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Fake FG at the worst time possible, 3 DL out, 2 Freshman + 2 Sophs starting on the OL. Abandoning the run wayyyyy to early, Fromm worst game of his career.....all leads to 20 point losses on the road in the SEC. I hope a lot of good comes out of this loss as the curb stomp in Auburn last year. I would like to see Fields get a few drives of his own rather than a play or two every couple series. I assume Chaney has a package of plays for him. It's not the Spread-style he ran in HS so it's understandable he needs some time to learn to be comfortable within the Pro Style system at UGA. It should be a steady diet of Holyfield, Swift and Herrien in Jax.......
I'd be surprised the Fiesta takes 2 teams from the East Coast.
Everyone KNOWS Herbstreit is a huge tOSU homer....move along...nothing to see.
You can throw the records and everything else out when Jax rolls around. Too many times the "better" team has lost. Last year exorcised some demons for UGA but it's still Ga/Fl....anything can, and usually does happen.
I'm just so glad Game Day decided on Wisc/Mich this week after LSU lost to Florida. UGA is the only school 0-Fer (0-4) when Courso puts on the mascot head...and usually plays like crap when they are in town. UGA will probably have 2-3 Freshman and a Soph starting on the OL this week after injuries vs Vandy. All talented but young. Should be a good game as both teams have good defenses and run games. Also glad CBS picked it up for the 3:30pm game....
How many Bama fans hung around for the Mike Shula days? Mike "Lap Dance" Price ring any bells? Losing to UL-Monroe @ home in 2007? Probation for text books? Don't kid yourself, Bama fans are no different than any other fan base. Bama will revert to the norm eventually and "fans" will lose interest. And for the record, may the Football Gods strike down UGA with these problems ;-))
Under Richt, UGA seemed to play down to the level of their opponent and would always lose a game they shouldn't i.e. Miami @ Pitt last year. 2016 wasn't a wholesale jump away from that. Losses at home to Vandy, Tenn and GT were head scratchers, but as for most UGA fans my age, not a surprise. 2017 showed a marked improvement in the "mental" aspect of UGA football. Get opponents down early and keep them down. Here we are at the half way point of 2018 and to me, UGA is still largely an unknown. Mizzou was much more physical than UGA and frankly I think surprised many of the UGA players that someone could out work them. UGA really hasn't had to face any adversity yet this year but pass protection is certainly a concern so far. Fromm looks slow when his 1st/2nd reads aren't there. I realize UGA is starting two Freshman and two Soph's on the OL, but basic pass blocking (Issac Nauta) isn't very good right now. Sure UGA has beaten up on the lower tier SEC teams but I want to see them produce vs the LSU's, KY (for now) and Auburn's of the SEC. All roads lead to Atlanta and most likely Bama. In tribute to Ric Flair who was at the Tenn game, "To be the man, you got to beat the man"...and right now that's Bama. The stupid penalties and undisciplined play so far needs to get corrected or UGA will end the season with 2-3 losses.
Why does anyone get all worked up over the rankings as they stand NOW?? Pre-Season rankings are used to sell magazines and give the talking heads something to say. The only ranking that matters is the last one. LSU has every opportunity to play their way to the top. I for one think they beat Florida AND Georgia in back-to-back weeks and move into the top 3 easily. Then it's Bama time and maybe a rematch with UGA in Atlanta. LSU still has everything in front of them....have a Hurricane and relax follks....
Wasn't the 1st score in the USCe game a Pick 6? not a fumble?
Why would Bryant come back to throw away a Red-shirt year, then get benched again as soon as Lawrence is healthy?
Georgia needs to quit tinkering with skill positions and play some football already. @ LSU & @ Ky will be very tough games if UGA doesn't step it up....
I was sitting in Sanford at the end of that Dobbs-Nail Boot game and never thought I'd ever be able to get over it. 41-0 helps, but a old fashioned beat down @ Sanford would be sweeter medicine still.
Don't think Kirby has forgotten the "Dobb-Nail Boot" game from 2016.....a thorough beat down in Sanford is what's needed.
We'll see as season progresses....this game typified "lazy" play IMHO. UGA can not afford a game kike this moving forward in SEC play. Tenn & Vandy should be easier W's but @ LSU and @ Kentucky will not be pretty. I hope I'm wrong.
Why shouldn't Kentucky be that high. They have looked much better than UGA so far this year. Hard nosed, tough, disciplined football....not like the entitled, lazy, sloppy play from UGA this week.
There is NO WAY Georgia deserves to be in the CFP discussion after that game at Mizzou. Undisciplined, sloppy, lazy, entitled and down right pi$$ poor football. Bama, LSU, Auburn and Kentucky, yes Kentucky all look better than UGA right now. The "hype" video this week from UGA was "Pedal to the Floor"...what a joke...ANOTHER drop before the goal line? Obviously Kirby didn't run them enough after the 1st one @ USCe plus the stupid unnecessary penalties will come back to haunt Georgia vs a better team. I know it was an early kick-off but Georgia had better wake up in a hurry or they will be lucky to make it to Atlanta much less the CFP. Two big steps backwards IMO.
I agree....Franks should be the starter for every game :-))
Pretty sure Florida is not in Colorado this week....
She is the female version of Brent Musburger....horrible.
November 16, 2002 Auburn, AL #7 Georgia 24–21 November 15, 2003 Athens, GA #7 Georgia 26–7 November 13, 2004 Auburn, AL #3 Auburn 24–6 November 12, 2005 Athens, GA #15 Auburn 31–30 November 11, 2006 Auburn, AL Georgia 37–15 November 10, 2007 Athens, GA #10 Georgia 45–20 November 15, 2008 Auburn, AL #13 Georgia 17–13 November 14, 2009 Athens, GA Georgia 31–24 November 13, 2010 Auburn, AL #2 Auburn 49–31 November 12, 2011 Athens, GA #14 Georgia 45–7 November 10, 2012 Auburn, AL #5 Georgia 38–0 November 16, 2013 Auburn, AL #7 Auburn 43–38 November 15, 2014 Athens, GA #16 Georgia 34–7 November 14, 2015 Auburn, AL Georgia 20–13 November 12, 2016 Athens, GA Georgia 13–7 November 11, 2017 Auburn, AL #10 Auburn 40–17 December 2, 2017 Atlanta, GA #6 Georgia 28–7 Series: Georgia leads 58–56–8
As far as "better" Bowl games it's often more advantageous not to be in the SECCG than be in it and lose. Hence Auburn in the Sugar vs UGA which he predicted losing in the SECCG to Bama. Yes, the Peach is now a New Years Day Six Bowl but I still think most SEC teams have a historic desire to go to the Sugar IMO. You can't spell Citrus without UT and you can't spell Sugar without UGA ;-)
Why don't they use the "Rock Garden" as Student section seating??? It's not like anyone else is sitting there.....
Herbstreit is a self avowed tOSU homer. From saying "you need to win your conference to get into the BCS game" to the very next year "you don't need to win your conference", both times it have would have benefited tOSU....He walked OFF THE SET when Bama was selected last year for the #4 spot over his tOSU. Is there anything wrong with wanting to get the full story before roasting Ubran Meyer? No, but to claim he's not always slanting towards tOSU is ignoring he obvious.
Pretty big mistake....Plus always tapping out during a game and his "don't want to take too many hits" before he even enrolled. Wasted a promising college career...
His 1st piece of advice should be to not drive around with a gun with the serial number filed off under your drivers seat.