this here, if you didn't read the full thing. Mind you Beilema could have hid bonus money which would be extorting the contract and I wouldn't put it past the Patriots to have been paying staffers under the table while accounting that for salary paid. "For what it’s worth, Bielema’s lawyers are apparently arguing that he made more than $50,000 from the Patriots. The lawsuit states that during his time as a consultant with the Patriots in 2018, Bielema made 3 times as much as Butch Jones earned while he was an “intern/analyst” at Alabama after getting fired from Tennessee. The lawsuit also stated that in 2019 when Bielema became the Patriots defensive line coach, he made 7 times more than Jones, and in 2020, that number will jump to 11. As Bielema’s lawyers pointed out, Tennessee hasn’t stopped paying Jones."
Even more hilarious, just my grandpa in 5 years had probably contributed more to this country then what your entire lineage has. About all your lineage did in Arkansas was contribute to the shrinking gene pool there. Also Just Incase “your” people is meant to be racial, I’m 100% white.
Lol how am I offended by your family coming over on a boat and working? Congrats? Everyone's family did that?.... Speaking of your "free education" sounds like you may want to start paying for it down in Arknsas haha.
At what point did I say how hard it is to live in America? All I'm stating is the facts of what higher education institutions have to keep in mind. I understand that a user that would name themselves "JonnyReb" is probably feeling on the defensive right now (unless of course you're a troll), but come on how naive do you have to be to not get the full picture here? The Lost Cuase is far behind us now.
Thats about right, and I believe the NCAA backed up that Athletes are students first. However it certainly doesn't change the situation. Could they remove the students? I'm certain they could execute that plan, but it would be just about the worse decision the school could possibly make from a marketing standpoint for the institution. Not to mention Mizzou felt the duel effect of being brought into the spotlight. Many African American students that would have come rightfully were scared away. Then all of the entitled white families that don't understand racial issues in American nudged their kids away because the school "Caved" to the protesters demands. For the school, at least in the short term, these situations are lose lose. Schools need to show their support for the athletes whether they truly think believe that's right (Which I hope is true), or for the financial sake of the institution.