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What about the 1986 game where UGA won 20-16 and the UGA fans rushed to field to only have the Jordan-Hare ground crews turn on the sprinklers while the fans were on the field!!
Trigga' tray Matthews and JHC Josh Harvey-Clemmons both left UGA after the inability to knock down that pass.....
Kirby has done an outstanding job this year emphasizing that the "past" has no effect on "today'. He preached that before the Florida game and it showed in the results 42-7. UGA is 11-4 vs Auburn since 2002. Yes, they have had some lucky outcomes at JHS. I've been slow to start drinking the Kool-Aid. I've been a UGA fan since 1982. I've seen this movie too many times, UGA can't seem to win the big games it needs to and get over that NC hump...I believe Kirby has this team and program headed in the right direction. Recruiting, practice and attitude...UGA wins a close one.
Much like when Tebow broke HW's SEC TD mark vs.....UGA. Of course it took TT 4 years to break HW's 3 year total.
CLick bait.....it will be settled on the field like it should be.
Alatide - Don't forget Bama got beat by UF in the 2008 SECCG.....
His Dad played at Tenn in the 90's. But given the current trajectory of Tenn and UGA....I think we have a good chance to flip him.
PS....are you drunk? AJ Green has always been an above board player. Jalen Ramsey trash-talker express from FSU. Should AJ have reacted that way, probably not but we don't know what was said to Green prior to that altercation.
The most important thing is SEC Championship Game seat assignments were emailed today :-))))))
Incredible...Herbstreit doesn't have tOSU #1????? Conference Championships don't matter, right??
IMHO Florida needs a strong Head Coach, someone who will right the ship and give the program consistency....Charlie Strong. He's a Defense guy but Florida was/is known for it's Defense lately.
When folks put their life happiness on the outcome of a game played by 18-20 yr olds....something isnt right. I love UGA football as much as the next fan. My 1st game was UGA vs Clemson Labor Day Sept 6, 1982. Win or lose I'll be a proud Dawg!!
This is the Gators biggest game this season. They will come out motivated and dangerous. A fast start by UGA will force Franks to beat UGA through the air. I like our chances in a shoot out or slugfest. Now's the time to make a statement and settle the East....
And Herschel Walker was drafted in the 5th round of the 1985 Draft by Dallas.
Chubb and Michel came back due to unfinished business. I doubt a 2017 RB is taken in the 1st round. Chubb and Michel especially are 3 down backs as they can pick up blitzes and catch the ball pretty well. One benefit to working in a Pro Style Offense in College.
Why would the writer mention GT and leave out Kentucky? The GT game while important has nothing to do with who wins the SEC. If UGA wins out or at least beats Auburn, that's 2 SEC losses for Auburn and the Bama/Auburn game becomes meaningless again this year. UGA beats Florida and dumps the Auburn game, UGA still wins the East assuming they beat UK and USCe. I have a hard time believing the CFP committee puts 2 teams from the same conference into the Play Off no matter the outcome of the SECCG.I also have a hard time believing the CFP committee puts together a rematch if UGA wins over Bama.
"To be the Man, you got to beat the Man..." and that's Nick Saban and Alabama. UGA certainly has a punchers chance to beat Bama in Atlanta if they get there. Jax will not be easy....
No freaking way UT brings back Kiffykins. I don't think he'd take it but if they even offered it to him that shows how far the ship has sailed on recovering a once proud football program. Les Miles would be my choice. He can recruit, he knows the SEC expectations and would bring instant credit to on-the-fence Tenn recruits.
Last years Auburn team was seriously handicapped by Sean Whites' injury especially the game in Athens. Much different Auburn Offense now. So far UGA has done well defending mobile QB's. But Mizzou exposed the possible weak link in the UGA defense. Auburn likes to stretch the field. Hopefully CKS can correct that during the bye week. Felipe Franks has the arm to push the ball down field if given time. A strong pass-rush is a Secondary's best friend.
As an article on SDS already pointed out, "Fromm is a Kirby recruit, Eason was a Richt recruit. Fromm is more like McCarron or McElroy, not Stafford. Run sets up play action and all the QB needs to do is not turn the ball over or try to make throws he can't make. Unlike Stafford or Eason, their arms can get them in trouble. Fromm throws when he wants to, not when he has to most of the time. As the Defenses get better the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how he handles it. Much different throwing of play action then on 3rd and long when the Defense "knows" you have to throw it. I do think Fromm reads and reacts better thanEason. To me Eason always looks like he's "thinking" his way through the play, not trusting what he sees then deciding where to go with the ball. Fromm obviously has a good enough arm to win games if he needed to. UGA's rushing offense has kept him out of situations where he needs to win it by himself. My $.02....
I'm sure Lane Kiffin would dump FAU to return to Rocky Top :-)) or maybe Les Miles.
That 2005 team lost to Florida week#8 after DJ Shockley got hurt vs Arky the game before the bye week. No matter the records or who "should" win...Jax is a big deal. The Gators have owned the series since 1990 when Spurrier took over. Nothing in the Ga/Fl series is ever easy.....
Both of the idiots who couldn't knock down a pass ended up leaving UGA. Josh Harvey-Clemmons followed Todd Grantham to Louisville with Shaq Wiggins (now at Tenn) and Trigga' Tray Matthews who is playing for Auburn now appropriately enough. UGA is 11-4 vs Auburn since 2002.
An LSU fan talking about who will and won't make Atlanta??? Troy won't be there.....
I still hold you should have to win your conference at least, to be considered for the CFP. tOSU last getting in was the last straw for me. Non-conference champion who didn't even PLAY for their conference championship. Herbstreit will do it again as he always does every year, campaigning for his precious tOSU to get in. Blow out home loss to a team that just lost to Iowa State.Georgia is 11-4 vs Auburn since 2002. And one of those losses was "The Prayer at Jordan-Hare". Other than Clemson game, who has Auburn played who a darn? I still think at this point in the season it's too early to really tell how good anyone is other than maybe Bama or Clemson.UGA has played with a lead every game. I want to see how Fromm handles 3rd and long when he is down 2 scores. Maybe I'm guilty of expecting the same old song and dance from UGA teams.....I'm starting to sip the Kool-Aid but there are still a lot of games to be played. 2002 UGA game into Jax 7-0....lost and missed out on the NC game. Until UGA beats someone it shouldn't, I'm not 100% convinced.
Always glad to see Richt do well. Must've been weird to be in that stadium on the opposite side line of Ron Zook Field.