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How long until A & M has its "Pole Assassin" moment?
Now I see why we may have lost out on the Devin Leary portal bid... You guys certainly knew what you had behind Levis.
There's been some talk that we could land Leary, especially because Drink recruited him in the first place. Certainly has a little bit of an argument given our semi strong WR room. Wonder if we'd convince Lovett to stay as well with that move.
Payouts are shared in the SEC. To be frank I don't get it either... Despite the fact that Mizzou was the better team against Kentucky, we still had the off record.
Hopefully one day we'll be able to keep most of the top talent in our state. Don't blame him but still hurts being an after thought to most STL recruits.
Not to take anything away from Stetson.... but I just realized his a little over a year younger then Drew Lock... Had me wondering how eligibility works in CFB. Did he play at the FCS level before walking on and FCS doesn't count?
Well we beat SCAR heads up, and also beat Vandy. Should we be complaining about not being ahead of SCAR? I'm not....
It's nice to see two Missouri players on this list for once.... Oh wait...
Can't really say any Mizzou player belongs on this list, but I think we have a chance to have a few by the end of the year. Mookie/Luther will probably have the largest chance.
He's literally voted All American, possibly best kicker in the country.... but in the SEC he's third team.....
My general theory is he resonates with characters that aren't looking for that father figure coach, which I don't think is generally a good thing ha. One thing I sort of laughed at... is the guy has a video posted about him being upset that his daughters spent 700$ at a store and that he still wants them to be grounded. This is the same guy who posts a photo with everyone of his recruits in front of Lambo's...
Whats funny is his family is all KU from what I hear, and he was planning on possibly going there until the offers started rolling in. Mizzou never had a chance... Certainly something I wish more people took into account is the fact that KC is a hub of expats from surrounding area's. Columbia is about the same distance to KC as is Manhattan Kansas. Lincoln isn't too much further away and St. Louis is about the same distance from Fayetteville. Makes the recruiting situation in KC a wash usually. I have just as many neighbors that are Huskers and blue chickens as I do Mizzou fans.
Recruiting is the best it's ever been at Mizzou ever, and I'd hardly say ranked 15th in class is terrible. We do have a lack of tenured talent though, Odom years were terrible recruiting wise.
I think its naïve at this point for anyone to believe that NIL isn't being organized by the schools. Business's aren't going out and recruiting players for the team, the school are absolutely telling their boosters/patron's which players are going to get the dough. Even if they aren't actively doing it as an organization, its happening behind closed doors. Kids are coming in for visits and while they're at Bobby D's BBQ the owner is having a nice long conversation about future possibilities. What makes the situation at A & M funny is that an oil tycoon may put a players face on an oil pump and that's 100% in the realm legality.
It got a lot better as the weeks went on, but the worst part is having a offensive coach who inherited a depleted defense that partially defected to Arkansas. We've done well in recruiting and transfer portal on defense, but the coaching situation is still a major concern.
What about what they've done is speculation? Its already been proven they cheated.... They now have 5 level one infractions to work through the NCAA with...
Yeah, even one of the news casters whose a KU homer said the day of the parade for everyone to enjoy this now, because things are only downhill from here for the foreseeable future.
As someone living in KC, just about everyone who is a KU fan is prepared for that Natty to be taken away and Bill to be in big trouble. So beyond the bias, Self not being mentioned is probably also coming from that point.
At this point is he the GOAT of backups?
A couple of years ago their was maybe a couple articles around baseball.... still not a ton of content on it here.
We're top 25 in swimming, wrestling, gymnastics and softball. A few of our wrestlers could be considered #1 in the nation. Even if you want to make fun of those sports, your comment is still dumb.
Like why choose to be a douche? Do you roll the dice every morning and decide, or is it just a natural god given gift for you?
Seems like this is Mizzou's first case of a guy getting playing time and looking like a future stud, then jumping ship. I hope it was just the money and playing for his old coach, and not some sort of internal transgression with the coach staff. I hate both being the case, but we need some continuity on Defense.
I mean... does the chat mean to speak for itself?
Put the meth pipe down, isn't a bad thing. If anything it's telling to their quality of character. Yes Pinkel should be at least considered in that rung. Being a players coach always tops out at some level.
Many Mizzou guys are negative over Pinkel (More then likely because of the year of his exit), however he took the program to its highest highs in over 50 years. Number one in the country twice, beat some numbers ones. All with recruiting classes there were either last or close to last in each conference he coached in. He very well may be the most successful players coach in CFB. To that I'll I'll pop a Bourbon Co in his honor tonight.