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I'm pretty sure that Arky pep talk could have been a scene out of The Office... players took it just about how I'd imagine it would be acted ha.
Man he's aged even worse since he left Mizzou... dude looks like he could be in his late 50's...
Lovely commenting system... this was meant for Tigurrr not you Adam... I'm sure you're just fine at parties.
We're witnessing a death spiral right now... Tennessee could very well be the next Arkansas. At first it was schadenfreude, but now I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for the fans/players involved in this dumpster.
This was my immediate reaction... I can see it now... "The Tennesse administration is truly sadden by the actions of a coach we put so much trust in to lead this program back into relevancy, someone of the utmost integrity is whom we expect to lead this program".... queues Curb Your Enthusiasm music "Its with great pleasure that Hugh Freeze has been....."
And as self inflicted punishment for our offense we will limit the number of fans in our stadium to now more then 50% for the first game.
I still don't understand why some Mizzou fans like I assume yourself want to push the idea of the rivalry away. I myself witnesses a Jayhawker in South Carolina this winter while visiting family and promptly told him the good news. Too much history to disregard the rivalry.
Could you imagine him recruiting? His first question is probably "Do you believe in Big Foot?"
No one was calling an upset with any real game sense... Vegas had you guys as clear favorites....
I think the worst part of the comments shows that Mullen may not have enough control of the locker room to be able to level the heavy hand... he may be just controlling this team as it sits by winding them up and having no turn off switch when things get hairy.
Of all fans of a team from the wewt to make this comment and dig at Mizzou... LSU seems to be just about in the least position to talk...
Technically speaking what really needs to change about Mizzou football if it ever really wants to compete at a higher level is having a starter play out a couple of years, while the next up spends two behind the previous one. The ideal scenario for Macon would be for Bazelak to play lights out over the next couple years and declare early (Seems unlikely with how most QB's are sticking it out no a days but still). All along the way if we go back to normal schedules hopefully Macon gets garbage time play to help break in those reps. The last few QB cycles at Mizzou has seen too many freshmen QB's be thrown into the fire, so hopefully in the future starting true sophomores can be a thing.
This is probably the best one I've seen thus far this season.
Id say the one talking point that multiple Bama peeps can't wrap there head around is that Jones has the luxury of the best running game in the country to boot. Florida literally has a one dimensional offense that still works. Imagine how much hard it must be to play at an elevated level when half the defense isn't also having to worry about being burned by Harris.
I 100% agree, Bazelak is the same way. Mevis on the field interview was fun/funny in how confident he was "I knew I was going to make it" "Icing me just game me more time to think about how to make it"... I love it, also wasn't he our (By position ranking) best player in the current class?
Not going to lie, I laughed pretty hard though at his post game interview... almost seemed like it could be in a football off shoot of Talladega Nights.
Oh BamaTime, once again showing us how your no different then the spoiled brat at the country club that thinks because of daddies money anything that comes out of your mouth must be right. If it weren't for the fact that you don't post massive rants id put you on the mount Rushmore of SDS crazy pundits, right next to Wolfman, Gromit and the long named Georgia crazy.
Running back has to be the saddest position in football, literally put their bodies on the line more then any... most analytic peeps talk about not paying them because of shelf life... why on earth would you want to aspire to be a running back in todays football game?
The thing thats going to be sad about Bolton is because of his size I think the earliest he gets drafted is late in the second round. Even with five teams probably taking LB's in the first round this year. Whichever team ends up taking him will be lucky though.
On the one hand im a huge believer in not jumping to conclusions, some of the comments on here seem ridiculous in the other direction... If LSU is truly found guilty of repeatedly covering up acts of sexual misconduct then every person should be held accountable... I mean id ask anyone on hear to comment if this sort of stuff was happening to your daughter would you still be chalking this up to good ole boys just being silly? Id be raising hell!
All I have to say is I have alot of respect for SC fans. Always an ugly game, and they deserve more for how loyal their fanbase is.
Lolololololololol.... Alabama never change please...
This screams big brother SEC says if you come out and say sorry together no suspensions will be given out. As a Mizzou fan its funny but I think Drink and Mullen are literally the same person. Both guys that weren't athletic that are trying to act like jocks. Florida looks good and I hope in the future the series can see more competitiveness. Every game we play its been a blowout for one team.
This happened in last week's game as well. Kentucky was gased and had a safety just drop right before a play.
Don't disagree with that at all, however I certainly think it can go both ways. In Hill's case if the Pirates offense lead to him losing production over the previous year, which may have been true in a pass first offense, then he hurts his stock on top of possibly getting hurt. I'm a Mizzou fan and I definitely think Drew Lock hurt his stock by coming back for the final year, sometimes though the choice doesn't pay off.
Anyone willing to say players with draft potential dropping out of a going nowhere season is childish and stupid can stay in their draconian lala land. Especially if its a running back, they may only get a few solid seasons so of course go get paid. Not to mention the notion that if the season is going nowhere you should probably be concentrating on getting the newbies some touches to make the next season better.
I get this weird vibe within the SEC that every year we talk about how Tennessee and Florida are back and Mizzou can/will have to crawl back into the bottom feeder hole where it came from. However its not like we're that far removed from at least being competitive. Mizzou trounced Tennessee and Florida during 2017 and 2018, arguably years that Mizzou was meh as well with amazing ups and head scratching loses downs. Time will tell but I'm hoping at some point we can at least feel like a consistent contender without every win being an upset.