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Their is such as a thing as a too tall TE, but I would say 6'8" should still work. If you can't pack on the pounds and remain agile then your usefulness decreases heavily in the position. On top of that we appear to heavily lean on the run, so a TE that can't block isn't something that seams to fit well with our scheme.
Such a trap game.... playing the team that literally only runs... with a run defense that was at one point the worst in all of football.
I keep having to double take everyime there's a post about OU... like why should we really care... and then oh yeah... we need to make fun of them now.
How exactly does a rivalry that was the second longest in the nation and began because our two states could help but kill each other for a time not make this list?
I really doubt he decides to takeoff. Mark reminds me of a Gary Pinkel type who is heavily invested in the program that he himself from the ground up. It would feel wrong to see him coaching another team.
Mizzou is the kiss of death for coaches it would seem, coaches flying into Columbia should be greeted by a sign detailing as much.
I was somewhat curious why this wasn't posted sooner on here... I'd say this was worse then the Ray Rice incident putting it in front of your own kid.
Said in British accent "Ah yes feed him Ealy, much better then late"
Jesus pompous much? This is all it takes to upset Georgians these days eh?
I generally don't think either of those play the largest piece in why things end up the way they do. I think money and market mean a fair bit as well. Even though at minimum the top ten should probably be half made up of the SEC most years, it isn't because the powers at be want to make sure that interest in the sport stays up in other area's. Hell I think the NCAA understands that without major success in the last decade in California, interest in the sport has dropped significantly and they don't want that decline to happen in other regions. I'm sort of tired of the politics argument because I'd be willing to bet that a far majority of paying football fans in this country identify as conservative, I think money drives these decision over everything.
There's been plenty of meaningful debate that the playoff committee is starting to lean towards record and regionality. If every world series was based on who everyone thought was the best baseball team it would probably end up bring the Dodgers Vs. the Yankee's for the next decade. I think generally its understood that in order to make sure College Football stays healthy they have to have representation from around the league.
That isn't the core of what I'm saying... people are insulating that girls are making proven rape allegations basically at an equal rate to false ones. Callously insulating that in reality these things are often false. Do I believe she should be punished if she is lying absolutely... but understand the situation people are pretending like she has something to gain... that this is political... to which I'd point out what on earth does the accuser gain from this?
I did this during the previous LSU spat, and I'll donit for the sardonic idiots posting now... you're telling me that if your daughter came home crying that she way raped by a football player that you'd go... we'll honey let's see what he says and the evidence finds? What on earth does this girl stand to gain from this? This guys doesn't have an NFL contract in hand... and it's not like she's waited 5 years to come forward.
I think its worth noting that Florida currently sits behind GA,MO,KY and SC in 2022 recruiting. It's one thing to have a down year on the field, but to follow that up losing high end recruits is another more systematic failure.
Still.... then what are we judging these QB's by there teams or how they play.
Thats what I'm basically getting at.... this isn't a QB ranking as much as its a reflection of how much a team can elevate said QB. In Matt's case that role may very much be the other way but he's the only example you could point to on this list.
I guess then its a rather boring concept to rate them based on there ability to not screw up and throw checkdown's vs. their actual gifts at playing the game itself.
I look at it more as being good at Football. It was painfully obvious that Tebow was playing at the height of his ceiling, and that's made even easier when CFB teams aren't made equal. Its nice to see Matt at one, he kind of disproves my point, but the fact that he's followed by a QB that is being described as a game manager seems... silly.
I'd love to see ranking based on actual abilities. I usually dislike how they go about things but if you look at the likes of PFF and others this rankings chart gets thrown on its head. Every year we see Georgia and Alabama QB's at the top, and every year they go into the NFL either sitting on the bench and or not lasting long. Yes... this is "College" rankings as some will protest, but the number of times I was told by GA fan's that Jake Fromm would be an NFL starter just you wait!... rings hard in my ears....
Going to miss that free win every year... but agreed, Mizzou Vs. Arkansas doesn't feel right.
As a Mizzou fan I was trying to gauge our performance against our cupcake vs. your own, as I really feel our teams ended the season on similar footing. Man were both games painful to watch. It would seem both of us were out conditioned at several key position area's against teams we should be man handling... wish there was more time to hit the gym and the cafeteria's for these guys.
Please excuse me while I go throw up....
Must have been a disease he contracted from the shark. You can never be too careful, protect yourself guys!
Its a shame that they're rubbing him the wrong way.....
Josh Pate at 247 I think layed out the peice that is the most saddening possible outcome, and that is the possible extinction of a lot of storied programs. Teams that are in the dumps right now with recovering brands will only take this as another slap after NIL. I feel for the Colorado, K-State and Texas Techs of the world as the next five years will be sink or swim for them to stay relevant. The musical chairs of realignment will be a possible program death sentence if you can't get into the AAC, Big Ten or SEC.
This attitude is something unique to a lot SEC fanbases, thinking that the program gets some kind of bonus out of being historically a strong program. As it stands today any of the recruits Tennessee is currently going after haven't been alive to see even good UT football. The program has only been on decline for the last ten years. I'm no particular fan of Heupel, but to a certain extent he isn't wrong at all in saying your program has to be rebuilt.
Mike, the St. Louis metro area has over 700k more in population and isn't sharing population with jhawk and Nebraska fans as much. KC city is larger purely because KC's jurisdiction is just plain stupid big taking up a fair portion of 4 counties... where as St. Louis only is a small fraction of Stl County.