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Word is he had other drug issues besides PED's...sniff, sniff. When Daddy demanded he be the starter upon return from suspension and McElwain said "no", that's why the transfer. Now that WG has a newborn baby, hopefully he'll settle down.
Agreed. UGA has some pretty good TE's. We'll see if Chaney can get the ball to them very often. That would slow the loading of the box we know is coming until Eason proves he can hit the short to medium length passes. UGA struggled to run the ball last year when teams KNEW they wanted to run it. Play action is a running games best friend....
Bama plays Auburn every November....isn't that a cupcake game?? Sorry, couldn't resist.....
Doesn't matter who's back there f the OL doesn't get markedly better this year.
Offensive Play-Calling and Situational Awareness will determine CKS success Year Two. CMR never mastered the most basic game situational awareness...hence pooch-kicking to a triple-option team with their best WR on the sideline injured. Then playing "Prevent Defense" and allowing a QB to run for 40 yds setting up a game-tying FG to eventually lose the game in OT. The Vandy, GT and Tenn loses last year are concrete examples of where he needs to improve.
Thomas Davis was also the 2014 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award winner.
Funny the pic for the story is of perhaps the biggest drop of his career...
Until UGA gets UF out of their heads the way the series has gone the last 20 yrs may continue. The author may not be old enough to remember UGA used to dominate this series. 15-5 in the 70/80's alone. UGA still holds the series lead even after the latest Gator run. But as far as defensive lines they're both really good. We'll see come TWLOCP...
With Chaney's lack of creativity calling plays I fear Nauta will not get the touches the Offense needs.
Ty Flournoy-Smith -dismissed from UGA for selling stolen text books back to the Book store and smoking MJ in a UGA dorm. Transferred to Bama after a stint in JUCO.Jonathan Taylor - dismissed from UGA for domestic violence charge. Transferred to Bama. Dismissed for another domestic violence charge.Nick Marshall - Marshall and two fellow freshman teammates were caught stealing from another UGA teammate before the 2012 season. Transferring to Auburn before the 2013 season, the former UGA player led the Auburn Tigers to the National Championship game where they would eventually fall to FSU,Zach Mettenberger –originally attended University Of Georgia but was kicked off the team due to a violation of team rules. On April 30, 2010, Mettenberger pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor sexual battery charges which took place just outside of Valdosta, Georgia. Transferred to LSU.Tray Matthews – A starter during the 2013 season, Matthews was thrown off the team following the season for a myriad of things including a classroom disruption as well as taking a part in a check cashing scheme. Transferred to Auburn.Josh Harvey-Clemons – Another member of UGA’s secondary, Harvey-Clemons was dismissed for multiple violations of UGA’s marijuana-use policy back in the spring. Transferred to Louisville.
No way if UGA loses to Bama in Atlanta they make a New Years Six bowl......
Until Mizzou gets rid of the "rock garden" in their stadium there should be no mention of seating changes....
Paul Johnson is a whiny little bug. He's 3-6 vs UGA.
I don't think not winning the East will be a show-stopper for UGA. They had a Freshman QB and horrible OL last year. A couple games go different and they could have been 6-2 or 2-6 in SEC play. The favorable schedule suits this years team better. Florida only has three true road games this year. So as usual the East is wide open. Lets not forget Kentucky was tied for 1st place late into the season last year. The OL has to be better than last year with losing Catalina at LT. The major issue I see is play calling. Chaney has to a better job of playing to UGA Offensive strengths and not getting too one dimensional. Teams will load the box again this year until Eason proves he can make them pay over the top.
CMR GT game in 2014...UGA scores go ahead TD with :18 left in the game. CMR decides to pooch kick to a Triple Option team with their best WR injured on the side line. Plays "Prevent Pass" defense and allows a 40yd run by the GT QB. GT kicks FG to tie game and wins in OT. Smart decides to "Sky Right" the kick off at the end of the Tenn game with :10 to go. Coupled with Unsportsman Like and Off Side penalty results in Tenn within range to attempt a Hail Mary. Smart at the end of Vandy game. UGA driving to win the game and decides to put Chubbs' hand in the dirt as a blocker for 170lbs McKenzie to get One yard on 4th down. Even after UGA lined up and Vandy took a defensive time out, Smart still ran the same play. You don't need to be some "situational Play genius" to know those are idiotic calls at that time and place in the game. Until UGA can produce a HC who doesn't do the very worst things possible time after time I have little hope these issues wont continue to occur. I can free up my Sat afternoons in the Fall to prevent this....I'd even work for free.
3 x Michigan game having anything to do with SEC East....who fact checks this stuff....anyway I believe this is the 1st time Florida has played an out of conference game, out of the state of Florida since 1991 when traveled to Syracuse and lost.
Does UGA even offer Kickers a scholarship? Rodrigo is still waiting on one so I wouldn't be too quick to transfer.
I was at that '08 Sugar Bowl win vs Hawaii. Hawaii should've never been in that game. SOS was last of every FBS team that year. UGA vs USC in the Rose/Sugar would've been a great game. Let Hawaii play Illinois instead. But bowls aren't about the best "game" especially when the Rose is concerned. 2007 OT win in Tuscaloosa was big. I was at that one too. 2008 win in Baton Rouge. UGA had Pick 6 on 1st play of the game. Also attended that game. 2012 win vs Florida 17-9 was huge. I believe Florida was ranked #2 or #3 at the time. Won the East that year. 2014 win vs Clemson in Athens. Tied at 21 @ half. 24 unanswered pts in 2nd half and Defense held their Offense to 18 yds the entire 2nd half.
Thrown out of Florida for stealing a laptop and logging onto the University web system using the stolen laptop. Then throwing it out the window when University police showed up. 13 unpaid traffic tickets and a impending investigation of academic fraud. Then the audacity of being shopped for pay-to-play that was only excused because it was his father not the "player". Newton is an exceptional athlete no doubt but his behavior and attitude even as recently as last years post Super Bowl interview (or lack of one) show his true colors.
He makes up for his lack of speed with anticipation and taking chances on the field. He got burned enough to see that.
I don't know how much the Nichols State game can be attributed to play calling vs lack of effort. Nichols came to play that day and the effort they put forward definitely showed. UGA looked like they were sleep-walking until the 4th qtr. Noon game vs supposed walk over opponent....yes, they were flat for sure. But to address the article, I just don't see any inventiveness much less playing to UGA strengths vs opponents weakness in this coaching staff. UGA has some of the best TE's in college and they always underutilize them every year, Teams will stack the box again this year. Eason doesn't have to throw 50 yd passes every down. A simple out route or a TE in the flat would stop them bringing 8-9 into the box every running down. Make the Offenses' job much easier. It shouldn't be this hard every year......
Players play, coaches coach. You're talking about the same offensive guru's who put Chubbs' hand in the dirt to block with a 170 lbs McKenzie trying to get one yard in the Vandy game. Unless Chaney hits his head or something I'm not very optimistic UGA's Offensive play-calling changes very much this year.
Drew Brees is barely 6 ft and he's doing pretty good.
If you're legally allowed to be at a certain place I think you should be able to defend yourself. The argument that "emotions" might play into it is absurd. If someone's' emotional state is such that they might discharge a weapon for getting upset or excited they probably shouldn't be carrying in the first place. And I'd bet there is a pocket knife in most gentleman's pockets in any SEC stadium. Plenty of people killed each year due to stabbings too. The Abortion Dr whom was shot and killed in a Church (Va I believe), his killer was stopped by a legal carry person in that Church. People carry in Malls, buses, cabs, taxis and most public places. Why should I not be allowed to defend myself or family because I'm at a football game?
The reason UGA had the ball where they did on Herschels' TD run was Tenn fumbled a punt return three plays earlier. The player who fumbled.....Bill Bates.
New team slogan this year. Dominate the Day!!
Nice :-)I think UGA needs to get some swagger and get that edge again. Put teams down and keep them down. Bama does that and no one wants to play them. We need more of that attitude within our program. Dominate, Dominate, Dominate
Agreed. the OL play or lack thereof was more of a factor in Chubbs' year than anything else. Teams stacked the box daring the Freshman Eason to beat them and they stopped the run 1st. I'd expect more of the same this year until Eason proves he can throw consistently.
I've been to Tenn, Ole Miss, Bama and LSU for UGA games. The Grove definitely takes to top spot in my book. Their restroom trailers are nicer than my bathroom at home. Plus the Set up the night before and tear down after is a work of art. The Vol Navy is impressive as well. Just the fact Neyland sits on a hill makes walking around it less than easy. And after games getting a cab is nearly impossible. LSU was a great experience. Lots of RV's and some serious tail gate set ups. Nice fans as I never heard anything ugly and got invited to a few tailgates. Bama is also nice but my buddy had his tires cut after the game. Poor sportsmanship.....Athens is unique in the proximity to downtown. You can walk to the stadium from pretty much anywhere on North Campus and the buildings/tress are extremely "Old South". The empty "Family Zone" established as a alcohol-free spot is usually void of people. Go figure.
That 2005 UGA squad lost 3 games by a total of just 8 points. 14-10 to UF (DJ Shockley injured the game prior vs Arky/ JTIII started in Jax), 31-30 to Auburn (late fumble deep in UGA territory led to FG and Auburn win) and 38-35 to WVU in the Atlanta Sugar Bowl due to Hurricane Katrina. They went further than many predicted. Great win in SECCG. That was the year I was lucky enough to get into the SECCG Ticket pool, had tickets ever since.