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Pretty big mistake....Plus always tapping out during a game and his "don't want to take too many hits" before he even enrolled. Wasted a promising college career...
His 1st piece of advice should be to not drive around with a gun with the serial number filed off under your drivers seat.
Only if Chaney pulls his head out of his rear and actually uses the TE's this year.
About the ONLY way I see this working is if the various stadiums had designated "Alcohol sections or zones" where the sale and consumption of alcohol was allowed. Most likely a mezzanine or specific area of the stadium and not each General admission area. Season ticket holders could decide if they wanted to sit in those sections with alcohol or not. Several NFL stadiums, including Jax Jaguars have separate areas of the stadium, where those folks who want to indulge can and not ruin the experience for everyone else. The Bud Zone and Party Pool Deck areas of Everbank Field come to mind. In this age of mega-sized Jumbotrons and TV's every where it shouldn't be hard to follow the game and enjoy a barley soda.
UGA had to play back-to-back games @ Auburn for no apparent reason. Sanford Stadium wasn't being used that Sat in 2013. So it only stands to reason and fair, Auburn repays the favor. UGA's schedule has always been either front loaded or back loaded with Home games. The neutral field game in Jax every year means UGA loses a possible home game every other year. To add insult to injury, that 2013 game at Auburn was the "Prayer @ Jordan-Hare" game..... Just move Auburn to the East, Mizzou to the West, go to a 9 game conference schedule with Bama/Auburn as their fixed cross over game. Problem solved. UGA/Auburn still happens and the Iron Bowl still happens. I'm sure Tenn would welcome getting rid of Bama as their permanent cross-over game.
Sounds like he was given a choice, Grey Shirt or transfer....got to make room for those 4 and 5 Stars.....
IMHO the folks that buy "Premium Seating" aren't your typical college football fans. If they can afford those seats, they want something extra or special for their money. Alcohol is just one of those perks along with food, parking, easy access to clean bathrooms, air conditioning etc. SEC Championship game doesn't allow alcohol in the cheap seats either, only Loge and above seating levels. No one complains then. As to the argument alcohol is already IN the stadium via smuggled flasks is besides the point. Its not sold in the stadium and as such shouldn't be there. I've watched many an NFL game in person and fights happen all over the place and the drunken behavior is horrible. I live in Jax and after 2 years ago, I refuse to go to the Ga/Fl game as it's become much to out of control with drunk kids and bad behavior every where. I'm not anti-alcohol but people don't know how to control it. Adding more opportunities for those folks to indulge is only a path to worse drunken behavior. The fans on the bubble as to whether they go to the game or not simply because of the ability to drink during the game probably aren't there for the game anyway. SOME fan behavior is already over the top awful, adding to it is bad business IMHO.
Considering UGA's permanent cross over is Auburn and Bama's is Tenn....
2018-2019 Playoff Semifinals Cotton Bowl Dec. 29 Orange Bowl Dec. 29 National Championship Bay Area Monday, Jan. 7
The last time Florida left the State to play a Non-conference game before Michigan last year was Syracuse in 1991...lost that one too.
Remember he played with a broken wrist and had a shoulder issue I believe his Soph year. After 4 years in the SEC, I don't think he was "fumble" prone. He took on a lot of contact...
Seems everyone forgets Bama losing at HOME to UL-Monroe in 2007. Sabans 1st year. UGA played Arky in the 2002 SECCG because Bama was on probation. Any Bama fans remember the Mike Shula years? How about Mike "Lap dance" Price? Sure Bama is on an impressive run...but they haven't ALWAYS been invincible.
Shouldn't this article be more about Out of Conference teams SEC teams CHOOSE to play? Ga plays GT every year as well as USCe/Clemson, UF/FSU, Louisville/Kentucky. A better article would be a 10 year recap and/or future scheduled Power 5 OOC games for each SEC team. Move Auburn to the East, Mizzou to the West. I'd love to see the SEC follow the other Power 5 conferences and go to a 6 Division games/2 rotational/1 permanent cross over schedule. It would increase the rotational games so each team would play every SEC school every 4 years, maintain current permanent rivalries, reduce the cup cakes by 1 and eliminate the "SEC only plays 8 conference games per year" argument.
There must have been a reason UGA didn't offer. Either they didnt need another TE or Tyler simply waned to go somewhere he wasn't still in his big brothers shadow. If you haven't watched Season 1 of QB1 on go90.com it has lots of material on Tyler as well as Jake.
Debo: G-Day Game as in Georgia Day Game, what would you have it named? B-Day Game??? UGA is 0-4 when Corso dons the Bulldog head, the only school winless when he does that. He can keep putting on Gator heads as far as I'm concerned.
UGA also just lost a 4-star DL commit flip to Bama. "We need more depth on the DL". Wonder who he is talking to? recruits maybe? A certain 5-tar LB in Grayson? "DB is new, needs depth". Sounds like the perfect recruiting pitch to me. Come to UGA and play early. How many schools with the #1 recruiting class coming in can say that?
UGA is pretty loaded at TE right now, plus the lack of production last year may scare off a few prospecive recruits.
His Parents still in Athens so it makes sense he'd have some residual good will. Plus he's not your ordinary person/coach.
He's a punk. Purposely ran through UGA WR warm ups prior to the Rose Bowl showing his maturity level....
I had to watch the game from Afghanistan on Armed Forces Network...Please tell me the PA played Souija Boy as the Dawgs were presented the SECCG trophy!!! Oh...and to Trigga' Tray Matthews...I hope you choke on that transfer paperwork when you tucked tail and ran to Auburn.
What about the 1986 game where UGA won 20-16 and the UGA fans rushed to field to only have the Jordan-Hare ground crews turn on the sprinklers while the fans were on the field!!
Trigga' tray Matthews and JHC Josh Harvey-Clemmons both left UGA after the inability to knock down that pass.....
Kirby has done an outstanding job this year emphasizing that the "past" has no effect on "today'. He preached that before the Florida game and it showed in the results 42-7. UGA is 11-4 vs Auburn since 2002. Yes, they have had some lucky outcomes at JHS. I've been slow to start drinking the Kool-Aid. I've been a UGA fan since 1982. I've seen this movie too many times, UGA can't seem to win the big games it needs to and get over that NC hump...I believe Kirby has this team and program headed in the right direction. Recruiting, practice and attitude...UGA wins a close one.