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Trudawg - I think I speak for Dawg fans every where when I say please stop posting as a UGA fan. You are neither truthful nor a Dawg fan, so please just go away.
Lewis Grizzard is rolling in his grave right now....Keith Butler?? Whomever Adam Spencer is, he should be BANNED FOR LIFE from writing for SDS ever again....especially UGA articles. Kevin Butler is one of the greatest players to wear the Red & Black at UGA.
@JC3_NG: You've always been able to get a beer at the SECCG. Loge and Club Levels....
So either UGA or Bama is going to lose the SEC Championship and STILL go to the CFP?? They'd both have to be undefeated going into that game and even a close loss keeps one of them out perhaps. The LSU loss is what kept UGA out of the CFP last year IMO even with the SECCG blunder.
If Florida never won another football game ever I'd be ok with that, but in the interest of fairness, McElwain did the right thing. From what I understand, PED's were not the only issue with Grier, plus the rumors his Father demanded he be the starting Qb when he came back from suspension, puts Coach Mac in a tough spot. Cam Newton stole a laptop and then logged onto the UF wifi with it using his own info and threw it out the window when campus security showed up....plus various other rumored academic investigations and numerous unpaid traffic tickets. Newton is from GA after all and was recruited as a TE. The two student athletes broke the law/rules and we're somehow faulting the coach? Don't forget Jenoris Jenkins comment when he was let go for smoking weed again..."If Coach Meyer was still here, I'd still be on the team". That's not the kind of atmosphere you want in your football program IMO. Should we expect 17-22 yr old men NOT to get in some trouble, sure, but we shouldn't hold the coach 100% totally accountable when these players make stupid decisions they KNOW have consequences. Newton went on to dubious circumstances at Auburn, Grier never even sat out his 6-game suspension when he transferred to WVU. At what point is looking the other way for on-field football success hurting your overall program. Mark Richt dismissed plenty of talented players who either broke the law or rules to the detriment of on-field success. Nick Marshall, Zach Mettenberger, Tray Matthews etc etc. Some UGA fans would rather tolerate the bad to get the good, I for one am glad CMR handled things the way he did. Kirby seems to be from the "Saban school" of handling things internally. Is it more effective? No way to know as I'm sure plenty of incidents at every school get handled under the radar. But I'm not going to judge CKS on the actions of student-athletes who know better and do dumb things anyway.
@ Geaux Long - Who's Mettenberger playing for this weekend???
Given the current climate at the NCAA, I highly doubt he'll be required to sit a year.
Why would AD McGarity agree to this!!! UGA went to Auburn back-to-back 2012 & 2013 with 2013 being "The Prayer at Jordan-Hare" game!! Auburn should have to return the "favor" the SEC scheduling office did for them. No way Kirby is OK with this.....
Dilfer is probably the least likely Super Bowl winning QB ever. As for Fields, I believe he only started 19 games in high school. Does he have the potential, most assuredly, will it translate to success?
UGA's record when Gameday is in town is not good. Something like 4-15. UGA is the only school thats 0-4 when Courso dons the Bulldog mascot head. Stay away from Athens please!!!
Perhaps UGA will add to it's already record three Super Bowl MVP awards: Jake Scott SB VII, Terrell Davis SB XXXII, Hines Ward SBXL....
How is he going to play right away? What justification could he possibly use? I'm sure Fields has heard and used the n-word before.....not sure how that justifies a "hardship waiver"......he played in 12 of 14 games.
Pretty sure Tenn would welcome years they DONT play Bama right now...or get rid of permanent cross-over games and go to 6 division games and 3 rotating games. Would definitely mean everyone plays everyone else pretty regularly. It is weird how cross division games count in the SEC. Ga vs Auburn, Bama vs Tenn, Florida vs LSU every year...seems like an advantage to the other division teams NOT playing those three. I know each team has up/down cycles but imagine those 6 teams not having to schedule themselves every year. I'd rather the NCAA mandate one less FBS or cupcake per season. Bama opens vs Duke next year....give me a break.
Move Auburn to the East, Mizzou to the West. Keep 6 intra-division games and one permanent cross-over game. Go to 2 rotating cross-divisional games so everyone plays all SEC teams within a 4-year period. UGA keeps Auburn every year being in the same division, Bama/Auburn could be permanent cross-over. Then the SEC plays 9 conference games like every other Power 5 except ACC. As to standing OOC games at the end of the year....the last week of the schedule + Thanksgiving is the perfect football combination. "Rivalry Week" is what college football is all about IMHO.
100% agree UGAFandom....this guy is a primadonna already. Glad he didn't end up at UGA.
UGA plays ND, TAMU, Florida, Mizzou & Auburn on that list plus possibly Bama again...no one should be complaining about UGA's SOS next year.....
Franks vs UGA 2017:L 42-7 Passing 7 Comp 19 Att 30 yds COMP% 36.8 TDs 0 INT 1 QBR 39.6 Rushing 9 Att -15yds -1.7avg TDs 0 Fumble 1 Raw QBR 2.4 Adj QBR 8.6 Franks vs UGA 2018:L 36-17 Passing 13 Comp 21 Att 105 yds COMP% 61.9 TD 1 INT 1 QBR 110.1 Rushing 8 Att 30yds 3.8avg TDs 1 Fumble 1 Raw QBR 56.8 Adj QBR 77.8 As long as Franks is the QB at Florida, the SEC East is safe for UGA.....
Kiffin to Athens...you read it here 1st.....
All aboard the "LANE TRAIN" people.....Kiffin coming to Athens!!! Good enough for Saban, good enough for Kirby. ((sarcasm))
@redsox2004 - Supply vs Demand....Prices too high? Don't buy a ticket. There are alternative markets, it's not a monopoly.
Hey Joe - How exactly does UGA losing to UF "help" UGA?
Martell is still riding the winning streak from HS. No way he beats out Fields if/when he transfers to tOSU. Anyone who has watched Season 1 of QB1 knows what a tool Martell is. IMHO the writing has been on the wall for Fields not beating out Fromm for a while. Question is does he transfer and sit a year and hope he's in the right situation at the school he choose, or does he continue to sub for Fromm, learn the system, help recruit WR's (Haselwood etc) and keep building UGA for the future when Fromm leaves. I read somewhere Fields only started 19 games in HS. That's a pretty small sample size. I think Fromm started 46 games in HS. That is a lot of reps in live game situations, practice, film study etc that Fields doesn't have.
I'm fairly certain no one proof reads or fact checks the articles before they are posted. Kevin - I'm available to do that for SDS.
UGA's record wearing Red or "alternate" uniform away from Athens is not good......stick with the whites on the road. Kirby does like to keep UGA's "brand" stable when it comes to uniforms. IMHO the Red helmets/Red jerseys/silver pants/black shoes is a classic look.
@ TIDEPIT77 - you're 100% correct...but without these 5-star type recruits it won't happen either. Remember Bama's "Glory Days" befeo Saban? Me neither....Championships are won in February, not January with recruiting. Saban is one of the best recruiters, that's why Bama has been so good. Kirby is getting those type recruits to Athens. UGA isn't far behind......