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100% agree UGAFandom....this guy is a primadonna already. Glad he didn't end up at UGA.
UGA plays ND, TAMU, Florida, Mizzou & Auburn on that list plus possibly Bama again...no one should be complaining about UGA's SOS next year.....
Franks vs UGA 2017:L 42-7 Passing 7 Comp 19 Att 30 yds COMP% 36.8 TDs 0 INT 1 QBR 39.6 Rushing 9 Att -15yds -1.7avg TDs 0 Fumble 1 Raw QBR 2.4 Adj QBR 8.6 Franks vs UGA 2018:L 36-17 Passing 13 Comp 21 Att 105 yds COMP% 61.9 TD 1 INT 1 QBR 110.1 Rushing 8 Att 30yds 3.8avg TDs 1 Fumble 1 Raw QBR 56.8 Adj QBR 77.8 As long as Franks is the QB at Florida, the SEC East is safe for UGA.....
Kiffin to Athens...you read it here 1st.....
All aboard the "LANE TRAIN" people.....Kiffin coming to Athens!!! Good enough for Saban, good enough for Kirby. ((sarcasm))
@redsox2004 - Supply vs Demand....Prices too high? Don't buy a ticket. There are alternative markets, it's not a monopoly.
Hey Joe - How exactly does UGA losing to UF "help" UGA?
Martell is still riding the winning streak from HS. No way he beats out Fields if/when he transfers to tOSU. Anyone who has watched Season 1 of QB1 knows what a tool Martell is. IMHO the writing has been on the wall for Fields not beating out Fromm for a while. Question is does he transfer and sit a year and hope he's in the right situation at the school he choose, or does he continue to sub for Fromm, learn the system, help recruit WR's (Haselwood etc) and keep building UGA for the future when Fromm leaves. I read somewhere Fields only started 19 games in HS. That's a pretty small sample size. I think Fromm started 46 games in HS. That is a lot of reps in live game situations, practice, film study etc that Fields doesn't have.
I'm fairly certain no one proof reads or fact checks the articles before they are posted. Kevin - I'm available to do that for SDS.
UGA's record wearing Red or "alternate" uniform away from Athens is not good......stick with the whites on the road. Kirby does like to keep UGA's "brand" stable when it comes to uniforms. IMHO the Red helmets/Red jerseys/silver pants/black shoes is a classic look.
@ TIDEPIT77 - you're 100% correct...but without these 5-star type recruits it won't happen either. Remember Bama's "Glory Days" befeo Saban? Me neither....Championships are won in February, not January with recruiting. Saban is one of the best recruiters, that's why Bama has been so good. Kirby is getting those type recruits to Athens. UGA isn't far behind......
"Starting at Noon eastern time going all the way thru midnight, there will be SEC action to take in on Saturday beginning....." Which SEC team exactly will be laying on Sat??
Sadly true, Swift gets 3 carries in the 2nd half?? Another back up QB beats UGA in the 2nd half..... The LSU loss is what kept UGA out of the CFP, not the Bama loss. If both are 12-0 going into Atlanta, I suspect UGA gets in.
UCF's "best" win this year was vs whom? Memphis? Not sure why the CFP is even discussing giving a Group of 5 team an auto entry to the playoff. I'm worried an expanded 8-team playoff will make Conference Championships moot. Of course Bama has won two NC's without even winning their division so in some sense Conference Championships are already irrelevant.
Whomever Tom Brew is, he's an incompetent journalist. Isn't this ANOTHER article he can't even get UGA's season record correct?? SDS loses a ton of credibility with hacks like this......
According to todays Dawgpost podcast (Dean Legge), UGA has room for 24, possibly 25. If UGA can get Haselwood and Trey Sanders that is a #1 class IMO. If they can get Haselwood, Sanders, Dean possibly even flip Pappoe then this class would be even better than 2018.
Most likely b/c the author thought it was David Pollack #47 and a DGD?
Dean, Haselwood, Pappoe....get on the Kirby train as it leaves the station!!!!
UGA wins and they're in. Not a lot of teams can say they still control their own CFP destiny going into game #13. Conference Championships SHOULD matter in the current format. Last year had Auburn won in Atlanta, they would've been the 1st 2-loss team in the CFP. Winning the SEC matters...except for Bama.
Wasn't this the same Florida QB worrying about UGA "showing up" prior to Ga /Fl? Maybe worry more about Felipe Franks and UPS drivers Timmy.....
As I said, the LSU loss kept UGA out, not the Bama loss. If both UGA and Bama come into Atlanta undefeated, I don't see how UGA gets left out. My $.02
Let's be real...the reason UGA did not make the CFP was the LSU loss, not the Bama loss. Who cares what Saban ranked UGA? Win and you're in......