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You in the Athletics department know that the school could be sued for violating a student's 1st amendment right to disagree in public. If the basketball program doesn't't like it, then they should kick someone that can make the change to fire Currie and Davenport!
Kiffin is a smartarse without the gonads to turn this program around because most of our problems are with donors, the administration and unrealistic expectations. Kiffin would be gone in a year if hired and so would a lot of money! I hope that the donors understand they are pissing away their dollars by getting in the way.
And to FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt; go to hades from Knoxville!
The Lane Kiffin thing is totally annoying. It was ugly 7 years ago when he left for his dream job! Not 'us' in Tennessee. We want to win but do we want to do it with HONOR? We are prostrating ourselves to the devil to win at all costs and are attacking each other (not Kiffin). Please stop the Kiffin talk.... We all want to win, and it will take a SOB not a smartarse with some of the things he's been accused of doing. The administration, especially BOT member Charles Anderson better take control soon!
As a fellow SEC team supporter you should care about Tennessee. The SEC is the best darn conference and we don't need Tennessee making all of the SEC look bad!
This is the problem caused by both Chancellor Beverly J. Davenport and John Currie. Currie is mainly a fundraiser, Davenport is just clueless. The Big Donors who think they know better are also to blame. Not managing fan expectations is to blame (see previous administrative people). The AD not floating a trail balloon on the potential coach name was the main problem. The AD and Davenport both need to leave immediately.
Hey, everyone wants to win. People are begging Lane Kiffen, who ran out on us and caused mass hatred to now come back like he is the 'Savior.' I say we do ask Steve Spurrier, I'm named after one of his head trainers, Chris Patrick. I can accept Steve, but Steve has issues with the new recruitment rules. And Steve may just want to relax. This coaching job will be hard, a hardness UT cannot get! If we could get Steve Spurrier it would make UT great within 4 years.
This is pathetic, I am ashamed of our Athletic Department especially the AD and the person above him for being pushed around by donors and for them NOT managing fan expectations. The recruits look steady, I hope this stays the same. Let me give this comment out to the Athletic Department, you need to hire a SOB coach to push back on the fans, the donors, and the school. Whatever happened to hard-nose football? That was the "Bear's philosophy." I know Steve Spurier is probably retired but I would throw his name in because if fans are signing petitions to bring back Kiffen anything is possible. I smell desperation and it's a full flaming trash heap over here in Knoxville, Tennessee.