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The reason UGA had the ball where they did on Herschels' TD run was Tenn fumbled a punt return three plays earlier. The player who fumbled.....Bill Bates.
New team slogan this year. Dominate the Day!!
Nice :-) I think UGA needs to get some swagger and get that edge again. Put teams down and keep them down. Bama does that and no one wants to play them. We need more of that attitude within our program. Dominate, Dominate, Dominate
Agreed. the OL play or lack thereof was more of a factor in Chubbs' year than anything else. Teams stacked the box daring the Freshman Eason to beat them and they stopped the run 1st. I'd expect more of the same this year until Eason proves he can throw consistently.
I've been to Tenn, Ole Miss, Bama and LSU for UGA games. The Grove definitely takes to top spot in my book. Their restroom trailers are nicer than my bathroom at home. Plus the Set up the night before and tear down after is a work of art. The Vol Navy is impressive as well. Just the fact Neyland sits on a hill makes walking around it less than easy. And after games getting a cab is nearly impossible. LSU was a great experience. Lots of RV's and some serious tail gate set ups. Nice fans as I never heard anything ugly and got invited to a few tailgates. Bama is also nice but my buddy had his tires cut after the game. Poor sportsmanship.....Athens is unique in the proximity to downtown. You can walk to the stadium from pretty much anywhere on North Campus and the buildings/tress are extremely "Old South". The empty "Family Zone" established as a alcohol-free spot is usually void of people. Go figure.
That 2005 UGA squad lost 3 games by a total of just 8 points. 14-10 to UF (DJ Shockley injured the game prior vs Arky/ JTIII started in Jax), 31-30 to Auburn (late fumble deep in UGA territory led to FG and Auburn win) and 38-35 to WVU in the Atlanta Sugar Bowl due to Hurricane Katrina. They went further than many predicted. Great win in SECCG. That was the year I was lucky enough to get into the SECCG Ticket pool, had tickets ever since.
Too bad he wasn't thinking like this on the 4th & 1 at the end of the Vandy game. Put Chubbs' hand in the dirt as a blocker to run 170lbs McKenzie with the ball. Smart told Anthony Dasher of UGA Sports. “When one of them doesn’t have the ball, I always say what’s the other one doing – is he a professional blocker? Does he know how to block, does he know how to go out and block in space, block people and cut people?”
This why we need an early signing period. Let the kids commit who want to and a team doesn't have to spend time & money stroking some 18 yr olds ego everyday.
Lincoln's stated goal was to preserve the UNION of the United States of America. The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free all slaves as was stated earlier. No slave ships sailed under the Confederate flag, it was the Stars/Stripes. IMHO most people recognize the Flag of the Confederacy as representing a time and place in American History. A time of social manners and a regional pride. A few idiots have perverted the meaning and used it for nefarious purposes. You can still purchase Nazi flags on eBay and Amazon...no one is protesting that.
Had Auburn kicked FG's every time they had the chance last year they'd beat Clemson. But I agree, it's one of the better match ups this year.
UGA has a dominant Womens Gymnastics program and the Equestrian program is nationally ranked most years.
Seriously need a Miami/UGA match up soon.....
@ Bamatime - True....Kirby lost some "once in every ten years" games last season. Tenn/Vandy/GT were all coaching mistakes. Hopefully he learns what CMR never did. Put your foot on a teams throat and don't let up till the clock reads 0:00.
If Chaney can solve his cranial-rectal inversion problem maybe he'll use the TE's more effectively next year. Woerner and Nauta should have 40 catches a piece next year. Big Ten football, run the ball, play action to the TE's and play good Defense.
Anyone who gets an Auburn tattoo and goes to Bama can't be too smart....other than he went to Bama instead.
Tabor is a head case through and through. He might get drafted but the 1st time he gets any $$ he'll be gone from the NFL pronto. Jacksonville Sharks might pick him up....
UGA/ND is significant if for nothing else the history of the two programs. Only met once and that was 1981 Sugar Bowl. UGA has stepped out of conference for some notable games. Bosie St, Ok St, Arizona St, Clemson, North Carolina to name a few. Had a home/home scheduled with Oregon St until Pac-12 went to a 9 game conf schedule. They also have UCLA home/home in 2025/2026. Virginia in the Chick-Fil-A kick off in 2020.
Word I heard was Griers' Father demanded Will be given the starting job back once he came off suspension. Mac said "No". Also rumors of drugs. Just had a baby so hopefully he straightens his life out at WVU.