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To those of us of a certain age, Clemson is a huge rivalry. Only 75 mi seperate the campuses. Roughly the same distance to GT from Athens. Per Lewis Grizzard, "Clemson is just Auburn....with a lake..." 1980 UGA beats Clemson and wins NC. 1981 Clemson beats UGA and wins NC. 1982 Homer Jordan-Clemson QB(Cedar Shoals kid) vs Jimmy Payne-UGA DE (another Cedar Shoals kid). Herschel Walker broken thumb, under the lights at Sanford, Keith Jackson calling the game etc. UGA wins. 1984 KB kicks 61 yd FG to win Brian Breese is another Ga kid that defected to Clemson and will be a problem for the UGA offense.
My 1st ever UGA game was 1982 Labor Day vs Clemson in Athens. Big rivalry I'm glad to see get started semi-regularly again. Clemson game, while exciting and certainly important, won't define the year. Win in ATL is more key to CFP berth.
A lot of these kids committed while they couldn't make visits. I imagine we'll see quite a few more of these type things happening around the country. I doubt UGA is the only school this happens to.
@ Han007 - Ronnie "AK-47" Wilson, Chris "time to die bi#$h" Rainey and Cam "Laptop" Newton might beg to differ on your statement.....
Grantham gonna Grantham.....Tries to "NFL" the Defense....same issue when he was at UGA. He's so caught up with scheme and trying to "out guess" the Offense, his players are too distracted looking at the sideline instead of "read and react" to the pre-snap reads. Put your best 11 on the field, let the PLAYERS read the offense and react accordingly. They play much faster and better that way. How can Grantham be getting 12 men on the field penalties 8-9 games into the season?? Mullen is going to regret not getting rid of him last year.
My 1st UGA game was Labor Day game in 1982 vs Clemson. Homer Jordan(Athens kid) vs Herschel(broken thumb). Sanford under the lights. Keith Jackson on ABC. Concur with LSU fans being great hosts. Went in 2008 when UGA hung 52 on them. Even after the game they were gracious. My ice cubes never went dry.... Ole Miss Grove is pretty cool. Mobile bathroom trailers there are over the top. Worst IMO is Neyland. Top of a hill, impossible to get a taxi after the game wearing red/black, seating is very steep. Vol Navy is spectacular however. I had just come home from AFG and had a chance to go to UGA/OU Rose Bowl and didn't want to get on another plane so soon...still kicking myself for that one.
Pretty much means regular folks aren't likely to be able to get in. Wonder if it foreshadows the attendance policy for the actual season? Even 50% seems reasonable in a stadium the size of Sanford. Temp check everyone and watch some live football.....
@ etcjoe - You mean like Jalen Hurts transferring to OU and taking them to the CFP the year Bama didn't go?
Edwards huge pass drop in Jax in 2002 kept UGA out of the Natl Championship game that year vs tOSU or Miami.
@ bronconagurski - Not sure what your actual question is but if you're asking why Trevor Lawrence didn't end up at UGA, that's on Richt/Bobo. TL camped at UGA several times but didn't get recruited until very late. Same for Deshaun Watson a few years earlier. Listed out the top passing Qb's in GAHS history. Passing yards, Career (Minimum 5000) 13,902 - Trevor Lawrence (Cartersville) 2014 - 2017 (Clemson) 13,077 - Deshaun Watson (Gainesville) 2010 - 2013 (Clemson) 12,745 - Jake Fromm (Houston County) 2013 - 2016 (Georgia) 12,119 - Harrison Bailey (Marietta) 2016-2019 10,217 - K'Hari Lane (Macon County) 2013-2016 10,097 - Brock Vandagriff (Prince Avenue Christian) 2017 - 2020 (Georgia) 9,546 - Austin Parker (East Hall) 2015-2017 9,518 - Gunner Stockton (Rabun County) 2018 - 2020 (South Carolina) 9,383 - Bailey Fisher (Rabun County) 2014-2017 9,091 - Stetson Bennett (Pierce County) 2013-2016 (Georgia) 9,062 - Zach Stanford (Metter) 2001 - 2004 9,025 - Johnathan McCrary (Cedar Grove) 2009 - 2012 8,798 - Jonquel Dawson (Martin Luther King) 2008 - 2011 8,743 - Eddie Printz (Lassiter) 2009 - 2012 8,519 - Tyler Queen (North Cobb) 2011 - 2014 8,427 - Drew Little (Henry County) 2005 - 2008 8,281 - Fabian Walker (Americus) 1996 - 1998 8,265 - Hutson Mason (Lassiter) 2007 - 2009 (Georgia) 8,226 - Cedric Johnson (Americus) 2001 - 2004 8,190 - Joseph Mancuso (Union County) 2013 - 2015 8,043 - Nick Marshall (Wilcox County) 2007 - 2010 (Georgia/Auburn)
Not ideal situation but better than nothing. Wonder what the Srs opting-out will do if they honor them at the Bowl game. Do you wear unis? Street clothes? Normally it's a pic on the field with CKS and your family.
Mac Jones is a Bolles grad so IF he wins the Heisman, at least folks can say he's from Florida.
Warren signed with Jax St (Deion Sanders HC) I believe....
Hey bama 1996 - Remember the Mike Shula years? How about the Mike "Lap Dance" Price debacle? Or losing at HOME to UL-Monroe in 2007? Probation keeping Bama out of 2002 SECCG? Bama is on a great run but they don't last forever.....
Meeks signed with Alabama on the first day of the Early Signing Period, and his mother also gave him a new car — a Chevrolet Impala. So did he sign with Georgia or Bama?????
Only 3 true Home games in Athens plus no Senior Day ceremonies....is 2020 over yet?
They're still waiting for the other shoe to drop......
Tenn? Come into Athens instead and play a meaningful game instead.
Beat UGA and that might get them into the CFP....
With the Vandy game canceled, TAMU can come to Athens and settle the question themselves.....
Joe Brady former LSU QB's/asst OC? Kendall Briles Arky OC?
Society has jumped the shark when a college-aged dude has to apologize for eating food off a naked model......but was it fishy tasting?
How long after Urban takes Texas job that Zach Smith is back on staff??
Don't believe Beck has taken ANY snaps yet...so more would be impossible. I'm sure Kirby will empty the bench given the opportunity.
Punter in no hurry and on-side kick receiving team just stood there and watched the ball go by....