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The thing thats going to be sad about Bolton is because of his size I think the earliest he gets drafted is late in the second round. Even with five teams probably taking LB's in the first round this year. Whichever team ends up taking him will be lucky though.
On the one hand im a huge believer in not jumping to conclusions, some of the comments on here seem ridiculous in the other direction... If LSU is truly found guilty of repeatedly covering up acts of sexual misconduct then every person should be held accountable... I mean id ask anyone on hear to comment if this sort of stuff was happening to your daughter would you still be chalking this up to good ole boys just being silly? Id be raising hell!
All I have to say is I have alot of respect for SC fans. Always an ugly game, and they deserve more for how loyal their fanbase is.
Lolololololololol.... Alabama never change please...
This screams big brother SEC says if you come out and say sorry together no suspensions will be given out. As a Mizzou fan its funny but I think Drink and Mullen are literally the same person. Both guys that weren't athletic that are trying to act like jocks. Florida looks good and I hope in the future the series can see more competitiveness. Every game we play its been a blowout for one team.
This happened in last week's game as well. Kentucky was gased and had a safety just drop right before a play.
Don't disagree with that at all, however I certainly think it can go both ways. In Hill's case if the Pirates offense lead to him losing production over the previous year, which may have been true in a pass first offense, then he hurts his stock on top of possibly getting hurt. I'm a Mizzou fan and I definitely think Drew Lock hurt his stock by coming back for the final year, sometimes though the choice doesn't pay off.
Anyone willing to say players with draft potential dropping out of a going nowhere season is childish and stupid can stay in their draconian lala land. Especially if its a running back, they may only get a few solid seasons so of course go get paid. Not to mention the notion that if the season is going nowhere you should probably be concentrating on getting the newbies some touches to make the next season better.
I get this weird vibe within the SEC that every year we talk about how Tennessee and Florida are back and Mizzou can/will have to crawl back into the bottom feeder hole where it came from. However its not like we're that far removed from at least being competitive. Mizzou trounced Tennessee and Florida during 2017 and 2018, arguably years that Mizzou was meh as well with amazing ups and head scratching loses downs. Time will tell but I'm hoping at some point we can at least feel like a consistent contender without every win being an upset.
He may be referring to Coastal Carolina???... Isn't that like a blue chicken or something?
I think the Arkansas Mizzou game is definitely going to be the "Who hired the best new coach bowl". The fact that Drink decided to literally take Mizzou football and tell them to play a game/style that I don't believe I've ever witnessed in my lifetime, shows you his creativity and drive to part ways with the culture of the old. I think sometimes its evident when most new coach's take over that the team culture either stays put or takes forever to change (I feel like Tennessee Football has been the same team for over a decade now). However the night a day differences at Mizzou and Arkansas in four games gives tremendous hope for the programs. Even if the rest of the season is rough for the teams I think all expectations have been far exceeded.
I did an analysis os Saban awhile back because I got into a dicussion with someone that argued he couldn't be a great football coach if he sucked at the highest level (NFL). I think whats probably the most intreaging point when you look all the stats up is how he could be such a bad NFL coach and such a stalwart CFB coach. When you boil it all down I just think he understands what it takes to get the most out of a college age player, it has to be that. He understands talent and how to maximize the already stacked cards he gets from recruiting. Plenty of schools that get a lot of talent dont perform at the highest level.. cough.. cough.. Texas. However its how you handle the psychology of those 5 stars is what he's a master of.
This makes me so happy as a Mizzou fan. Barry Odom isn't head coach material... he's not mean enough to his players I think. However his players will always play with heart for him and he may be one of the best DCs in country. Who knows though, he's young enough for another head coaching job if he can figure it out.
Its always befuddled me why Tennessee has stuck with him... loyalty? The back ups that bad? I feel like I've been watching him be the starter for a decade as a Mizzou fan and I'm not sure he's gotten any better or worse in that time period.
I think this Saban situation could play into thoughts of retirement. I see it like groundhogs day, if Alabama loses we get a Saban that see's it shadow and must coach for another six years. If Alabama wins then I think its some discussion that a Saban may hang the hat sooner then later.
Don't quite understand how To'To makes the list and not Nick Bolton. Tied for lead in Tackles... also with guys not even getting a mention. I get the rest of the defense didn't look great but without Bolton Mizzou doesn't win.
At the end of the day this is a business, looks like among many other things Drink understands that you aren't going to win with the second worst resource bucket in the SEC. He also understands that it doesn't matter if we punch above our weight with that. Mizzou for the longest time has taken pride in "doing less with more". Its time for a culture change to "More is more". Did it feel good when Mizzou did win with the previous culture yeah.... but satisfaction only ever lasted the one game we managed to pull a W out of... it would nice to be able to feel that way about a season.
Lol is there such a thing as a sore winner? I get Saban's goal for perfection and in it's own right, but for some of the players and then even the coaches to say it gives a contradictory message to the players even if walked back. "Kid's its not your fault you gave up all those yards... clearly the box was stacked against us"
Pulsating was never a word I thought I'd see in the title of a sports article...
I still don't get the point of these, I mean if you rate qbs this way just pick whichever QB happened to be playing when the team hit its most recent peak. Perhaps the distiction is most talented vs. Most productive? This site seems to take no adjustment to the idea that if a player got to be a part of a five star studded team that ones "stats" may have been different.
To be fair can you even count Kansas as a team that would be a surprise to lose to a none p5? I think Arkansas and Vandy would burry them today.
He's good and I've drafted him in a couple fantasy leagues. However, make no mistake he plays on easy mode thanks to defenses having to spread the field to cover what may be one of the most prolific passing games in NFL history.
Frank's not sucking would be more key. If all the opposing team has to do is defend the run then your bottled up. I wouldn't be suprised that with less talent Frank's doesn't have much success.
Exactly, if said infraction isn't tied to a monetary payout then its fair game and a chance for the NCAA to flex its punative muscle... otherwise its play ball.
Anyone that doesn't believe this isnt happening in football is straight up stupid. What... schools would "knowingly" allow a one and done basketball player get money and not a three year active five star running back? Surrender any notions of a chivalrous landscape, and just accept that its the way the cookie crumbles.
I don't disagree its a bit odd for Hurricanes to be the main driving factor, but infrastructure goes well beyond just onsite facilities. No college town in this group could realistically handle the logistics of practice facilities, housing and living conditions. I think Missouri actually has some advantages in some of those area's over Athens/Georgia and especially Alabama as a whole. You have St. Louis a hour and a half away with all of the old Rams facilities basically ready to be used, and all of the hotel and other pieces available, plus Kansas City has plenty to offer in that space as well two hours away. Sure it isn't an Orlando Bubble, but it certainly could better support the idea of centralization then some of the other places.
A taste of what it's like to be a traveling Mizzou fan.... Im still up for the Auburn Mizzou swap if we want to start making geographical sense...
Its really hard not to like Drink. Certainly charismatic and sure of himself, which hopefully can carry through what will be a difficult season if played. His character alone would give him an extra year if three years from now we aren't seeing great results. Certinaly excited for the future, but patience is the most important virtue here for us Mizzou fans.
Wonderful.... now can you give an update on China... or what we're doing in Beirut.... or when the troops will get to leave the middle-east... Everyone in this thread has to look at the end game of what he's doing here. What he says has no bearing on the outcome, he's only pandering to his base which seems to have hit the mark according to this thread. (I'm no liberal, I just happen to think the higher forms of our government are the biggest group of idiots still drawing breathe, yes that includes Biden)