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Florida averaged 535 yds a game in total offense. Nebraska held them to 260 and -28 on the ground. The most points scored on them for the year was 28, the fewest they scored in a game was 35. The avg against them for the year was 14.5 pts per game. They scored 40+ nine times and only trailed once in the regular season. Not saying they're the GOAT but I have never seen a defense on a field that would stop them including either team last night.
They're one of the top 5 for sure. You can debate all day long and never come up with a right or wrong answer. I will throw this out there....#8 Tennessee, #21 LSU, #7 Auburn, #6 FSU, #23 Arkansas. That's all the teams that Florida beat by multiple scores in 1995 before getting stomped by 38 points by Nebraska in a Fiesta Bowl that was over in the 2nd Quarter. Nebraska ran for 524 yards that night.
I partially amputated a finger at work. I'd gladly pay 3 million to have my finger back and the feeling in it that I lost. I've had kidney stones and my appendix burst, neither one of those hurt as bad or for as long as my finger did.