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JT Daniels 1st rd pick after one game? Is this the same "analyst" that had Fromm going #1 in NFL draft?? Was it a good game this week vs MSU, sure, was it a fluke, maybe, is it repeatable, hope so. I seriously think we need to pump the brakes on JT as the savior QB he is being cast as after one game. Let's see how he does going forward and get a bigger sample size before we pass judgement.
400 yds/4 TDs makes no difference whatsoever if the Defense keeps playing the way they have. UGA has more 5*'s on their roster than the entire PAC-12...and can barely beat the bottom feeders in the SEC. I think JT's game overshadowed the issues with this team this year.
UGA was road team vs Bama...so they were wearing their white jerseys. Nice try stirring the pot however....
It's the age old questions...who are you going to replace him with? Is it worth the buy-out and is it a major upgrade?
From the comments on this thread, I guess no one thinks Bobo gets the "interim" tag next year? He's a large reason why Gunner Stockton committed to USCe. Discuss....
I expect to see Daniels & Beck Sat vs MSU. UGA can treat these last 3-4 games as "Spring Football" warm-ups. Get a jump on next year against live teams. Can't rep that on the practice field.
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That's how Spurrier turned USCe around and had three 11 win seasons. He kept the Lattimore and Clowney types in-state instead of seeing them go to UGA, Bama or FL. Muschamp landed Jordan Burch (5* DE) & 5* (DE) Zacch Pickens, both defensive players FWIW.
5* QB Gunner Stockton is currently committed to USCe in part due to his connections to Bobo....so help was on the way.
5* QB Gunner Stockton committed already. Ties to Bobo when he was at UGA and Connor Shaw's brother coaches him at Rabun Co. Doubt he backs off but will be interesting to see if Bobo sticks around next year to keep him on the hook. 5* QB's at USCe is a big deal.
...and yet, he only had 10 carries vs Bama and 7 carries vs Florida.
Eh, I really don't care which players step up as long as someone does. This years team doesn't seem to have any identity at all. They don't scare you on Defense anymore with the injuries and the way they've played in big games. Certainly no Offensive identity other than running the ball but even that hasn't gone as thought before the season. Zeus had a total of 7 carries vs Florida? Cook is to small to be running between the tackles as he been asked to do every season. UGA has 2 pretty good plus one decent TE and they've been an afterthought this year. If Florida can use Pitts, why can't UGA use Washington similarly? He doesn't need 10 touches per game but for petes sake....he's 6'7"...Monken can't figure out a way to get him the ball? And I don't want to hear the tired excuse from Kirby "We can only take what the Defense gives us"....other teams seemed to have figured out a way around that.
Yes....thought it was pretty obvious mistake but I guess I should have pointed it out specifically.
I think "Whoa Nellie" was Keith Jackson, but yes, the quality of commentating has gone down considerably over the years.
Now UGA's season has gotten so bad they're losing to themselves??
@ Undertheradar1 - 53–44–2 UGA's defense was at full strength vs Bama but got put in some short field situations due to the Offense. The Florida game they were extremely short-handed. Not an excuse, FL played extremely well, but again, the Offense turning over the ball and not being able to maintain drives put the Defense on the field much too often. None of that relates to the inability to defend a wheel route or tackle in space.....or not fall down when defending a pass. That's all squarely on the UGA defense... Zamir White only having 7 carries total is on OC Monken. You assumed UGA would go conservative to protect SBIV, run the ball and play defense. Even after going up 14-0, UGA didn't play to its strength. Coaches coach, players play. How much blame goes to each one is hard to say. UGA will recover. CKS keeps recruiting the necessary replacements.
I always thought Grantham "complicated" Defense too much. Relied on NFL schemes and movement when in the college game, there is much more of a separation of talent week-to-week. Prepare your guys, let them go out there and "read and react", play fast and it usually turns out well. But let's be honest..right now the offensive dumpster fire at UGA makes most Defenses look pretty good.
Reports are surgery was successful on Monday and a full recovery is expected per UGA medical staff.
I keep hearing the UGA “can’t develop QB’s” mantra. It’s hard to develop QB’s when they transfer if they’re not the starter. How much did LSU “develop” Joe Burrow? How much did tOSU “develop” Fields? How much did OU “develop” Jalen Hurts?
I seriously doubt CKS is "holding Daniels out to save face", for whatever reason, the UGA coaches don't feel he gives UGA the best chance to win. CKS has taken enough heat/questions etc that IF Daniels were able/ready to play and could help UGA win, he'd be out there already. Is it his knee that he had ACL surgery on and cleaned out again in Feb/March? Is he slow to pick up the playbook? Are SEC defenses that big of a step up from what he saw in the PAC-12? He practices against a pretty good one every day. The scary part is IF Daniels/Beck are just not as good as SBIV/Mathis that means those 5/4* ratings are completely inaccurate. At least with Daniels there is a full season of tape to look at and evaluate. Beck is still the unknown. And without full Spring/Summer/Fall camps, he is undoubtedly behind the learning curve. I think CKS will do what he needs to do to win this season and I doubt we see the "develop for next year" plan get implemented. Maybe Vandegriff is the answer. My concern is he plays in a smaller private school league so how good is he really? It's one thing to be throwing against 5'8" DB's in HS and quite another to face SEC defenses week after week. I keep hearing the UGA "can't develop QB's" mantra. It's hard to develop QB's when they transfer if they're not the starter. How much did LSU "develop" Joe Burrow? How much did tOSU "develop" Fields? How much did OU "develop" Jalen Hurts?
Yes, 11am CST, Noon EST.....which bodes poorly for UGA. They traditionally not done well with early kick offs. Plus travel etc and it could be a "hang over" 1st half vs Mizzou.
Florida playing in a FL bowl, GA playing in a Ga bowl, seems legit. I'm sure the Cotton would love Texas/TAMU match up if they could make that happen. Tough luck this year as the Sugar is in the CFP rotation. SECCG loser has gone there frequently as the SEC Champ is always in the CFP. UGA needs to win out to make the Peach and this week @ Mizzou is a dangerous game. 11am kick off, Def beat up, Mathis most likely the starter without SBIV to come to the rescue if needed. Maybe we will finally get a look at Beck/Daniels if Mathis falters. I'd put the over/under on UGA passes thrown at 10....
Again congrats to Florida. Franks and the Hawgs come calling in Gainesville next week. How weird would that be??
Unfortunately a poor offense contributes to Defensive woes. If the Offense can't put together drives, the Defense is going to get gassed like UGA did tonight. The best Defense vs FL was to keep Trask on the side line. That didn't happen. Shanked punt just before half put UGA D on a short field. This loss can not be solely put on the Defense. Same as the Bama game. INT's in the 2nd half was the difference. As pointed out why did Monken wait so long to get White more runs. What happened to run the ball, play defense? Keep Trask off the field? As for Bennett I think he's done about as well as he's able. Mathis on the other hand looks lost. No fire in his eyes. Ran out of bounds prior to the 1st down marker again just like he did in the Arky game. Missed wide open TE down the middle. Ran out of bounds for a loss on a 2nd down and 4 instead of throwing it away. Turned 3rd and 4 into 3rd and 8 for no reason. Threw the ball up for grabs in-bounds. Congrats to Florida. They played better plain and simple. They made the plays when they needed to unlike UGA which missed several chances to keep it closer. Next week @ Mizzou isn't going to be easy. Defense is still banged up. Offense isn't going to grow that much better in a week especially losing Rosemy, Milton (really hope it isn't an ACL tear). Hopefully Mathis or whomever is next up at QB gets some meaningful snaps in practice. Realistically this season has become what most UGA fans thought it would be when Fromm left early. Very good Defense, run only Offense. Add in a shortened Spring, no Summer practices etc and all those young players look lost. Win out and take care of a Bowl game. UGA either starts getting better or keeps getting worse. CKS needs to look in the mirror....
AFan - Like Jalen Hurts or Joe Burrow? Using your logic Bama and tOSU don't develop QB's either. There is no asterisk on LSU's 15-0 season b/c JB was a "transfer" QB.