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As a guy that works in the this field and has access to the numbers. This comes down to the US health care system ability to treat a possible outbreak, if this would become even 10% more then the annual flu in acuity, then hospitals would have to start choosing who would have to die. If most of you even understood how crapy some aspects of our healthcare system truly were. AMA if you have any specific Q's.
Truman State at least changed just about everything with its identity when it changed. Now considered one of the best value schools in the country... by basically stripping out everything but the education and sprinkling in some depression.
This 100%... Honestly this is a desperation move by MSU as probably the only way to pump some semblance of life into the program. As surprising as it is I'm shocked Bobby would even take the job, not getting any results there would be him going out with a whimper instead of a bang...
Nothing like good old fashion nepotism!
Two pieces here: 1. St. Louis has three private HS's where talent has pooled to allow St. Louis to win four of the last 5 class 6 State Championships (I understand historically its been back in forth in this manner). All but one of those wins came against Kansas City schools, one of those being Kansas City's one competitive Private HS. 2. Although St. Louis does have an absurd number of Private schools that are competitive, just look at the NFL talent that has left STL to that of KC and its clear that at the top level, those players leaving STL are better. Imagine of Zek had decided to go to Mizzou...
So he either puts out top sports events that is kosher for SEC SDS's readers which has already been an article released every few months on SDS or gives his own... which is the whole point of this OPed series he runs...
Jesus, where on the doll did the state of Missouri touch you?
You had to rank Mizzou at this point. Even if it's just semantic that Mizzou is leading the East.... how many of the other teams in the 15-25 range would beat an SEC team outside of Vandy and Arkansas? I wouldn't say it would be a bet your house on it done deal...
I've said this multiple times. Fromm was the safe choice, and people can say well Easton and Fields didn't fit the "system". Well it's clear that "System they're going for is SEC CFB of the early 2010's. Which as you've said is basically copy Alamaba's homework form 10 years ago.
That is a bold prediction that Mizzou in it's current state would be a safe bet to beat ND. One thing that would give motivation though is how often they steal all the talent out of STL.... just look at all the Catholic HS 4 stars get drained out to the every year... If Mizzou could beat them it may change the recruiting issues there.
I’ve already said this on other threads, but Fromm will be at best a back up in the nfl.... the hasn’t had to scrabble more then a couple times a year and still is the check down king.... he’s a safe quarterback. You won’t win because of him, but your team won’t lose because of him either. He has the ceiling of Joe Flacco but at best a lesser version of Tebow.
I didn’t say that, and I’m referencing when Tua first showed himself to the world, when he came to save the day, not when Hurts did the same thing last year. What would have been more interesting would be to see what would have happened the following year if Tua hadn’t come in that game, would he have been the starter the next year?... but that discussion is for a different thread.
Yeah I honestly think that may be what makes Saban great. He isn’t afraid of hurting any players feelings. It doesn’t help that Fields never got his “Tua” moment. We’ll never know obviously, but I’m not to sure that Fromm goes to any other top 8 or so team and makes a huge improvement. There’s no doubt he plays a role in UGA’s success, but I also don’t think you can say he’s the biggest reason they’ve ever one any of their biggest games.
I can only read your statement as “I wish we got the same level of attention that Losers get”.... it’s a kin to being upset that Natural disasters keep happening in other cities and I just wish news coverage could talk about the new ice cream shop that opened in town. I’m not upset that Mizzou isn’t being talked about.... we just beat a team that has a good chance of not making a bowl game...
We all know they never would have played Fields, and that comes down to exactly what I just said. When a team is finding success it makes it really hard for them to replace the QB. Clearly Saban has no problem switching QB’s when he’s had to and it’s paid off both times.
For now it looks like Fields can make all the throws Fromm can, with the added benefit of being a running threat. Not sure why that would not just be an plus. Honestly what we’re seeing right now in the SEC is coaches afraid to play the next QB up because they’re afraid it could end up costing them their job. Ryan Hilinski > Jake Bentley, Trask > Franks.
I honestly think Georgia may of made a huge mistake letting Justin play second fiddle to Jake. I think Justin would have put them over the edge and allow them to get over the Saban hump. I’d say the perfect NFL comparison to Jake is Mr. Check down Joe Flacco.
Scary game, honestly wonder what the outcome would be without the crowd. By far the MVP of the game.
I live in KC now but grew up in Georgia. A couple things to unpack that makes the whole notion that Mizzou should get good views because it has the St. Louis market and the KC one. 1. KC is closer to Lawrence and has Kansas State probably equal to Columbia in distance. Not to mention the percentage of Huskers from the north finding work in town. Mizzou is still the biggest percentage by single fan base, but I'd gander to guess its still less the 50% total. St. Louis is like 90% Mizzou leaning but even then, the notion that it gets two full markets isn't really true. 2. College football plays second and in some cases third fiddle in Missouri. Keep in mind the number of Professional sports teams in the state and the population they have to fight over for dollars. Six franchises (STL getting MLS team) in a state with a population 4 million plus less then Georgia. Only thing Mizzou has going for it is its alone as far as competitive college sports besides a basketball appearance out of SLU every once in a blue moon.
I won't speak for virtualkelly here, as I'm unsure as to why the speed of the reply of a comment holds any merit in the conversation. I'd say the only argument people have to fight why Mizzou shouldn't be in the conference is the location of the school. It wasnt too long ago a school that spends millions less on football beat UGA at home.
If Mizzou shouldn't be in the SEC because it isn't good enough. Then at least 5 schools should be voted off the SEC island as well right now.
The NCAA doesn't look great in this instance but bring up a fair point. If in the recruiting of the player one of the items mentioned is the possibility of being able to make money while they go here vs there, then it leaves the door open to every school then needing to bargain against eachother.... also leads to needing agents... Collective Bargaining (Which players are good enough to even sell Jersey's, or be in a magazine/article)... Oh to do that you also need a players union.... you know the thing that the NCAA was founded to sorta be.... but decided at some point not to be... so you need a new NCAA... interesting... Man this thing is a can of worms. Would love a deep dive into all the possibilities...
I honestly do feel bad for the team and the fans. This loss could very well either fire up the team or bring them down further. We'll see what happens but this is harder to come back from unless someone starts making some speeches...
This is what we call a forum silencer. For the rest of the year, no matter the outcome of the rest of the season, no argument feasibly be won. Welcome to Arkansas's level....
Not even the best picks ever get a chance to start for that long. That being the extra salt could only be sprinkled on by a Tennessee fan. Never thought the beating up on the Vols for a couple years would actually get to you huh?
Who are you? Do you have a job? Are you ok? Did someone hurt you?
You're talking to a Mizzou fan. A team with the worst recruiting in the SEC year after year that not to long ago won the East two years ago. The major difference is who you play and how you play them. Is it really that big of a surprise that in your conference you have the best recruiting and revenue stream and you beat up on them?
If we're being real here though, it would be far better for them to play a mid to high tier team rather then bama. If they lose they'll still come out and say we're better the 99% percent of the other teams. They need to lose against an LSU, Florida or Mizzou.